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loved nycgreenmomma's first comment!

Swedish Reindeer Hides
12/9/13 10:32 PM

I have never had any luck with blind baking the crust--when i try to remove the parchment, the crust comes with it and I end up with torn crust, which sort of defeats the purpose. any suggestions?

Thanksgiving Recipe: Classic Pumpkin Pie Recipes from The Kitchn
11/27/13 12:21 AM

Whoa, very interested in the Ardex idea. I was toying with the idea of putting stone tile on my laminate countertops until I could afford to remodel, but I think I like this better.

Inspiration, Installation, & Maintenance: The Complete Guide to Concrete Countertops
11/20/13 01:11 AM

holy smokes, I have a pair of sofas (hand-me-downs from my folks years ago) that are the spitting-image of the set in the middle. Is this a shape that was used by other companies as well?

Revisited Archive Designs from Rowe Furniture High Point Fall Market 2013
10/23/13 01:21 AM

For some reason, the first thing that popped into my head was an old style chalkboard on wheels. Like this .

How To Hide Washer/Dryer? Good Questions
7/20/13 12:39 AM

I liked the post about brewing small batches. Definitely interested in trying.

Enter to Win a Copy of True Brews by Emma Christensen Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/26/13 01:57 AM

A friend told me that she wraps food in a couple of layers of butcher paper and never has problems with freezer burn.

Help Me Find Plastic-Free Freezer Containers Good Questions
4/23/13 02:13 AM

fondue, with a platter of dippables, chunks of nice crusty bread and veggies.

What Light, Satisfying Dish Should I Serve at My Cocktail Party? Good Questions
4/10/13 01:39 AM

cygne--you totally have it. Cold soup doesn't sound appealing, but I would drink a veggie smoothie in a heartbeat.

Smooth, Chunky, Creamy, Sweet: The New York Times Talks Cold Soups
7/1/12 02:01 AM

Salads are terrific at lunch! I've found that as long as the serving is big enough, greens keep me full forever. And I don't crash, but get hungry slowly.

Salad for Dinner: 7 Additions to Make it Filling
6/23/12 12:45 AM

well, I was horrified at first, but it's actually kind of growing on me. I kind of wish they'd used some other colors as well, though, to break it up a bit.

How Bold Would You Go?
1/13/12 02:02 AM

I really like the method used by the Bitten Word guys (mentioned in the roundup), so easy! and no heating water--perfect for the dog days of summer. but you do have to plan ahead.

How Do I Make Delicious Cold Pressed Coffee At Home?
Good Questions

1/12/12 08:31 PM

wow this may be the best before/after set I've seen here. great design and execution!

Before & After: An Old Dining Set Turned Retro Modern

12/10/11 01:55 AM

A friend of mine used to make something he called a "trifle;" he'd take a cooled chocolate sheet cake and gently break it into small chunks and then started building layers in a glass bowl with high sides: cake, drizzled chocolate sauce, whipped cream, sometimes sliced strawberries, and then cake, sauce, whipped cream and so on. It was actually very pretty, and tasted WONDERFUL.

In Favor Of Intentionally Messy Cakes
11/30/11 01:09 AM

Did my Thanksgiving today: followed the instructions (except for the basting, couldn't find the baster) and thought that the turkey was best ever! Did notice that some of the slices were on the salty side, but it wasn't a deal breaker. A guy on NPR today recommended a dry brine, might try switching next year.

How to Cook a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest Method
11/20/11 08:34 PM

Since Apple has had speech recognition since 1993 (Wikipedia), I have the feeling that mapex hasn't actually had any firsthand experience with Apple products.

iPhone 5's Best New Feature May Not Be the Hardware
9/27/11 12:41 AM

As someone who's been going out to burger-n-brew night once, sometimes twice a week this summer, I'm going to try these all of these recipes. My waistline and wallet thank you.

5 Meatless Burgers to Grill This Weekend
8/12/11 01:00 AM

Just curious, how much does it cost to run the oven for 2 hours?

Make or Buy? Canned vs. Homemade Beans
6/10/11 11:26 PM

I have a crush on this sandwich.

Recipe: Oregon Summer Panino
Six Ingredients (and Salt)

6/10/11 12:53 AM

Chiming in with the comment about the lack of white walls--it's really exciting to see so much stained wood and color used to such a great effect.

Back To The Old House With The Smiths
House Tour

5/17/11 11:13 PM