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Let's see. During my poverty-stricken college years, I relied on food banks, I bought almost everything second-hand, I lived with roommates, no restaurant/cafeteria meals, no travel, no cable TV, no health care, no dental care, and no heat during the winter. I made a vow when I graduated that I would never again wake up in the morning with ice on the inside of the windows -- even if heating my apartment meant going to jail. One of my friends went through a bad patch where she subsisted on popcorn for an entire month. Good times!

Budget Living: Living On Minimum Wage
7/25/14 01:29 PM

It doesn't look unfinished to me. I have a similar situation in my apartment kitchen -- I put a boombox on top of the fridge.

What Should I Do with Awkward Space above Fridge? Good Questions
7/23/14 12:49 PM

The artwork in this place is phenomenal. The faux Sargent in the kitchen is to die for. So jealous -- wish I was capable of doing something like that.

Mitch's Creative Take on a Classic Space
House Tour

7/1/14 05:07 PM

Love the adjustable shelves -- I always buy an extra shelf or two. Wish they came in a wider variety of finishes. And I hate the new push-release doors -- don't understand what was so difficult about drilling a hole for a knob.

The Making of an IKEA Billy Bookcase Factory Tour
6/30/14 06:56 PM

Apparently, I am really weird. I scoop the box and sweep up any litter kicked out of the tray with a dust broom every single morning -- takes 3 minutes tops. I empty the box, wash it, and fill it with fresh old-fashioned clay litter once a week -- takes 10 minutes tops. Doesn't seem that onerous to me. Absolutely no need or want for an expensive mechanized contraption.

The Scoop on the ScoopFree Litter Box by PetSafe Tech Test Lab Review
6/24/14 05:27 PM

"I think that as we move into the future, when more of us will be working in careers where we can telecommute and companies rely more heavily on consultants and freelancers instead of traditional employees, we will have more freedom in our daily routine." Actually, you will have less, because you will have no control over your time. I also suspect you will be working more hours for less money. That's why employers are pushing the consultant/freelancer model -- it is cheap. No one says "I wish I had worked more" when they are on their deathbed. That's one reason why I like clear boundaries between work/personal time and do make an effort to put in no more than 40 hours a week.

Do You Thrive on Routine?
4/28/14 04:10 PM

"Open-Plan Offices Detrimental To Worker Productivity, Study Finds" --

5 Ways to Save Your Office Cubicle
(and Sanity) at Work

4/21/14 02:50 PM

I also would love to see a how-to post. I have been wanting to install wall-mounted shelves in my kitchen for a while but have been worried that I might damage the wall or cause some other mishap.

Small Space Secrets: Swap Your Bookcases for Wall Mounted Shelving
4/11/14 01:45 PM

My understanding is that Howard's Restore-a-Finish works on veneer. You could use it to darken the finish of the top cabinet to get it match the bottom.

Would You Paint These Vintage Laminate Pieces? Good Questions
4/10/14 05:22 PM

Advertorial. Samovar is also known for its extremely high prices. The location on my block replaced a popular neighborhood coffee shop, which was a real loss, IMHO.

The Right Tea to Drink with a Tuna Fish Sandwich: And More Tea Pairing Tips from Jessie Jacobs of Samovar Expert Interview
4/3/14 04:38 PM

My apologies. I have flagged my own comment as "spam" and would appreciate it if it were deleted.

Adam's Eclectic Vintage Bungalow House Tour
3/24/14 04:20 PM

More "promotion of homosexuality" please! Love this place. Lots of great things. Personally, I would do just a little weeding and rearranging to bring out the best stuff. And it's so funny, Mo86: I guess the ban on "private sexual behavior" doesn't apply to the straight couples with children all over this site? Where do you think those children came from? Hate to break it to you, but the stork didn't bring them. Apparently straight "private sexual behavior" isn't a problem for you. And all sorts of house tours have shown artwork nudes. Guess nudes aren't pornographic unless they are homoerotic? Um, gay people exist -- we are everywhere and we're not going away. What's astonishing is that you haven't gotten the message.

Adam's Eclectic Vintage Bungalow House Tour
3/24/14 01:53 PM

There is too much contrast between the dark blue walls and the light brown cabinets. I agree painting the walls a color is the way to go; just not that one. Use a tan or a yellow instead.

This Is How to Deal with Honey Oak Cabinets: Paint the Walls Midnight Blue Kitchen Spotlight
3/24/14 01:38 PM

The 50/30/20 plan works for me. Once I set up a spreadsheet -- captured expenses, categorized them by "need" or "want", tracked spending -- it became fun to try to whittle down the "needs." My goal is to save 50% of my take-home pay. I'm getting close. P.S. Segacs, don't know where you are getting the information that Baby Boomers are going to wipe out Social Security -- my guess is from Fox News.

How Much Money Should I Be Saving Each Month? Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/18/14 03:07 PM

I'm single and I live in a studio apartment and I do all of my household chores on Saturday morning. I'm up at 6 and done by noon. Bathtub, toilet and kitchen floor get scrubbed every weekend. I do minor maintenance every day (e.g., wash dishes), but otherwise I really don't want to clean after work. I'm tired and I want some "me" time in the evenings to do what I enjoy doing.

Take the Weekdays Off: The Complete Weekend-Only Cleaning Plan
2/18/14 03:01 PM

My first choice would be stainless steel. My second would be laminate.

Tired of Granite? 8 Countertop Alternatives to Consider
2/13/14 07:38 PM

I've never owned one. If I feel that a document I have needs to be shredded, I tear it up with my own two hands. Works like a charm.

Do You Still Use a Shredder?
2/5/14 02:40 PM

OMG, it doesn't have to be so complicated. If you have ancient untreated (i.e., no laminate) wood floors like I do, the following is just fine:
- Vacuum once a week.
- The only way to truly clean a floor is handsees/kneesees. Sorry. Mops just push things around. 1 bucket of warm water plus 1 capful of Murphy's Oil Soap. Dip in a rag, wring out as much water as you can, and wipe, wipe, wipe. Rinse, repeat. Change the water when it gets dirty.

Best Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors
2/3/14 01:05 PM

Your tax dollars at work. *cough* Really don't want to see Homeland Security wasting its resources on tracking down private property for private owners.

Stolen Jade Artifact Returns to Harvard Design News
1/22/14 04:45 PM

Gosh, I thought everyone was like me: ONE bottle of shampoo, ONE facial cleanser, ONE moisturizer. Right now I'm trying out different types of hair goop, but when I find the perfect one, I will have ONE hair goop. My 15-year-old toaster is on the fritz. I repaired it about 5 years ago -- I am not repairing it again. When it stops working completely, I am replacing it, and I don't feel the least bit guilty because, you know what? I live in a 350-square-foot apartment, I'm vegetarian, I fly once a year, and I don't own a car. Which means my carbon/waste footprint is microscopic compared to just about anyone who preaches about waste. No folders for my personal e-mail -- I can find everything I need via search. I just archive messages I want to keep. 1 sheet + 1 blanket + 1 comforter = bed made in 30 seconds.

10 Habits of a Highly Organized Person: How Pro Organizer Jeni Aron Keeps Her Own Life Under Control
1/21/14 07:28 PM