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I love the idea of the magnetic rack under the upper cabinets, but it just seems like an accident waiting to happen.

5 Ways To Hang a Magnetic Knife Rack
5/30/13 01:37 PM

The real question is, how do they taste? I'd be especially interested in brown rice and Quinoa. I'll have to try this, but would be interested in opinions on taste, first!

Plan Ahead! Freeze Whole Grains for Future Meals
9/28/12 03:35 PM

I think this was the first thing I learned from mom when I was growing up, though we didn't wait until the water was coming to a boil - we added it as soon as we turned on the burner. I wonder if the timing of the salt makes any difference?

Dinner Tip: "Salt the Pot, Not the Pasta"
4/18/11 05:33 PM

I'm working on putting together a kit like this for the car, both for picnics and quick on-the-go meals (so I'll stay out of the fast food establishments).

I'm going to add a small cutting board and knife for simple prep.

I'll pack the whole kit in a canvas bag, and add a small cooler.

Outdoor Dining: Make an Outside Kit! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/6/10 04:05 PM

Unfortunately, I have no "before" pictures of my fridge and food cupboards. I went on a cleaning binge last weekend and threw away everything in the fridge and cupboards that was opened and unhealthy, and dumped all the unopened (non-perishable of course) in a box for donation. I have very little left in my cupboards. One more pass-through and they'll be done - and that's mostly spices. Now my freezers... ugh. I'm almost afraid to open them!

| Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/27/10 07:52 AM

@MALBEC, for your spices without dates, I'd say open them and smell them. Do they smell like they should? They're fine. If they don't smell much or at all - pitch 'em.

Kitchen Cure Week #1: Clean Out the Fridge and Pantry The Spring 2010 Kitchen Cure | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/26/10 10:26 PM

I think a DIY hack might be the way to go - I have two Wii wheels and this wouldn't have a place for them.

But then again, I live alone, so I can pile my toys in the middle of the floor and nobody can tell me otherwise! :)

Put Your Wii on a Pedestal | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
2/4/10 03:05 PM

I'm really only familiar with the Pampered Chef (r) stones - much of what's already been said applies to what PC says for their stones - no soap, seasoning makes them more non-stick, etc. But PC says that the stones should NO be preheated, that heating an empty stone could cause it to crack, as could leaving too much of its cooking surface uncovered while cooking.

Odd what a difference there is in instructions. Curious what's different about their stones. In addition to the flat stones, I have several other sizes and shapes. I don't use them terribly often though.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Baking Tools: Wear and Care of Your Pizza Stone
4/30/09 06:11 PM