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Ok guys, since I'm Brazilian and used to live in Oklahoma, I'll try to clarify some things:
Yucca/Manioc Flour is COMPLETELY different from TAPIOCA starch/flour, no matter who says it's the same thing or that you can substitute one for the other, because you CAN'T.
You get the first by grinding the Yucca/Manioc, while you get the Tapioca by soaking them on water for a lot of time. Eventually, they'll release a white powder that will soak to the bottom of the pot. Then, the Yucca/Manioc is removed from the pot along with the water, and that white sticky thing that stays on the bottom is scratched, dried, and then grinded. There you go: Tapioca, a.k.a. Yucca/Manioc STARCH! (Polvilho, in Portuguese). The word TAPIOCA comes from the Tupi (Old, extinguished Brazilian Indian Language), and means "Aquele que fica embaixo" or "That that remains at the bottom", obviously due to the way that it is achieved.
That said, you can buy Tapioca Starch from Amazon (yeap, easy!) or in Latin Markets with the name "Polvilho Azedo/Doce" (Sour/Sweet). Yes, we usually mix both here in Brazil to make these beauties. Essentially, anything with the word TAPIOCA will mean that you're getting the right stuff, they'll just taste a little different because they can be sweet or sour, and of course each brand does them a little different, but all of them should work (even those bought at the asian markets, I've used some of them for the Cheese Breads and also for "Tapioca" successfully - there is a dish called Tapioca in Brazil, very good by the way, it's kinda like "crèpe" or "french pancakes", but done with this starch).
Finally, if you want to get a similar result from what we eat here in Brazil, try substituting the cheese for a fresh cheese, such as Ricotta or Cottage, since "Queijo Minas" is a fresh cheese made in a similar way.
Good luck!


How to Make Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/9/13 07:46 PM