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I have an ongoing series of recipes that I update and reinvent based on several very old cookbooks. My favorite is my 1929 chocolate cookies which is based on the 1929 International Cookbook (Merchandisers, Inc; Boston, MA). The post is from my first few months of blogging so it's a little rough around the edges:

Vintage Cookbooks: Useful or Outdated?
9/4/13 03:59 PM

I've heard pickle crisp works well. It's completely harmless calcium chloride. I make refrigerator pickles mainly so I don't need it, but I've heard good things.

5 Ways to Give Your Pickles Better Texture
8/9/13 10:28 PM

After reading this and a few other posts on the difference in fruit desserts, I put together a simple dictionary of fruit desserts to make it easier. There are certainly regional differences (cobbler in the south is just a fruit pie). It's an interesting topic that seems to always get a good debate going...

What's the Difference? Crumbles, Grunts, Cobblers, and Buckles
8/2/13 12:20 PM

I'm a big fan of super fresh wild Alaskan salmon grilled with a crust of spices and served with watermelon salsa.

Help Me Love Fish! What Are Your Favorite Fish Dishes? Good Questions
7/2/13 09:10 PM

I'm planting my summer herb garden, I think I may throw in a few of these. Wish I knew where to find the culantro to grow...

12 Lesser-Known Herbs to Try
5/16/13 10:17 AM

The lima beans with cumin-mint dressing and the Elote are going into my to make file. I have been substituting my regular salad for a sauteed salad of cooking greens lately. It's easy and very yummy...

15 Quick and Simple Vegetable Recipes to Get You Out of a Green Salad Rut Recipes from The Kitchn
5/15/13 10:16 AM

I'm a big fan of chickpea fries using chickpea flour.

Beyond Socca: 5 More Ways to Use Chickpea Flour Ingredient Spotlight
4/10/13 04:24 PM