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The main thing I used the pesto for was grilled cheese sandwiches- so good on fresh bread!

What Can I Do with Garlic Scapes? Good Questions
7/9/14 04:22 PM

I bought a whole bunch and made a huge batch of garlic scape pesto with pistachios.

What Can I Do with Garlic Scapes? Good Questions
7/9/14 04:22 PM

Pearsons Peaches in GA is the bees knees

The Best Way to Pick a Perfect Peach Ingredient Intelligence
7/7/14 01:03 PM

I sleep with my doors open, but then again my security doors are closed and locked so not really:) It does allow a good breeze through the house while still protecting the homestead.

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
7/2/14 04:18 PM

I have a kuranda bed for my great dane. The only issue is the ugly factor. I need to find someone who could make a cute slipcover for it.

10 Pet Beds You Won't Need to Hide
3/27/14 11:19 AM

I had childrens artwork with a poem about wearing your birthday suit. Sort of bizarre. I also had a huge fiber art piece of zoo creatures. Also bizarre and ultra-70s

What Art Do You Remember from Your Childhood Bedroom?
3/21/14 11:23 AM


Let the Cute Competition Commence: Pet Madness: Cats vs. Dogs Starts Tomorrow!
3/19/14 01:21 PM

Garnett Hill has polka dot sheets:

Ralph Lauren Polka Dot Sheets
3/4/14 04:17 PM

I buy the pretzel crisps in order to make icecream sandwiches. Nestle a small scoop of salted caramel icecream or peanut butter chocolate gelato and go at it.

What's Making Us Happy This Week Editor Picks for February 25
2/25/14 04:40 PM

I love plants, but they always die therfor I can no longer have plants. I have a dog and a cat and love the fluffy rug look, but I could never get one because if either got sick on the rug, which is known to happen, it would be done for.

A Harmonious Home: Do Your Design Choices Suit Your Lifestyle?
2/18/14 03:41 PM

I got a small rinnai tankless and it costs $2900 in Atlanta for the tankless and install.

How Much Did it Cost to Buy and Install Your Water Heater? Reader Intelligence Request
1/27/14 02:12 PM

Gorgeous house! It makes me want to go through and cull out all the tchotchkes I have and I feel like I don't even have that many. It also makes me want to be more selective of the art I display.

Jesse's Modern Bachelor Pad House Tour
1/21/14 03:20 PM

I have a dog and a cat (neither of which get on the counters) and open shelving on my upper shelves. I am also single. I don't have a problem with pet hair or grease getting on anything. Most every thing is used enough with friends coming over etc that it stays clean.

In the Mix: 20 Kitchens with a Combination of Cabinets and Open Shelving
1/21/14 02:56 PM

I'm doing my first whole30. A bunch of friends are doing it and it's always easier to have friends hold you accountable.

Are You Doing a Food Cleanse or Detox in January?
1/7/14 03:52 PM

I'm with knchi2015. I don't have a toaster so any time I need toast or toasted buns I go straight to the broiler.

Help Me Get Over My Fear of the Broiler! Good Questions
1/6/14 03:39 PM

101 cookbooks uses broccoli mixed with basil and wheat bread to make a topping for macaroni and cheese. I've made that recipe numerous times and love it:

Broccoli: The New Breadcrumbs Old Ingredient, New Trick
1/6/14 03:34 PM

Sad to see that the south wont be represented at all. By the way Austin isn't the South.

Would You Like Your Home in Apartment Therapy's New Book?
12/23/13 03:16 PM

I love them all. I really wanted one of those 2 huge kohler sinks, but they are over 1K which I could not afford for my bathrom remodel.

Renovation Inspiration: Brighten Your Bathroom with a Colorful Sink or Tub
12/9/13 04:30 PM

I have a large vintage persian rug that I found for cheap on EBAY in my kitchen, which is where my table is. I love it. I don't have kids, but I do have dogs. I found that old persians seem to be stain repellant.

Are Dining Areas With Rugs Over-Designed, or Functional?
12/6/13 01:47 PM

Is this the same recipe you would use with an heirloom breed. A friend of mine owns a free range chicken and turkey farm and he is giving me one of his heirloom turkeys. I'm not quite sure how to prepare it since the breast is much smaller and it hasn't been shot up with saline.

How to Cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving: The Simplest, Easiest Method Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
11/19/13 03:06 PM