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I love, love, love David Lebovitz' recipe for carnitas. You basically buy a pork shoulder, cut it into chunks and cook in a few tablespoons oil. You're just trying to get a good crust on it, not cook it through. Take out of pan, pour in some water to take off those bits at the bottom of the pan and return to pan. Add some spices and water until they're about halfway submerged then put in the oven for about 2-3 hours. How much water you let evaporate is up to you. I don't like mine too dry, but there's definitely no worry about them being underdone or overdone. I make mine in a pan usually associated with roasting turkeys. Enjoy with a big stack of tortillas and cilantro. This will feed you for a week or better yet, have some friends over.


Help Me Learn the Basics of Buying and Cooking Meat
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10/21/11 04:48 PM

I've had cider fresh from the press before. Amazing! People are always so surprised by how delicious it is even though it has no added sugar or spices.

The Real Deal: Have You Ever Tried Unpasteurized Cider?
9/14/11 01:59 PM

A friend was throwing a Mad Hatter's Tea Party themed birthday. I made her cake. It consisted of the iconic Mad Hatter's hat, a few tiny teapots, and a teacup--all made of cake.

What's The Most Creative Baked Good You've Ever Made?
9/7/11 04:04 PM

Love my Kaiser La Forme!

Can You Recommend a Good Sturdy Springform Pan?
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9/7/11 03:58 PM

Yes, actually. I've tried four or five times to compete in sffoodwars and was finally able to compete in their recent salsa competition. Did really well, actually. Totally fun and would do it again.

If you're interested:


In It to Win It! Have You Ever Entered a Cooking Contest?
8/30/11 02:09 AM

Who eats (non-Chicago style) pizza with a fork and knife? I have a tendency to eat barbequed pork with my hands. Also it's quite common in my family and extended family to eat steak at cook-outs with our hands.

Eating Food With Your Hands
8/23/11 05:56 PM

I grew up in San Francisco. Absolutely not.

100% American: How the Crispy Taco Was Invented
8/23/11 04:41 PM

My first kitchen was conveniently located in the hallway into the apartment. No windows, the ventilation system either didn't work or was non-existent. Storage and counter space were at a minimum and the sink was small. Despite all that I was still inspired to make some above-average collegiate meals. (I made my own bread, gnocchi and baked goods.)

My First Kitchen
8/23/11 04:37 PM

Love it!

Strange but True: Spice Skulls
8/17/11 04:14 PM

I was under the impression that you don't refrigerate tomatoes because of flavor compounds that are switched off in the cold. I wouldn't freeze tomatoes for that reason.

Quick Tip: Freeze & Thaw Tomatoes to Remove Skins
8/10/11 12:28 PM

I had baked "fried" chicken last night with buttermilk biscuits. Love it!

Dinner Recipe: Baked "Fried" Chicken
8/9/11 09:58 PM

I wouldn't dream of thinking a restaurant should have food around especially made for babies. Then again I work in a kitchen and don't have children.

Toddler Foodies: Do You Know One?
The Wall Street Journal

8/9/11 09:44 PM

Not a fan of a white-washed kitchens, but then again, I love color.

Naturally White: Whitewashed Kitchens
8/9/11 09:00 PM

If the bf or I were handy I'd absolutely do this. I love love love Italian sodas and have no less than eight flavored syrups just for the sodas.

Build Your Own Seltzer Maker
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8/9/11 08:18 PM

I'm omnivorous. I like bacon. I appreciate unusual flavors but I'm tired of bacon everywhere. Bacon in sweets jumped the shark when Denny's started that Baconalia thing.

Does Bacon Really Make Everything Better?
7/13/11 11:04 PM

I'm not a ketchup fan. I never have been so while I might make a lot of things from scratch, ketchup would be one of the things I'd never make because I never eat it. Maybe for a barbecue, but...eh.

Make or Buy? Tomato Ketchup
5/27/11 03:07 PM

You might also want to check Gourmet's archives if you can.

Looking for Good Vintage 1950s Party Recipes
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5/26/11 06:49 PM

I have a paring knife. I might consider a cherry pitter if I was going through an inordinate amount of cherries or olives, but a strawberry huller? C'mon!

Does One Thing Very Well: Chef'n Strawberry Huller
5/25/11 02:50 PM

A certain friend insists on doing a load of dishes. That certainly helps since neither the bf or I are into washing dishes. We can't have the friend do all of them though, so we do the rest the next day.

The Unfortunate After-Party: When Do You Do the Dishes?
5/23/11 06:00 PM

I don't know what the pectin content is like on these, so if you make jam with them you may need to add some pectin or apple juice to get the texture right. You could also try preserving them in a honey syrup if you don't want to go to the jam route.

Can I Make Jam or Preserves Out of Sapodilla?
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5/19/11 05:08 PM