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wow- I seriously lack designing skills, and even I think this sucks.


Creating Privacy In The Bathroom With Art

5/12/11 06:56 PM

might be too healthy for some of you, but replacing the oil with butter makes for a much better tasting steak!

How To Cook a Steak in the Oven
4/20/11 05:37 PM

hey, I want that monkey in my house! Anyone know where it's from?

Tried & Tested: Hanging Art with Soda Pop Tabs
3/31/11 05:45 PM

nice ideas! Just dont use a toilet as a planter in Tenn., according to city officials, it's a violation!

15 Repurposed Planters: Just Add Dirt
3/29/11 09:01 PM

janellerene has the best suggestions I've read so far.

Please be aware that you can be attacked in ANY area of Los Angeles, no where is really "safe". I've had friends robbed in west hollywood and Santa Monica, which are considered some of the better parts of west LA.

With that being said, I would suggest mapping out your work route prior to deciding on a place. I work in westwood, but I live near downtown.. and my travel time varies on every factor under the sun, including when Obama or the Oscars comes to town! On the average day, I'm sitting in traffic for a least 1 1/2 each way.

If you go with the Santa Monica/Culver city/Palms area, be sure you aren't moving into "undergrad city". Since Palms is near UCLA, most of the places with cheaper rent will be full of college students.
Glendale and other parts of the valley can be nice, but it's always hotter and takes forever to get pass the 101/405 freeway exchange.

Who moves to Pasadena?? Sorry, folks, Pasadena sucks. I'd go with Los Feliz or Eagle Rock before pasadena.
Koreatown (near the downtown area) is walkable, but it has it's pros and cons like every other area in Los Angeles.

finally, if you're a person of color, you may not want to live in Santa Monica or any of the other beach city (with the exception of Venice)..very litte diversity... and lots of racism.

Neighborhood Suggestions For Moving To Los Angeles?
Good Questions

3/29/11 08:56 PM

nah, all I need in this world is my handheld lime/lemon juicer.

The 4 Basic Gadgets No New Kitchen Should Be Without
3/29/11 08:32 PM

Are you kidding? Open the door after dark in Los Angeles? No way. Not even for the kid asking for sugar. That's what 7-11 is for...and kids dont need sugar that close to bedtime anyway!

When Do You Open Your Front Door?
3/22/11 06:17 PM

Lived in the EXACT same situation for a year. It affected my quality of life for 12 months. Couldnt sleep, constant stress, worked long hours to avoid going home before the neighbor's kids went to bed. Slept with the fan on every night to drown out the noise.. I even blasted techno music and invited friends with young kids over to give my crazy nieghbor a taste of her own medicine.

Nothing worked.
I moved. It sucked. But it was worth it.
If possible, dont let your mom suffer through this in her 70s.

Sell the condo NOW.

Experience With Noise Absorbing Ceilings?
Good Questions

3/10/11 08:01 PM

Funny, I just had a burrata pizza for the first time at Pitfire Pizza last night! It was the best!!

The Uncanny Tastiness of Burrata: It's That Good
The Cheesemonger

3/10/11 06:58 PM

Love it!

We're on the same page Michael W., lol

Before & After: Dabito's "Old Brand New" Planter
2/15/11 08:39 PM

I LOVE the after.

Pi I totally agree with you about the before.

Before & After: A Beautiful Bergere Makeover
2/8/11 04:42 PM

I have framed postcards in the bathroom, and I made a few color copies of my favorite prints that I didn't want to risk.. haven't had a problem yet.

oh, and Cheers Stepanka! I couldn't agree more!

Artwork in the Bathroom
2/7/11 07:25 PM

Nice job!


I thought this site was for ALL types of people, with ALL types of budgets.

As a renter in Los Angeles, I'm not allowed (nor will I attempt to) paint, renovate, or spend $25000 on a rental.. Not everyone lives, and spends like the next person.

lastly, to all of those that still feel that $500 is next-to-nothing budget for ONE room, feel free to make a donation to my paypal account.

My sad, DIY'ed, rental kitchen will thank you for it.

Before & After: Kitchen Reno on a Near Zero Budget
1/25/11 09:31 PM

Dana, thank you.

I've lost 3 friends in 3 months. It's hard, and I've noticed that people really dont know what to say when it comes to death. So I've spent a lot of time alone these days..

These words gave me strength. Hope. Comfort.

I heard this on TV the other day.. it sounds so much better coming from Dr. Angelou herself.. but I wanted to share anyway..
"I am grateful to have been loved and to be loved now and to be able to love, because that liberates. Love liberates. It doesn't just hold—that's ego. Love liberates. It doesn't bind. Love says, 'I love you. I love you if you're in China. I love you if you're across town. I love you if you're in Harlem. I love you. I would like to be near you. I'd like to have your arms around me. I'd like to hear your voice in my ear. But that's not possible now, so I love you. Go.'" — Dr. Maya Angelou

Condolences to everyone else hurting right now... it *will* be ok.

Weekend Meditation: How to Nourish Yourself in a Time of Sorrow
1/24/11 05:51 PM

@SherryBinNH we're laughing together!

And I don't think age is the issue here, I'm 32 and didn't drool over a single item. Ok, I paused at the coverlet, but at $275, I kept scrolling.

Gifts For Her: Best of The Daily Find in 2010
12/6/10 09:33 PM

@libraryhead- I keep nuts in the freezer, but I mostly use them for baking.. so I'm not sure if they're still good for snacking after freezing.

Thanks for this post!
Just this week I picked up Wheat Thins for 99cents a box! This week, I'll be headed back to the store because bacon is now buy one get one free!

Oh if only I could get a deep freezer for Christmas, lol

10 Things To Buy In The Next 60 Days To Save You Money
11/18/10 08:49 PM

Everything listed above!

-lack of chairs, we only have four chairs.
-lack of reciprocation/respect.. don't EVEN get me started on my last get together.
- home is a retreat
-no money
-tend to overthink the precleaning, cooking, amount of alcohol needed.

I'm actually planning to have a few friends over after work this Friday (then a few more friends on Sat.) and I'm - close to rescheduling because it's already Thursday, and I still have no idea what to cook, what drinks to serve, and I'm tired of hassling my guy to clean off the patio, lol

What Keeps You From Entertaining More Often?
11/4/10 05:45 PM

I agree, Traciwithaneye with you (quite the snappy bunch today..)
I think the first one is quite entertaining..the others, not so much.

@Fredbiscotti-tsk, tsk.. I think you need a time out.

@ failjolesfail- thanks for the history of the extra envelope.. I hate that tradition..

Unique Save-the-Dates

11/1/10 06:52 PM

My mom always made them with flour tortillas. That, along with some carrots, mushroooms and peas..mmmh, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Recipe: Chicken and Dumplings
10/25/10 05:43 PM

@ Greatfriend- I'll ride in the backseat for any of Guy's trips! I could also see myself traveling with A. Bourdain or challenging Bobby Flay to a soul or mexican food cookoff.

However, I must admit, I'd stop by the Neelys place just to smack them into reality. No couple is THAT happy in the kitchen cooking together, lol

Guest Star: Which Cooking Show Would You Like to Be On?
10/25/10 05:38 PM