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Just looked at the Sill website. Really, for so much money I was hoping to get more information about the plant--like the fact that the Fiddle Leaf Fig is considered toxic to cats.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
4/4/14 10:37 AM

Agree with 37Rubydog. The older cabinets went well with the floor. The newer cabinets clash with the old floors.

Before & After: An 80's Contemporary Kitchen Gets an Update
2/26/14 11:12 AM

Instead of putting a toy away before starting play with a new toy, pedagogically-speaking it is better to clear toys away after specific time intervals (e.g., after an hour or before meal times). By allowing children to use toys together, you foster creativity---e.g., dinosaurs with trains with magnatiles make for some fun possibilities, rather than each of these toys one at a time.

5 Strategies to Keep the House Clean (and Your Sanity Intact!) with Young Kids
2/4/14 04:25 PM

I'm stunned by the lack of open-mindedness and maturity by this food editor. I always remind my children that they are *never* to say negative things about a food that they haven't tried. What happened to good manners and a cheerful willingness to try different foods? I'm most bothered by the writer's description of food as "gross" and "torture." Would you say such about "ethnic" cuisines that you haven't tried either?

5 Recipes Using Chia Seeds That Both Intrigue Me and Totally Gross Me Out
1/30/14 03:42 PM

In addition to the above, I would also be very realistic about your time commitment. If you are pressed for time or travel frequently, find out which plants are low-maintenance (natives usually work well in this case) vs those that need regular upkeep or are fickle.

Landscaping Newbie: Where Do I Start?
4/15/13 03:17 PM

I would go with two smaller round storage ottomans instead of the one large one with no storage. As the kids get older, it'll be nice to have a quick place to throw the clutter into at the end of the day or when company arrives. Also, with the two smaller ottomans, you'll have extra seating and the ability to move them out of the way easily (even into another room, if need be).

Coffee Table Style & Size for Small Space? Good Questions
4/15/13 01:05 PM

Looks like an older sofabed from Softline, a Danish company. (See the little tag--that's a Softline label.)

Help Identify this Daybed/Sofabed? Good Questions
3/13/13 09:39 PM

The best advice I received was to microwave butternut squash for a few minutes to soften it a little before slicing it. Use a fork to make a few holes in the squash, place it on a plate, and microwave for 3-5 minutes. When it is cool to the touch, you can peel/slice/chop much more easily and safely than with a hard, uncooked squash. Then, proceed to steam or roast the pieces as you wish.

How to Peel and Cube a Butternut Squash Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
1/30/13 11:43 AM

Have you considered waffle weave cotton towels? They are super absorbent and dry very quickly.

Where Can I Find Non-Fluffy Towels?? Good Questions
9/17/12 01:41 PM

Now that you mention it, it's a "trifecta" I have in my own living room. I would also add: wood floors, abundant natural light, and pale walls. Notice, too, that the rugs favored tend to sport a strong red-blue combination--really lovely against a warm wood floor.

A Winning Trifecta: Leather, Mid-Century Modern and Oriental Rugs
9/7/12 01:12 PM

Agree with the previous posters that you should leave the floors alone. However, for those closet doors, you might be able to paint them white (ask your landlord) or cover them using a hanging rod and drapes.

Budget Solution for Parquet-Style Flooring? Good Questions
6/25/12 09:54 AM

AT editors need to amend posts recommending hazardous practices that are clearly in violation of fire and building codes (I cringe especially when I see these for family/child related posts). A scarf over a light bulb is clearly a fire hazard. A plastic covering (the laundry hamper) that is not rated for heat is also a fire hazard. This is about about taking basic safety precautions, not an argument about function vs form.

3 Easy Renters Fixes for Ugly Ceiling Lights
5/31/12 11:53 AM

Agree with SSDMMF. Move the TV above the fireplace, you can consolidate the gear to where the bookcase is--hire an electrician to route the wires through the wall so that you don't have to see them. Move the mirror to one of the side walls.

Unsolicited advice--take it for what it's worth: replace the drapes with something solidly off-white and move the patterned, fully upholstered armchair next to it (or move that chair out of that room). Right now the armchair pattern clashes with the rug. You can put the second sofa where the upholstered armchairs were. Put the chair with white arms away and put the leather armchair along that wall with the side table near the entry space (not close to the bookcase/future media storage). Replace the small glass side table with a coffee table in front of your current sofa. The rug should be larger. If it's a 5x8 now, try an 8x10--at the very least, the front legs of the current sofa should be on the rug.

Please show us an update!

Ideas for Arranging Two Sofas? Good Questions
5/18/12 08:28 AM

1) Bamboo matchstick shades for all of the windows
2) Coordinating mat, dish towels to go with the rug under the table--black/white
3) Small, simple vase of flowers for the table
4) Inexpensive framed art for the walls that present a contrasting color to the black/white--try images that feature red or yellow as a dominant color.

Help Pulling Together This Breakfast Nook? Good Questions
4/12/12 04:38 PM

Skillful use of black accents throughout the home. Love it.

Lisa & Piero's English Inspired Los Feliz Home House Tour
3/9/12 01:01 PM

@mindela, we found ours at an thrift shop. The table doesn't have a label, but I believe that it is a Drexel Heritage from the 1960s. I've seen on craigslist several mid-century "surfboard" style coffee tables with rounded edges that have one or two drawers. Round coffee tables with drawers are harder to find, but they do exist. You might also try a round storage ottoman to double as a coffee table, as these are easier to find and you can customize the fabric.

Coffee Table Roundup: Round, Square & Beyond
2/8/12 10:32 AM

Best choice we ever made was to buy a coffee table with storage. Perfect for clearing away clutter quickly. If you are someone who likes to buy "for keeps," and you plan on having children in the future, a coffee table with hidden storage plus rounded edges really keeps the clutter and the stress level down. We have several friends who have 1) given up their sharp-cornered/glass coffee tables after an trip to the pediatric ER for stitches, 2) covered the edges of said table with hideous putty-colored elastic padding, 3) make do without the coffee table. Those can be avoided if you think about your future needs now.

Coffee Table Roundup: Round, Square & Beyond
2/8/12 09:30 AM

I'm a tenured professor and a mother. Being on the tenure-track is stressful and time-consuming, but it is also extremely flexible. If you read the literature on work-life balance in academia, mother-professors are often saddled with work and child-care because of the flexible schedule, while father-professors are often given a pass because researching, writing, and teaching are stressful and time consuming.

Home Ec.: What is Your Housework Worth?
1/27/12 12:49 PM

Swish the quinoa around in a small bowl filled with water; when you are ready to drain the water, use a wire mesh strainer to block the quinoa from slipping out.

Help Me Cook Better Quinoa!
Good Questions

1/3/12 09:26 PM

There's a reason why closets have doors.

Entryway Organization: Remove Your Closet Doors
Jackie Morra Interiors

12/15/11 04:15 PM