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I'm the one who asked the question - THANK YOU all so much for your ideas and suggestions! I have a whole row of new tabs opened, and hopefully I will find something similar. Didn't even know it was called "chinioserie" - that will definitely help me find what I am looking for! Thanks again, and thanks to AT for featuring my question.

Sources for Chinoiserie Wallpaper Patterns? Good Questions
6/28/12 03:50 PM

I have been drinking raw milk for 1.5 years now for the health benefits. It also tastes amazing. It is no less dangerous than spinach or PB - in fact, those things are statistically WAY more likely to get you sick than raw (real) milk.

I haven't been sick with a single infection or cold or sickness since I started drinking it. Before, I'd get sinus infections, strep throat, flu etc. 3-4x each year.

We love our milk and the small family that goes far beyond what's legally required, to keep their supply safe. They test every single batch of milk before they sell it. (As in, every single time a cow gets milked.) Pasteurization certainly needs to happen when dairy cows are kept in confinement. I would NOT drink CAFO milk raw. Those cows are sick and dirty (and pumped full of meds to keep them from dying) and yes, you'll get sick if you don't pasteurize that thin milk.

Also, pasteurized dairy has always given me stomach troubles, but raw doesn't.

If the government was as upset about giant outbreaks of salmonella and ecoli was it was about raw milk sicknesses, there'd be a lot less industrial food around because they would all get shut down.

Is Raw Milk Worth It? Dan Barber Says Yes. The New Yorker
4/25/12 01:03 PM

Just wanted to comment about the straight lines. Professional interior and architectural photographs are taken with wide-angle tilt-shift lenses, which actually alter the plane of focus to create literal straight lines. A regular lens will still get angled lines even if it's perfectly straight on one plane. :)

Tripod Essentials Super Photo Magic School
4/3/12 12:02 PM

gelatin!! it is so good for bones and cartilage! just get a can of plain stuff and sprinkle it on food, in beverages and smoothies, in soups, anywhere you possibly can! it's tasteless and oh so very healthy. especially when your body is rebuilding itself.

What Are Some Good Foods to Help Me Heal After Surgery?Health Questions
3/16/12 12:59 PM

I love this idea! Is it okay as far as ventilation/airflow? Totally going to do this...

A Microwave in the Cupboard
Kitchen Inspiration

3/7/12 01:50 PM

Whoa - strong feelings. :)

It doesn't have much to do with pomp or narcissism or retweets for me (hehe). I don't tweet about anything unless it's interesting, and since food interests me greatly I sometimes tweet what I'm eating. Because I love food. And I like reading what interesting things other people are eating, too.

Why Do People Tweet Their Breakfast?
Food News

3/7/12 01:47 PM

I use coconut oil because it doesn't go bad, it's tasty, it's full of great nutrients, and it's incredibly versatile! I use it in food and on my skin and hair.

re: saturated fats... http://www.foodrenegade.com/is-the-tide-turning-in-favor-of-saturated-fat/

Try This: Make Granola With Coconut Oil
2/3/12 02:43 PM

It's very important to me that we buy and eat meat that has been humanely and responsibly raised. I almost went vegetarian when I learned the horrors and filth of CAFO meat, but when I realized I could satisfy my ethical concerns and still have the nutrients and culinary experience meat offers, we switched (pretty much cold turkey) to local and grassfed. We are part of a meat CSA now, and get most of the rest from a local co-op. And yes, it's more expensive, and yes, we eat less meat to make up for it. But it's very important to us that it be good meat raised by decent farmers. And it tastes a million times better too!

Always, Sometimes, Never? Questioning Your Meat's Origin
1/24/12 02:11 PM

I have never washed a chicken and had no idea some people thought it should be done! I am super squeamish about handling raw meat, though - so I open the bag and slide the entire chicken into the pan, giblets and all. (I guess we only ever have whole chickens and I only ever roast them.)

Small-scale chicken does have a lot less bacteria to be worred about (I remember Joel Salatin talking about his open-air processing on a movie I watched) and I only buy locally grown/processed chickens...but I still clean up pretty thoroughly! And I have always hated touching the raw stuff.

Should I Rinse Raw Chicken Before Cooking It?
Good Questions

12/7/11 11:58 AM

Not a bad idea! I usually line a colander with cheesecloth and set it in a big bowl, then dump the stockpot contents over that. One step draining. This would be easier for sure, if you weren't planning to strain it again.

Tip: Use a Metal Colander for Easier Homemade Stock
11/30/11 11:18 AM

I don't use shortening in my kitchen (I do not trust manufactured "foods") and butter has always worked beautifully for me. If I could get my hands on some good lard I'd use that and I'd love to do a taste test between the two!

Butter, Lard, or Both? Pioneer Woman's Guide to Pie Fats
11/30/11 11:02 AM

I love the German mulled wine idea - I'll have to go out and get some cheap wine (OK, that's what we get anyways) just for this!

What Can I Do With a Bottle of Really Cheap Chardonnay?
Good Questions

11/30/11 10:22 AM

We took the cabinet doors off the top cabinets of our rental kitchen. They were ugly white laminate. I put the pretty/non-cluttery things in the upper cabinets, and the uglier things go below where the doors keep them private! I did some rearranging but it was totally worth it. We can't paint, replace backsplashes, install new lighting or switchplates or anything. The cabinet doors are stacked on a top shelf.

Renovation for Renters: 10 Ideas for the Kitchen
11/1/11 12:10 PM

It's an interesting idea...but I'm with cbreynolds...I'm trying to get less chemical crap in my food, not more. :( Plus, I don't think soap can remove pesticides.

Vanishing Fruitwash Labels: Fruit Labels Turn Into Soap
10/18/11 02:03 PM

That looked horrible before I learned that it was COLD...now it just looks grotesque. It also reminded me of those horrid 1970s recipes with salmon in jello, meat in jello, salad in jello, everything in a mold and in jello.

Spaghetti pie, if it's what I always had, is baked spaghetti (pretty much a pasta casserole), not cold spaghetti. You can slice it and such, but it's cheesy and melty and wonderful. not like this. *shudder*

Spaghetti in a Ring: Shape Your Pasta Before Serving?
My Recipes

10/14/11 04:29 PM

I try to buy organically grown produce for the most part, but local is just as important to me. Food loses so much of its nutrient profile within a short time of being picked, so that suspiciously perfect Certified Organic Kale from Brazil is probably doing less for you than the slightly imperfect bunch at the local co-op.

(If your greens have wilted a bit, trim the stems and put them in a glass of water, just like flowers - they'll usually perk up right away.)

Real, quality food will cost more, and I don't think there's a way around that. It's a matter of priorities for most (not all, but most). We don't buy beverages, snacks, premade foods of any kinds...to have room in our budget for grass-fed meats, local eggs, and organically grown produce. You can be creative, sure (like buying things on Amazon with your card points)...but you have to make food a priority. Oh, and you have to cook from scratch too!

Tips For Buying Organic Food On A Budget
New Greener Family

10/12/11 03:49 PM

I generally like to read recipes once, get the idea of everything, then go on without the recipe. It always feels very unnatural and counter-intuitive to keep going back to see if I need a teaspoon or tablespoon of something -- I like using "recipes" that are more just an "idea" that I can then work out myself with my own tastes. If I can see there are a lot of specific things I'll need to follow, I save it for my husband to cook - he needs exact directions so he's good with those sorts of recipes.

A Quick Recipe: What Does That Mean To You?
9/26/11 01:31 PM

I think it should say instead that corn doesn't count as a veggie. it's a grain. a super sugary one at that.

I never followed the USDA's silly pyramid and this isn't all that much better. Like someone else said, they shouldn't be in the business of telling people what to eat while still giving out subsidies and generally taking sides with big ag in every discussion.

But anyone who thinks we should be eating that much grains/breads is seriously deluded! It shouldn't be the bottom of the pyramid, and shouldn't be 1/4 of your plate. That is all SUGAR in your body. No reason to have grains at every meal (whole or not), and lots of reasons not to.

Whole Grains, Less Dairy: Harvard's Healthy Plate
9/21/11 10:54 AM

I should have said "I don't spice it at the time of cooking because I like to use the meat for different things." I DO spice it, but save the spices for the particular use. :)

How To Cook (and Shred) a Pork Shoulder
9/7/11 12:32 PM

My pork shoulders usually go in the crockpot (at least during the summer so as not to heat the house). I don't spice it because I like to use the meat for different things. We might have BBQ pork with pinto beans, then a soy/teriyaki pork salad, then fried pork with eggs. (I really like to stretch the meat as far as it'll go.) So I just put it in the pot with a cup or so of water, and cook it all day. Just did it this weekend actually. YUM!

How To Cook (and Shred) a Pork Shoulder
9/7/11 12:30 PM