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I put food out for the neighborhood cats that have homes but like my food better and strays that are hungry. I saw a rat in the yard once but no more. I have indoor cats and I haven't seen so much as a pellet anywhere and my house was built in 1945.

Help! How Can We Stop the Mice Invasion?
Good Question

1/29/14 08:37 PM

I just fry chicken. I hate too much bother. It's cast iron for goodness sake!!!!! Also my Aunt Ida used to store her oil in the pan.

Finally! The Science Behind Seasoning Cast Iron & The Best Oil To Use
1/29/14 08:18 PM

I'm using my large rotisserie this year. That way I can use my entire main oven for all the side dishes while Tom cooks away.

How to Cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving: The Simplest, Easiest Method Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
10/13/13 03:36 PM

The kitchen is a definite "eye pop." However, I noticed how beautiful the original cabinets were. I'm sure they went to a recycle center--wish I lived near there--LOL. I don't care for the crystal chandeliers, though--I think a more simple light would have been better. A bigger fridge--oh no!!!! Small refrigerator drawers would be much better.

Shawna's Glamorous Custom Kitchen Kitchen Tour
9/10/13 09:37 PM

oh yes, that 13,000 dollars is a bargain now that you see the whole kitchen.

Before & After: Breakfast in Tiffany's
8/28/13 09:31 PM

I can't live without my dishwasher. I can make as much of a mess as I want and it all goes in the "magic box" afterward. A dishwasher frees you to use as many bowls, spoons and other things as you want. I never use disposable paper plates or plastic cutlery because that's what a dishwasher is for. Plus the soothing sound of water whooshing makes for a nice backdrop when I'm finishing up and frosting my cake or finishing off the roast. Every kitchen I've owned had one and for a single guy I use it almost every day. However, I haven't tried poaching a salmon in one yet--but urban legend says you can.

The One Kitchen Item Worth Splurging On Reader Intelligence Report
7/16/13 09:39 PM

I guess I'm in the minority here--I love the David and Hillary version of Love it Or List it. Hillary is a hoot when she talks to the cameras after the owners give her a drubbing when they hate her idea. I love her face when they want a long list and give her a tiny budget. David is an excellent foil and love Desta--Hillary's assistant. And then there's Eddie--quite the hottie. However, DIY has "Renovation Realities" which is a hoot to watch. My favorite is the couple from New Jersey that tried to put an addition on their home--I could watch that episode over and over again. She was the perfect Joisy girl and he was just hysterical. I don't know what could be more real.

Home Improvement Shows: How Real is Reality TV?
6/20/13 11:02 PM

Why wasn't the sink centered under the window--the dishwasher could have gone on the left side to give you that elbow room I have a big refrigerator to my right in my present kitchen and that invasion to my space drives me crazy.

Andi's Kitchen Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
5/12/13 10:55 AM

Why not put the cheap freestanding-under cabinet fridge at the end of the cabinet run and cut a rectangle size hole and then get a nice wire mesh panel. That way you have a decorative place to vent the fridge and you can still have it under counter. This actually saves alot of money and you get the benefit of under cabinet. Later on if you want to splurge all you need to do is get a new end cabinet piece. Also don't forget you need to have an electrician install an outlet below the cabinet top.

Why an Undercounter Fridge May Set You Back $1K — And How to Get Around It
4/13/13 11:43 PM

.....oh, and I LOVE that sink.

Options For Pink Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
3/19/13 08:32 PM

Three words -- Valspar Lemon Sherbert. I have the same pink and black tile and it's amazing how it deemphasizes the pink tile. I like my pink tiled bathroom--I just didn't know what color to paint the beige walls. My floor tile was the same pattern but instead of the blue/green that appears in the photo I had a creamy yellow.

Options For Pink Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
3/19/13 08:31 PM

I bought a Cuisinart Dutch Oven for $50 at TJ MAXX and love it. If I buy All Clad it's only when it's on clearance. You can buy good stuff, just wait for the right price to come along. Before that I used a Corning Visions Dutch Oven--still use it. I've had that for 30 years and still use it for my microwave chili. Looks like the day I bought it. Whether you pay $1 or $1000 as long as you take care of it and don't loan it to people who don't appreciate it as much as you do, anything will last a lifetime. If you do get a chance to upgrade to something, save the old one and use that as your "loaner."

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: A Not-As-Good-As-Le-Creuset Dutch Oven
3/3/13 10:02 AM

Before was cozy--after was too sterile. The view outside the room is now covered. A bird feeder outside that window was all the change you needed. That dead tree branch is hideous.

Before & After: Traditional Nursery Decor Goes Happy ModernVery Rosenberry
3/3/13 09:52 AM

Save money and get a cheaper stove and buy under-cabinet refrigeration. The counter space you gain makes up for the wasted space a large fridge takes.

Introducing Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen Renovation Diary: Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen #1
2/10/13 10:01 AM

Don't move any walls!!!!!! It's a vintage victorian. Leave it as pristine as you can. I have plaster walls and would NEVER give them up--plus there's less dust. You can add an undercounter fridge in the pantry and get the use back. reconfigure your kitchen and have plenty of counter space. You've got that utility room that you can put a full size freezer. Why don't architects work with what is there. Don't sacrifice a beautiful victorian just to have a big kitchen--work with what you have OR MOVE!!!!!!

Introducing Andi's Kitchen Renovation Renovation Diary: Andi's Kitchen #1
2/10/13 09:55 AM

I hate open concept. Whatever happened to the cozy intimacy of the kitchen. I have a 1945 colonial with a kitchen and separate dining room off the kitchen. I would never knock down that wall. Kitchens are for hearing about the day from your kids or significant other when you're washing dishes at the sink. I've had plenty of "stolen kisses" in the kitchen from my boyfriend while the rest of company is sitting in the dining room. I can cram all my friends around a small island in my kitchen. With me cooking is intimate--1 or 2. Not a team marathon with "stations."

Introducing Seth & Allison's Kitchen Renovation Project Renovation Diary: Seth & Allison's Kitchen #1
2/10/13 09:45 AM

If you watch enough of the HGTV/DIY shows all you need to do is put on some rubber gloves and strip them. Those old cabinets are beautiful. Treat the scraped off paint like hazardous waste and you'll be fine. Handy hint is to put the globs of stripper/paint in plastic and put them in the paint cans when you empty them.

Introducing Seth & Allison's Kitchen Renovation Project Renovation Diary: Seth & Allison's Kitchen #1
2/10/13 09:40 AM

I can't speak for everyone but here in the States I'm hearing lots of complaints about European-made HE type front-load washers (Whirlpool Duet, et al) Youtube is full of angry purchasers' complaints about how they break down so easily and the warranty doesn't cover the problems. Without a distribution and repair network, I don't think that machine would go over well here once the novelty dies down. There better be a fantastic warranty and service program with this.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | The Perfect Washing Machine: All Within Reason
3/8/09 11:00 PM