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Not ginger related, but I've read that breastmilk can be helpful to people on chemo who can't keep anything else down (& it doesn't irritate their mouths). If your friend reaches a point of not being able to keep anything down, you might suggest trying to source some breastmilk. (If you don't know any nursing moms, I'd start with Eats on Feets.)

Sweet or Savory Recipes with Lots of Ginger? Good Questions
3/1/14 02:48 AM

I love (& miss so much!) Dei Fratelli canned tomatoes. Can't exactly get them here in Canada...

How Can I Make Thicker Tomato Sauce? Good Questions
1/10/14 02:57 PM

If you find next Christmas that you still haven't used it, consider making homemade Bailey's to gift or take to holiday parties.

What Can I Make With Whiskey Besides Cocktails? Good Questions
1/10/14 02:49 PM

I sell Tupperware. That ain't Tupperware. That's the cheap stuff, which totally has its place, but I find it's easier to keep my capital-T Tupperware organized when there aren't a bunch of other brands in the drawer with it. (My drawer may look like a nightmare, but there's an amazing number of containers, most with lids, in there.)

2014 Kitchen Resolution: Eliminate This Cabinet Disaster 2014 Kitchen Resolutions
1/10/14 02:10 PM

We were pretty rough on just our window shades when I was a kid--we went through two or three a year. So I can't see the fort shades lasting very long (although they do look cool) with kids rolling them up & down and diving underneath them and fighting around them; the fort maintenance would, I expect, get expensive very quickly.

Secret Play Place: Table Fort Country Living
11/22/13 04:05 PM

I was a Top Chef fan years ago, but we ditched cable & now I don't see any cooking shows. I have, on occasion, watched The Chew on the web.

Do You Watch Cooking Shows? Reader Survey
11/5/13 07:10 PM

Someone told me long ago that broths were basically thinner versions of stock, and I've seen that explanation elsewhere since.

Stock? Broth? Is There Really a Difference?
10/13/13 08:25 PM

I've only recently started seeing boxed stock in the grocery stores around here; I pick up a case of Kirkland's when I'm at a Costco that carries it because sometimes it's easier than digging through the freezer to find my homemade. (I have a toddler who likes to help & there's nothing but trouble for her on the porch where the stock freezer is.) I make my own chicken & turkey stock, but have so little use for beef stock that I'll just buy it when I need it.

Canned, Boxed, Cubed, or Homemade: How Do You Keep Stock on Hand? Reader Survey
10/8/13 01:46 PM

If you haven't totally written off the idea of a dishrag, I'd recommend Tupperware's microfiber dishcloths. I bought them because I was a consultant (technically still am, I guess) & people asked about them. They're not cheap, but they are my go-to when I have something that needs a good scrubbing (often). I'm not crazy about the TW towels, but the dishcloths I recommend wholeheartedly.

I'm Tossing My Kitchen Sponge! What's the Best Dish Brush to Buy? Good Questions
9/16/13 07:39 PM

I'm 33 weeks and at my last pre-natal appointment, trace amounts of sugar were detected in my sample--probably because my husband and I were having ice cream before bed just about every night. I refused to do that icky glucola test (with my first pregnancy, it made me feel awful, and that was an easy pregnancy; this one hasn't been nearly as nice, and I imagine the test effects would also be that much worse), and the lab wouldn't cooperate with alternatives my dr & I agreed on.

But I also developed a cough reaction to animal dairy since that appointment, which resulted in my cutting animal dairy out of my diet. And it's much easier to cut down the sugar (and lots of carbs) when you can't have butter. Amazingly, my sweet tooth has pretty much totally gone away, and I'm hungry far less often than I used to be. Looking forward to seeing the results of this at my next appointment.

I've been eating a lot of soups. Veggie/bean soup has been marvelous. Looking forward to being able to eat dairy again--borscht has been sounding good, too, but I like yogurt or sour cream in it. Good luck!

What Are Some Diabetes-Friendly Recipes I Can Enjoy While Pregnant? Good Questions
9/15/13 03:06 PM

Alas, not available on :(

(But then, that's no offers way less than stateside Netflix.)

Stream It on Netflix: The Mind of a Chef
9/15/13 01:07 AM

I keep Sharpies everywhere too (as evidenced by my 2yo daughter getting her hands on a dark blue one a few months ago while I was doing dishes... Happy to say that with my husband's diligence and willingness to use whatever cleaners he thought might work and my quick application of rubbing alcohol right away to help keep it from setting, you can't see any signs of the incident on our couch cushions (though we did forget one throw pillow). I try to remember to label everything going into the freezer, but I'm not always successful. And in our deep freeze, we found a side of wild salmon that had so badly freezer-burnt I wanted to cry. Rotation seems to be key.

When I use Tupperware in the freezer, though, I use a grease pencil instead. Works (and comes off) best on the really shiny plastic, not the textured/misty plastic.

Why I Need to Keep a Sharpie by the Freezer
9/14/13 11:52 PM

AJ--that sounds incredible. I might try that tomorrow for lunch.

10 Ways To Fill an Avocado Pit Hole
9/14/13 11:41 PM

Yeah, I didn't like egg baked in it, either.

10 Ways To Fill an Avocado Pit Hole
9/14/13 11:38 PM

My mom put together a small binder of family favorite recipes for us when we moved out of the house, providing personal illustrations for the covers so none of them look the same. She just used Word, and she can add pages to the file or edit it. I love that I can lay it flat on the counter, prop it up at an angle, or take a recipe out & put it on the fridge when counter-space is limited. I don't mind that it's not fancy, because it means I can add recipes, too. And the binder has pockets I often tuck recipe cards into.

Best Software for Making a Book of Family Recipes? Good Questions
9/7/13 03:26 PM

I mostly recall drinking water, though milk was an option most of the time, and occasionally (like with pizza) a can of pop. In my house, my 2.5yo daughter drinks water, juice (in moderation), milk, almond milk, and often shares an herbal or green tea with me when I have it. My husband only drinks coffee or root beer, which drives me bonkers. He'll drink bottle after bottle of water on road trips, but won't touch water at home, bottled or tap.

Water with Meals: A Page From My European Husband's Book
8/27/13 07:03 PM

I used to--my fingernails tend to break & peel if I do dishes without them. Unless I use Palmolive. And when the weather turns to fall, my hands get pretty dry, and washing dishes makes that worse. (You should see my sister's hands, year-round! Eek!) So, yes, I had gloves for doing dishes. But then one day I broke my favorite mug (you know, the kind you get from an artisan pottery maker that fits your hand just right and holds just the right amount) and I know I wouldn't have if I hadn't been wearing the gloves, so I stopped wearing them.

Do You Wear Gloves to Wash Dishes? Reader Survey
8/27/13 03:56 PM

I second the Tupperware FridgeSmart containers. I even know people who have removed their crisper drawers from their fridges because the Tupperware works better. If you're good at sniffing out deals, you can find them used (my town's swap & shop on FB had someone post a whole set when they moved into an apt. with a tiny fridge).

How Can I Keep Vegetables Fresh Without a Crisper Drawer? Good Questions
8/25/13 08:47 PM

I live on the coast of BC and we have several hatcheries nearby. I love going out to watch the salmon spawn. The one I've been to several times releases three different kinds of salmon during the year, and we get to go see salmon returning to spawn from about now through October. I could watch for hours--and have. (Yet to encounter a bear at the hatchery, though I hear they're a pretty common sight.)

This Is What Thousands of Spawning Salmon Look Like Video
8/25/13 06:54 PM

I use grease pencils to write on jars--and the shiny plastic parts of my Tupperware (the brand, not just any plastic containers). Comes right off! with a bit of hot water (or cold if I use my TW dishcloths). I have a yellow and a black pencil and they do the job very nicely.

Kitchen Organization Tip: Label Your Jars with Washi Tape
8/25/13 04:07 AM