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Love this! Definitely house tour material.

Jarrett's Modern Elegance in Bronxville House Call
6/16/12 01:37 PM

I'm trying to have LESS Facebook in my life, not more.

Highlight Your Home Business with Facebook Timeline Business Cards
5/30/12 09:31 AM

Love this renovation! We are just about to start our own bathroom remodel and I've found some good ideas here.
Have to agree with those who have commented on the assumption that the daughters would have "fallen in love" with that dreadful pink. Seriously? And why is that, exactly?

Before & After: A Bathroom Goes From Pinky Peach to Sleek and Chic
5/30/12 09:17 AM

Tina! I remember you from my DWF days.What a wonderful surprise to see your studio here. Of course, the styling is completely you -- in fact, I clicked on this post because it made me think of you.
Glad to see that you are doing well. Your photography is, as ever, lovely.

Tina Wilson's Striking Style House Tour
5/29/12 09:09 PM

I love the outdoor space. It's beautiful. I really wish the photos were of better quality, though.

Blythe's Bohemian West Hollywood Cottage House Tour
5/11/12 01:47 PM

Crazy good!

Lisa & Piero's English Inspired Los Feliz Home House Tour
3/11/12 12:59 PM

Your children are beautiful!

Heather's Charming Modern Farmhouse Brooklyn Loft
House Tour

2/12/12 07:09 PM

Wow. Surprised by the nature of the comments here. I don't understand why people are so invested in another person's space. That said, I like what you did here. The room looks fresh and clean. I wouldn't have changed the floors, but it's not my house. If you like it, then that's all that matters.

Before & After: A Granny Office Goes Modern
2/12/12 07:01 PM

What a beautiful home! At first, I didn't realize that you were that Jane Marvel, but I should have known. I have a couple of your bags and I love them, too. You have a great eye.

Jane's Comfortably Luxurious Family Home
House Tour

12/9/11 05:33 PM

Oh, my word. This house has EVERYTHING! Style, personality, charm, wit. I am utterly and completely in love with it. Very well done, indeed!

Kathleen & Maurizio's Imported Italian Home
House Tour

2/25/11 05:14 PM

I would really love to see a tour of Emily's home 10 or 15 years from now. I think that she has a lot of potential which is not necessarily reflected in this current house tour.

Emily Schuman's Modern Rustic Home
House Tour

2/19/11 12:38 PM

I think I'm in love!

Black For Valentine's Day? Cindy Gallop's Black Apartment
2/14/11 05:47 PM

The house is nice, but Sawyer is the true gem here. One very cool kid!

Pam & Bryan's Comfortably Creative Family Home
House Tour

1/31/11 09:02 PM

Love the colors and the sea glass, but really can't get past the dirt. A sponge and some household cleanser would contribute greatly to the design of this kitchen.

Kitchen Tour: Penny's Mermaid-Hued Kitchen with a View
1/24/11 12:54 PM

Come on! Why so much mean-spiritedness? She's a schoolgirl! When I think back to the apartment I had when I was her age, I can only cringe.

Savannah, you have some lovely pieces and I can tell that you also have a very keen eye. Thanks for sharing your space here. I'm sure we'll hear more about you in the future. Good luck with your studies!

Savannah's Sophisticated Studio Apartment
House Tour

1/24/11 12:07 PM

Wow! I am certainly glad that I looked at the HGTV Canada pictures before commenting! Good photos made with proper lighting make all the difference. My opinion is now vastly different from what it was when I'd only seen the AT photos. I love most of what you've done with your place and I think you are so very smart to have the house as income property now, with an eye to having it all to yourself in the future. Very business-savvy. I do find it a bit cluttered for my tastes, but if it works for you, that's all that matters. Love the coffee table and the way in which you've customized the bookshelves. I have those same shelves and I am not ashamed to say that I will be stealing your idea next weekend! Also loved your comments to HGTV about the deer graphic. Couldn't agree more. Thank you for sharing.

Courtney & Trevor's Playfully Sophisticated Pad
House Tour

1/15/11 01:34 PM

Beautiful home! I love that it manages to be both cozy and spacious. Really loved: the bedroom, the bar, and the fire pit.

I, too, was put off by the taxidermy (nope, not a vegan, a meat-eating Midwesterner here) but if Mimi loves it, fine. It is her space, not mine, and I do think it's very generous of her to share it with us.

I have to say something about the photos, though. They're really not very good and I think they do an injustice to the space. How about some flash? Or off-camera lighting? Or faster glass? Or perhaps all of the above. The quality of the photos bothers me much more than the stuffed animals ever could.

Mimi's Luxe Urban Family Lodge
House Tour

12/15/10 02:15 AM

I'm going to have to hide this from my daughter, who already thinks that fashion blogging is a viable career option. Oy veh. Being more pragmatic (and a mom) I remain unconvinced. I'll let her see this when she has her diploma and a day job! :) That said, I do love the way in which the art and books are displayed and I think the mirrors are fantastic. This is a far cry from the wretched little hovel I had when I tried to make a go of living in NYC back in the day! Well done.

Kelly & Greg's Chez Glamouramous
House Tour

12/6/10 01:37 PM

OK, if you love it that's fabulous! I, too, went through a white phase when I was younger. I think you have done well with the space you have and I applaud your desire to live unfettered by things. But please -- spell Mr. Starck's name correctly when you send in your resume. :)

Best of luck to you, my dear. I could do with a bit of your youthful enthusiasm myself!

125 Square Feet! Kristen's Minimalist Studio in Seattle
House Call

11/9/10 05:07 PM

"I just realized that it doesn't really matter if I would live in this house or not, as the owners of the house haven't invited me to do so.

But I am awfully glad I got the chance to see inside and look forward to more house tours just like this one, and I look forward to those tours that are nothing like this. Because if I only wanted to see houses that looked exactly like my own, I'd turn off the computer and just walk around my own house."

Well said, Hundreds of Years of Oppression.
And now, I'm off to copy that idea of the garden stool in the shower.

Jason & John's Hyper Saturated Home, Part 3 House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
3/6/10 09:36 AM