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I don't think you could pay me to go back to electric. I live in an RV and cook with propane. I'm building a tiny cabin that will eventually be my retirement home and am blessed to be doing so in a community that has natural gas. If that wasn't the case, I'd be hauling in propane. Food cooked on an electric flame just doesn't taste the same, never mind that you don't get the same level of control with electric as you do with gas and that electric stoves take forever to warm up.

Moving From Gas to an Electric Stove: What I've Learned So Far
7/1/14 12:08 AM

I need a better name for that front room than the living-dining-kitchen...

Besides number 3: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 all apply to me. I live in a motorhome. Love my tiny home!

#11 it takes an hour to completely deep clean your entire home, including removing everything from the cabinets to wash the insides.

Top 10 Ways You Can Tell Your Apartment is Seriously Tiny
6/30/14 11:58 PM

My kitchen is painted a bright lemon yellow that makes me smile every time I walk in the room, even after four years with it. Appropriately enough, the colour is called 'happiness.'

Find Your Perfect Paint Color: Inspiration for the Kitchen (with Actual Paint Names)
6/6/14 03:28 PM

I find it hilarious that the cabinets butt up against the window.

Not a fan of the gold, but am surprised by how much I love the black cabinets.

Kitchen Before & After: A 1960s Studio Kitchen Gets a Budget Glam Makeover Kitchen Remodel
5/29/14 09:18 AM

I really enjoyed this renovation series and got some ideas for designing the kitchen in the tiny cabin I'm going to start building this summer. I'm especially interested in the tiny appliances.

My favourite parts of the renovation are the floors (I think it's great that Jennifer decided to go ahead and do the bedroom, too) and the glass backsplash.

Jennifer's Kitchen: Real-life Lessons from a Real-life Renovation
5/6/14 12:41 PM

Very nice! It will weather well, especially since they were treated. Nice to see someone else getting creative with pallets.

I rounded up a bunch of pallets that have little to no gaps between them and lined them up in a row to make a nearly 100'-long 'boardwalk' from my front door, through my muddy yard, and up to the sidewalk. It was meant to be temporary, so I never bothered to level or seal them, but going into the second year with them, I can't bring myself to spend the big bucks to get paving stones or gravel to replace them seeing as the unfinished pallets are wearing so well. They're solid oak, so they won't be rotting any time soon.

Before & After: A Bunch of Old Pallets Gain Purpose
5/5/14 11:35 AM

This is how I make my tacos and I don't aid any grease to my well seasoned cast iron pan. The gas grill gets the pan so hot that sometimes the shell gets super crispy before the cheese melts, so I start the tacos with a lid over them to keep the heat in and get the filling warm, then I remove it to crisp the shells.

I haven't made mine with black beans yet (so obvious that I feel like a moron) and I am going to try that next time I'm in the mood for tacos!

Recipe: Crunchy Black Bean Tacos Cookbook Recipe from Love Your Leftovers
4/30/14 06:57 PM

This Canadian is off to Google hominy.

Recipe: 30-Minute Chicken Posole Weeknight Dinner Recipes from The Kitchn
4/29/14 10:34 AM

When I had my cats, two baskets at the sunny end of the desk was all I needed to keep them away from the keyboard.

This Desk Keeps Your Cat from Walking on Your Keyboard Design News
4/28/14 02:49 PM

swisscheese, I have a video tour up on YouTube, but I don't know if I'm allowed to link to it... You can Google "tour of my rv, part 1" and it should pop up. The video is a year old, so there have been some changes (mostly that I lost my two cats! :( ).

What Have Been Your Small Space Sacrifices?
4/27/14 03:32 PM

I moved into a motorhome almost six years ago and have about 150 square feet (plus the exterior storage compartments). A small space is good for me; I struggle to keep up the maintenance on a larger place.

What I miss most is having a large table for projects, whether it be a puzzle, painting, or woodworking, and I also miss having a bathtub.

I don't miss not having a laundry room (I do laundry in the shower using a Wonder Wash and spin dryer, then hang the clothes outside), but I do miss having a single big pantry cupboard. I keep my food in various cabinets and it's sometimes hard to remember what I have.

Clothing organization is also an ongoing challenge with just a small wardrobe and dresser, but that just forces me to pare things down to the essentials. I work from home, so, really, how many clothes do I need?!

I chose my home very carefully so that I have a large, bright office in its own room, a living room to retire to in the evenings, and a separate sleeping space (the loft bed over the truck cab), as well as a lovely dressing room/hallway as a transition space. I can't live in just one room, so the way my home is broken up makes it feel much larger to me than it really is.

I've never had a true moment of claustrophobia living here even if I occasionally wish I had a smidgen more counter space in the kitchen (I added some when I renovated, so that helps).

I did a lot of soul searching as I downsized, a process that took me about five years and which is chronicled in my ebook 'Sorting It Out.' I very much started off as a hoarder and while I'm in no way a minimalist, I've learned to only bring into my home things that are are necessary, useful, and beautiful. It is a point of pride that none of my cabinets are full to bursting and that I do regular clutter purges.

For someone who once lived in 750 square feet with almost no floor space whatsoever, being told that my teeny home feels uncluttered and spacious is a major accomplishment. The old me would have gone insane in here.

Friends of mine moved out of their RV and back into a house because they just couldn't get a handle on their stuff and they didn't have enough room. So my advice to people who want to downsize, but are struggling with a lot of possessions, is to work through the mental hurdles first and redefine your relationship with the inanimate meaningless things in your life before making the jump. 'Sorting It Out' has helped a lot of people do that, according to the feedback I've received from it.

Finally, a small space costs less to upkeep and means less stuff to upkeep. It saves me not just money, but time. I used to spend whole weekends surface cleaning my cluttered house. It takes me an hour to deep clean my entire RV.

What Have Been Your Small Space Sacrifices?
4/27/14 01:37 PM

So lovely to see shabby chic done without all the clutter! This space is so pretty! It's almost exactly how I imagine the cabin I'm building will be like when I'm done. I'll be bookmarking this page for inspiration. :)

Limor's Shabby Chic Style House Call
4/26/14 06:12 PM

When my dad found out he was dying, he decided that he wanted to learn how to go on the internet to understand what it was I was doing on there all day. He had never sat down at a computer and he was just about illiterate. I thought to myself that there was no way that he could learn learn to search the web when we would have to start completely from scratch.

I figured out what he wanted to do (Google favourite topics, look up movies and TV shows) and created step-by-step illustrated instructions for turning on the computer, dialing the modem, opening a browser, doing, etc. The keys that he would use the most got coloured stickers so that he had to look for the bright green key, not enter.

Double clicking a mouse was too much for him, so I showed him how to click on something and press enter. I showed him how to use Google autocomplete to help him in his queries (he was good at figuring out the first few letters of a word, but not the rest of it).

By the time he died a few months later, he was functional with the basics and had started to do a little exploring on his own, finding games and spending hours playing them.

My almost 90-year-old grand-mother is a computer genius compared to him, but the strangest things evade her, like organizing her pictures so she can find them again. No amount of lessons will let these things sink in. I think it's because she can't be bothered since she has so much help available.

My dad had been determined to learn and that, I think, was the difference. He knew that there was going to be a very steep learning curve and he did his homework.

Good Deed of the Day: Providing Patient Parental Tech Support
4/24/14 10:53 AM

I live in a motorhome, so it's really important for me to set limits on things that could invade my entire living space. I cross-stitch and knit, so I dedicated one overhead cabinet to those hobbies. It's a good size space, so I can keep yarn and pattern books and cloth and floss on hand, but not so big that I can just randomly buy supplies for no other purpose than they are good bargains. Having one cabinet also means that when I open it, I see all my unfinished projects, which motivates me to get them done!

Do You Have a Dedicated Craft Space?
4/21/14 07:09 PM

People underestimate water quality. I'd never make coffee with water I wouldn't drink. One of my neighbours makes her coffee with tap water and our tap water isn't even potable. It tastes horrible and her coffee is vile. She's a smoker and doesn't have any sense of taste...

I always know when it's time to take my French press apart and give it more than just a cursory clean because my coffee goes from delicious to nasty overnight. I normally just rinse it with hot water and wipe it down with a paper towel, but I use soap and vinegar solution every few months on it.

Finally, I buy my coffee is small quantities, even if it's more expensive, because I only drink a cup or two a day and larger packages just go rancid on me.

5 Reasons Why Your Coffee Tastes Bad (And How to Fix It Next Time) Smart Coffee for Regular Joes
4/21/14 10:39 AM

I'm so happy to see a post about RV living this morning!

I've been looking for a solution for that same corner of my motorhome and with a small adaptation, this could work!

One Minute Tip: Grandpa Carl's Accordion Table Design for Tiny Spaces Apartment Therapy Videos
4/10/14 10:58 AM

I live in a motorhome and work from home. So when I was looking for my perfect home, a dedicated office was my top requirement seeing as CRA requires a proper room with a door that shuts in order to get tax deductions for power and whatnot.

My office is about 8'x6' and takes up a third of my RV. Desk is along the passenger side wall, filing cabinet is along the driver's side wall, cabinets are overhead, and I have huge windows. It's a fantastic place to work.

I don't get people who absolutely need a proper office in a small space who don't make that a priority. I also don't get people who think that an aesthetically pleasing office means a complete lack of ergonomic function and a chair that will put your spine out of alignment.

Decoration Inspiration Fitting a Home Office into a Small Space Small Space Solutions
4/7/14 11:58 PM

I cook almost exclusively with my cast iron pan, so it lives on my stove. I clean it right away, so it looks shiny and pretty sitting there. I make everything from roasted meats to pan breads and pizza in it. Food tastes better cooked in cast iron over an open flame.

Why Chef Michelle Marek Stores Her Cast Iron Skillets on the Side of the Cupboard Kitchen Tour
4/4/14 12:48 PM

I love having my bed elevated and out of the way during the day and don't mind climbing a ladder to get there. But I'm in the process of planning a layout for a tiny cabin (250 square feet) that will eventually be my retirement home and I'm struggling with the bed placement as I don't know if I'll want to be climbing up and down when I'm in my 70s!

I think that for now, I'll elevate the bed to put it under the eaves and come up with a small profile proper staircase (looking at folding attic stairs) and when/if the time comes, the bed will end up in an alcove on the lower floor.

Small Space Sleeping Solutions
4/3/14 12:18 PM

Wow, that was such an ugly kitchen and the new one fits in perfectly with the character of the building. It looks new, but not too new thanks to those gorgeous floors. The new stove placement is a huge improvement. I am very impressed with this renovation!

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/2/14 02:22 PM