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one can only hope to aspire to live like max & bettina
(starts at 5:26)

Less Is More: 15 Pieces of Furniture You May Not Really Need Miss Minimalist at Huffington Post
8/16/12 05:36 PM

I have 2 sets of bare wood stairs going up and down from the main level which we use in both directions everyday in our split-level house. They are slippery suckers - but between myself, my husband, 3.5 year old son, crawling one year old and 2 cats - no one has ever slipped or fallen on the stairs. I do worry about guests slipping and falling and have contemplated adding Flor strips or the like to them to make them less slippy.

Boy do those stairs collect and show dust and dirt though. I have to sweep and wipe them down a couple of times a week just so i don't get squicked out by them. So with the carpet at least you don't have to look at the dirt pile-up...

Slipping, Sliding & Safety:
Carpeted vs. Wooden Stairs

8/9/12 04:24 PM

The yoplait "greek" yogurt also contains gelatin, blech. I usually buy Choibanni or Fage but while vacationing in a small town a few weeks ago this one the only option available. I took one bite, spit it out and checked the label. I was so angry to see the list of added thickeners and gelatin. So not Greek yogurt. I was pretty fired up listening to the stoy on NPR last night.

Greek Yogurt Wars: The High-Tech Shortcuts vs. The Purists
7/20/12 04:51 PM

Any tips for doing this without a microwave? Would love to try it!

How to Make Homemade Mozzarella Cooking Lessons from the Kitchn
7/19/12 02:56 PM

I'm pretty sure they used the $13 stand for this...

Make A Modern Plant Stand On The Cheap IKEA Hackers
6/1/12 06:13 PM

this vegan quiche is really tasty - and this site has tons of other great recipes too: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/000148.html

Vegan Recipe Ideas for Easter Brunch?Dinner Party Questions
4/3/12 12:30 PM

Every night when I get off of work (at 5pm) and start my one hour commute home I feel like I am racing against a ticking clock. I often wonder what other people with kids and two working parents do - now I know :)

I have a 3 yo and a 7 month old. After the daycare pick-up we don't get home until 6:15-6:30. First one home starts dinner and the baby goes into the high chair with some finger food. 3yo gets some raw veggies if he's hungry while I get dinner started. Then we alternate between cooking and feeding baby. Baby goes to bed at 7 and we eat between 6:30 and 7:15 depending on what time we get home/how long dinner takes. 3 yo goes to bed at 8:15-8:30.

We decided two things early on 1. that we would always sit down and eat as a family and 2. We will all eat the same thing for dinner. So we make those a priority. We got into a habit of meal planning/shopping/prepping veggies and proteins on Sunday so that the week night meals go smother... but it still feels stressful every night.

3 Tips for Still Having Family Dinner When Your Kid Eats at 5:00
3/20/12 05:22 PM

This is generally reserved for weekends because I don't have time during the week: soft polenta or grits layered with sauteed veggies - spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, broccoli - whatever i have on hand, topped with a fried egg and a dash of franks or sriracha. Breakfast bliss.

Vegetables for Breakfast: What Are the Best Ways to Eat Veggies in the Morning? Reader Intelligence
3/9/12 03:36 PM

do you have any information about that first sink? thanks!

All About: Drop-In Kitchen Sinks
Sink Spotlight

2/21/12 03:30 PM

Lovely home, so inviting. Love the kitchen.
What is the source for that amazing empire strikes back print? Thanks!

David & Cat's Eclectic Scandinavian Burrow
House Tour

2/17/12 12:42 PM

I grew up using the American style, with immigrant grandparents on both sides who ate Euro style. I switched to Euro style some time in my early twenties. I find it easier and it just makes more sense to me.

Using Your Knife and Fork: The American Way vs. the European Way
2/17/12 10:15 AM

My kitchen seems to turn into a disaster area on a nightly basis - it's where all of our coming home clutter seems to accumulate. I can clean it top to bottom in about a half hour once a week - it's the everyday stuff that piles up in there that drives me crazy.

Home Goods/Marshall's usually have a good selection of Chantal tea kettles for about 1/2 the price of other places.

How To Clean Your Kitchen (and Keep it Clean) in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days
1/19/12 03:15 PM

Another vote for the french press. I've been using the ratios/method suggested by Bittman in my french press with fantastic results. Smooth, delicious coffee every time.


How Do I Make Delicious Cold Pressed Coffee At Home?
Good Questions

1/13/12 10:27 AM

I remember the Christmas of the cabbage patch doll shortage! I got my first CPK in the spring of that year after I broke my nose. She was a redhead with pigtails named Daisy. She still lives at my moms house - now covered in sharpie after my younger sister had a go at her. My second was a premie doll named Benjamin- but I wanted a girl so I renamed it Michah (which I thought was the girl version of Mike - a name I LOVED) and called him a she. My mom would buy me handmade clothes from a woman in the neighborhood and I when received doll bunk beds as a gift I was in heaven! Oh how I loved those CPKs!

The Original Cabbage Patch Kids (and Other Christmas Morning Disappointments)
12/6/11 04:03 PM

OP here -there are a lot of tasty sounding ideas here! Bonus points that they are all vegetarian too. I've never made Pasta alla Norma - it sounds really good - i may have to start there. Thanks for all of the suggestions.

What Can I Do With Ricotta Salata?
Good Questions

11/29/11 11:56 AM

i use soy milk in my coffee everyday - i always pour the soy milk into the cup first then the coffee and never have curdling issues. no waiting or cooling down. I also heat soy milk for lattes without any curdling... i've used many different brands/packaging of soy milk through the years.

i have had almond milk curdle in my coffee though.

Food Science: Why Does Soy Milk Curdle In Hot Coffee?
6/6/11 11:49 AM

best blankets ever! 2.5 years and still going strong. bought a set for baby number 2 on the way and also give them as gifts to friends who have babies. so soft, so versatile. my son still sleeps with his every night. and i love that they come in a four pack - there is always a clean one at hand.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets
Daily Find

5/26/11 11:14 AM

@alexiso I bought mine at Babies R Us online 2.5 yrs ago. We love it - it has held up well during that time for our (very rambunctious) baby thru toddler boy and is as good as new and ready for number 2.

quick google search found one on amazon with free prime shipping:

Edie & Tommy's Neutral Nook
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #30

5/17/11 05:40 PM

great room. looks like we have the same crib (amy coe westport) and toddler bed. love the clean, simple and colorful style.

Edie & Tommy's Neutral Nook
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #30

5/17/11 02:03 PM

greater chicago area: http://www.kanecountyfleamarket.com/

Destination Flea Markets: Five Must-See Markets
4/28/11 02:31 PM