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Everyone already said everything I was going to say. London, my all-time favorite city in the world, which reveals new joys and pleasures every time I visit, is terrifyingly expensive, even to someone who lives in an expensive east coast US city.

A Renter's Life in London: The Inside Scoop Apartment Therapy's Renter's Guide
7/24/14 06:59 AM

I'm with Terry in Silver Spring: out in the day, in at night. I grew up in South Carolina with no air conditioner, and that's what we did.

I also recommend insulated curtains although it seems to be impossible to find attractive ones. If anyone has leads on that I'd love to hear. Drawing the curtains closed in the day and opening them at night (reverse in winter) works wonders!

No AC? No Problem! Try This Quick Trick to Keep Your Cool
7/22/14 08:14 AM

To learn about putting food together in an appetizing and original way, read Elizabeth David. Her recipes are unstructured but the books call up the joy and beauty of food & eating. And she has lots of interesting bibliographic leads if you want to go down the rabbit hole.

I'd then get Alice Water's The Art of Simple Food. Go through it recipe by recipe and you will soon have a simple, healthy, delicious repertoire with lots of choices.

Knife work, etc., comes with time but I've found that both Julia Child and Jacques Pepin are most helpful with learning skills of all kinds.

What Is the Best Way to Learn Kitchen Basics? Good Questions
7/21/14 06:11 PM

Love the light and the spaciousness--everything has room to breathe.

Why do people paint chalkboard above the stove, though? I think it would be very inconvenient there. I can barely reach up over mine.

Jim & Laura's Light-Filled Providence Colonial House Tour
7/21/14 06:03 AM

After my recent sale it all went to Goodwill, except for some nice curtains that didn't sell and that I was on the fence about including anyway. I admit to a few pangs of regret about items sold & donated, but now it's 6 weeks later and I've forgotten all about them.

After the Garage Sale: What to Do With What Didn't Sell Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/21/14 05:59 AM

There are those wire baskets you can spin around so I'm not surprised this works. But wouldn't want to try it in the New England winter!

Can You Really Use a Pillowcase to Dry Lettuce? Putting Tips to The Test in The Kitchn
7/18/14 08:29 AM

5 o'clock? 4 o'clock!

Mouth \"It's 5 O'clock Somewhere\" Liquor Collection
7/17/14 06:00 AM

I love living by myself. I do have to ask for help sometimes to move heavy things, but I generally find that people want to help. I'm not afraid and I do have neighbors upstairs (I live in a two family house) and around if I had any real trouble. I do worry a bit as I get older about falling, etc. But after I've done with work (not for some years yet) I'll set up a check in system with friends/neighbors/family.

I am never bored. Never have been, never will be. In this wild and wacky world? Not possible.

5 Problems You Only Face While Living Alone (and How to Deal with Them)
7/15/14 09:33 PM

I think roasted is the way to go. I couldn't really find any other way to make these palatable. They are like broccoli stems minus all the flavor.

How To Cut Up Kohlrabi Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/15/14 07:52 AM


Scott & Kristan's Inspiring Arts District Loft House Tour
7/15/14 06:01 AM

I was taught, as far as bargaining, to say "Is this your best price?"--very directly. That never seems to bother anyone, and I usually get a reduction.

As a market goer, my pet peeve is no prices marked. Mark your merchandise!

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/15/14 05:53 AM

Our Whole Foods had cherries on sale today for $1.99 a lb! So I bought 12 lbs and I'll be pitting them all to freeze.

Other than that maybe nothing--I'm not sure I'll have time!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of July 12-13, 2014
7/11/14 06:22 PM

I don't know Detroit at all, but I recently attended a conference there in the Renaissance Center. I liked what I saw of the city so much and want the very best for them. I didn't hear about this street car. Will it go from downtown to the DIA and other arts district? I felt stymied at my desire to see the museum without a car. Downtown Detroit was such a great surprise, but it is sad to see all the majestic buildings that are unoccupied. Still, clearly, serious efforts are being made to improve things. I plan to return for a long weekend.

Detroit Breaks Ground on Electric Streetcar This Month Design News
7/10/14 08:43 PM

Remember this mantra:
Hot pan, cold oil
Foods don't stick.

Every time you use the pan, heat it first, THEN add the oil (which just needs to be room temp, doesn't actually need to be cold). Don't put the oil in the cold pan.

Help! Why Won't My Cast Iron Pan Stay Seasoned? Good Questions
7/10/14 02:07 PM

If I had insisted on a roach free apartment I never would have lived anywhere in NYC or in Boston-proper. Even the very nice place I lived in NYC that had been a gut job had them. I don't think you can really do away with them. That's one of the best things about living in my own standalone house. No roaches!!

5 Things to Run Away From as a Renter Renters Solutions
7/3/14 02:49 AM

I LOVE the way these places look, but I had to go hard in the other direction due to hatred of cleaning!

10 Signs You Might Be a Maximalist
6/30/14 05:39 AM

I acknowledge how I'm feeling--to myself--and sometimes I try to push through it and cook anyway. It's really important for me to have a variety of things around so that when that feeling hits, I have some easy, tasty choices.

BUT if I have to work late, and I'm getting off the bus near my house any later than 6:45, then I just let it go, and pick up some takeout. When projects are intense, I give myself permission, especially when, if I didn't, I'd be eating at 8:30 at night (which I don't do).

Not in the Mood Weekend Meditation
6/29/14 05:22 PM

I'm in the "of course I cook for myself" camp, although there are definitely things that I love that are not practical for one person (a brisket...). When I eat out (which is seldom because of money & time) I always order items I don't make at home as a result

Occasionally one of my married work friends will talk about when they are on their own just eating a bowl of cold cereal and I always yell at them that they have given up on life (these are my friends, I am joking....sorta)

On Finding the Motivation to Cook For Yourself
6/27/14 01:40 AM

Agree with aliainnotebook Happiness and liberation began the day I started using Carbonite (with whom I have no affiliation).

6 Small, Random Efforts That Pay Off Big at Home
6/27/14 01:30 AM

I didn't learn this from reality TV but from looking at houses--if you are a smoker, stop doing it inside for at least 3 months (longer if you can) before you put the house on the market. People who don't smoke can smell it in everything. I couldn't buy some of the places I'd seen because of it.

Five Things I Learned About Real Estate From Reality TV
6/27/14 01:27 AM