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Those Luna globes are gorgeous!! So dreamy!

Many Moons: Moon-Inspired Home Decor
8/17/11 03:15 AM

Last time we moved, my sister helped us, but she's my sister and she's really, really strong for her size. Kidding aside, next time we are definitely hiring movers. Having to book a two hour window for moving out at our old apartment, and an overlapping window for moving in at our new apartment was really, REALLY stressful with our dinky little UHaul. Never again. I want big strong dudes who can pack a huge truck like a game of 3D Tetris and be done with it lickety split.

Moving: How to Get Friends to Help
8/17/11 03:14 AM

Shabby. Even if you manage to get the sheets/covers all perfectly tucked and draped just so, having to fix them every time anyone sat on them would drive me crazy.

Loose-Fitting Slipcovers: Shabby or Chic?
8/17/11 03:08 AM

At my university, at the end of the school year there would be huge containers trucked over to the dorms. A friend of mine checked the containers every morning. Amidst the disgusting sofas and broken lamps, he found two guitars. Neither was worth anything but they were both perfectly playable. I was SO jealous.

Street Finds: Where Do You Draw the Line?
8/17/11 03:03 AM

The first apartment was very new and the unit seemed to be in great shape. It did smell a little stale at the viewing, but I figured it just needed to be aired out a bit. The landlord had the windows and balcony door all wide open during the viewing. I signed the lease and when I moved in a couple weeks later, after the apartment had been all shuttered up for that length of time, the place now reeked of stale cigarette smoke. I tried leaving the windows open all the time but winter was coming and the smell wasn't going away on its own. It wasn't until I began searching the internet for a solution that I realized how invasive cigarette smoke is. I had scrub down all the walls with a solution of ammonia, dish liquid and hot water to get the smell out. After that it was fine, but I agree with the previous comments that SMELLS are not to be ignored.

10 Renting Warning Signs
8/17/11 02:41 AM

I have an odd phobia of bones. I would not want to touch anything in that house.

The Bone House
8/9/11 06:35 PM

Susan in Austin, that is so sweet!

I have good memories of playing in our front lawn. Our family was also good friends with all our neighbors, so "hiding" in the backyard wasn't the thing to do on our block. We spent our summers riding bikes and skateboards in the front driveway and playing badminton on the lawn. The front yard was also where my mom and I spent hours gardening. What would have been the point of growing beautiful roses and rhododendrons in the backyard, where no one could see them?

The Case Against the American Front Lawn
7/6/11 12:55 AM

Wow, such a beautiful print! Great DIY!

How To Print DIY Patterned Fabric
6/22/11 02:49 AM

So, has anyone gotten a reply as to what's happening with all these used mattresses?

Review: Savoir No. 2 Bed - "The Savoy"
A Year in Bed

6/7/11 03:17 PM

Those big blue bags are awesome! They're amazing for big grocery trips. When I was a student and had no vehicle, there was no other way I'd have been able to carry home about forty pounds of groceries at once. And those shoulder straps are surprisingly comfortable!

5 (Non-Furniture) Must-Haves the Next Time You Go to IKEA
9/13/10 06:39 PM

I just moved out of my first apartment and vowed to take pictures. I totally forgot until my boyfriend and I had packed up half the living room. I was crushed. My awesome bf put all the big things and some little decorative things back in place just so I could take some pictures. It wasn't quite the same, but it was still something to remember my old home by. I won't make that mistake again!

Adiós: Photographing Your Old Home Before a Move
8/6/10 02:50 PM

After spending hours and hours scrubbing all the walls and every surface with detergent and ammonia to remove the nicotine residue in my last apartment, my top deal breaker is previous-smoking-tenants. The sticky, sour smelling yellowish-brown gack was so gross, and such a pain to deal with.

We just moved into an apartment that is so great in every way except for the white carpet. Anyone who installs white carpet must be out of their damn mind.

Our Top 5 Deal Breakers For New Spaces
8/3/10 06:22 PM

We just completed a move and for weeks I've been going on about doing the "open me first" box. That somehow did NOT happen. We wound up without a shower curtain, so we just put towels down on the bathroom floor and let them get wet. We had no toilet paper, so we used kleenex. We did pack our bedding last minute into couple of trash bags, so at least those were easy to find and we slept like two logs that night! The next day we unpacked almost EVERYTHING. I was so tired by the end of the weekend, but now we can fully relax in our new place. The unpacking frenzy was well worth it!

What to Open First When You Move
8/3/10 01:42 PM

I love that blue wave one!! I'm going to start practicing on paper...

When All Else Fails, Sharpie! The Art of Heike Weber
7/29/10 02:23 PM

Do Canadian Ikeas have them in stock? I have no children and I still want them all!

Introducing Ikea Duktig Play Food
7/28/10 07:53 PM

I'm hopelessly sentimental about the places I've lived. I'm in the process of moving right now, and spent the weekend packing... I realized after packing up half my living room area that I forgot to take pictures. I nearly cried. My boyfriend put back a bunch of stuff so we could take pictures but it still wasn't the same! I'll be very sad to leave.

Reflections on Moving | Apartment Therapy DC
7/26/10 08:06 PM

As long as it's clean, I don't care how swanky it is.

Do Swanky Hotels Really Matter To You? | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/23/10 02:41 PM

I'm astounded by the work and skill involved. I never really thought about it before. Thanks for this post!

Handmade Craftsmanship: The Rug Making Process | Apartment Therapy New York
7/23/10 02:37 PM

Ugh... our house guest has now been staying with us for two weeks and I am sorry, I usually love having house guests and have never had a problem with one before, but I cannot wait for him to go. He has a terrible BO problem to the point where our entire apartment started to smell like a locker room. Extreme measures with vinegar and baking soda had to be taken. He doesn't help with ANY cleaning because he's a slob and dirty to us seems sparkling clean to him. He trims his goatee/beard daily and leaves little clippings all over our bathroom counter. He keeps throwing his nasty used tissues into our recycling. HELP!

The Considerate House Guest | Apartment Therapy New York
7/20/10 02:44 PM

I'm a Canadian living with a Norwegian and shoes are always off inside. Way comfier, cleaner, what's not to love?

For those concerned about shoes getting stolen, the shoes don't come off outside the house here. They come off in the entryway.

Do You Leave Your Shoes at the Door? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/16/10 07:31 PM