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Thank you for including "Duck Soup." My daughter fell in love with it at age 3, and I never grow tired of it. She loved it SO much, she chose it as the them for her 4th birthday party. Seeing a 4-y.o. dressed as Harpo Marx is classic. Her 5th birthday was Laurel & Hardy,...Great Guns was her favorited, I see a theme developing.

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3/24/14 03:46 PM

Ooops. Seven Feet. They're 7' tall.

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1/28/14 01:52 PM

The ceilings of my 1930's house are unusually low on our second floor (it's registered as a story & 1/2 at the tax office), so they're only about feet. Do you think the artwork 57" rule still applies?

A Gift to Yourself: Hang that Artwork! The January Cure Assignment #19
1/28/14 01:52 PM

I caulked the tubs this past weekend, but I've chosen to install a spice rack for this first "real" project. Our spices are stashed all over our small kitchen right now, and to hang them all on the wall with one unified look could go a long way in helping our kitchen perform more efficiently. We have 0 counterspace and most of the wall mounted racks are incredibly ugly. So I found a project on IkeaHackers using a picture ledge as shelves for spice containers. I'm sure I'll have to buy some more containers and make labels, but it's time to just do it. Wish me luck!

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1/8/14 09:27 AM

PLEASE remind people that polymer clay is not food safe. Anything that comes in direct contact with it during making (rolling pin, knives, baking sheet) should not be used to prepare food afterwards.

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12/9/13 03:27 PM

My daughter is 4 and LOVES the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup". She is also a fan of Laurel and Hardy,.... She saw them at the bottom of the Netfix, and said, "I wanna see THAT". I could have jumped for joy. Now that I've watched them thousands of times, they still stand up, and are funny every single time we watch them....

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9/5/12 02:26 PM

I tried this and it came out perfectly rare. I loved it. Thank you for helping me (finally) cook a steak without cooking it to death.

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2/15/12 11:33 AM

Mirror the back of the bookcases for a bit of bling and to reflect more of the playful patterns & colors back into the room. Then they're flexible for the books, but also collectibles and allows the room itself to be art,...which it is!

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1/25/12 02:25 PM

Back painted glass is finally getting more and more common in the US. Custom colors and matching switchplates & outlets are now possible too. You want to be sure the company is reputable, that the paint is specially formulated for adhesion to glass, that the glass is heat-cured for durability, and that it's a completely opaque product.

SF Good Questions: Back-Painted Glass Backsplash?
11/11/11 02:47 PM

Jarrett's basement is the best one because we've all been faced with that starting basement. UHG! Dark lighting, low ceilings, and depressing. What I like is that it looks so much brighter, but there doesn't appear to be new lighting wired. Awesome.

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9/13/10 02:24 PM

I work in the glass business, and there's a new product that is changing the world of back-painted glass. This doing it yourself business is crazy for high moisture areas, and you can't get consistant color or custom colors. Europe has used a back-painted glass, but it's just now hitting the US.

Gardner Glass Products is an American company that makes Dreamwalls Color Glass, which is a back-painted glass using specially formulated paint created for it's amazing adhesion to glass. VERY durable stuff. This company also makes mirrors, so they make the painted glass in much the same manner. It's applied perfectly, color matched to ANY color you specify, and can be hole-drilled, tempered, or created in the exact shape you need. It can be done in HUGE sheets, or small tiles.

In San Fran, Western States Glass carries it and installs it professionally. Look them up locally, they're super easy to work with!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Back-Painted Glass Backsplash?
4/22/09 03:41 PM