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Tur-duck-en? It turns out less dry than a whole roasted turkey, with much less leftovers if you have a lot of non-turkey-lovers. My dad made turducken stuffed with a savory stuffing and glazed with an orange brandy sauce. It was a great break from the big whole turkey. It took less time to cook than a whole bird. I agree with others that if one person is being particularly pushy about wanting their specific roast meat, then they should be responsible for preparing that. I honestly wouldn't know where to begin to make a leg of lamb that was worthy of serving to guests. And if you have never prepared one before, you would want to practice before serving it to guests, and that's a lot to ask when we are two weeks away from the big dinner event. Ask your mom to bring a lamb if she so badly wants lamb.

How Can I Make Thanksgiving Special When My Family Hates Turkey? Good Questions
11/12/13 08:13 AM

My husband and I lived without a car for years and did all our shopping - groceries, home renovations, big box stores, and everything else on bike. You learn to strategize what you can carry and what you can't. REI sells Ortleib panniers that I like. http://www.rei.com/product/604990/ortlieb-front-roller-panniers They are expensive, but really durable and waterproof. They are easy to get on and off of a rear rack. I found that it was easiest if I just loaded my own groceries instead of letting a the cashier or bag boy do it, since I knew what would fit and how to stack things in a pannier bag.
For everything else, including trips to Costco and Home Depot for mulch, bricks, tile and mortar, and major hauls, we had an Aesom trailer. http://www.amazon.com/Aosom-Elite-Luggage-Trailer-Removable/dp/B0029KBA26 This trailer is incredibly sturdy.

What Are the Best Bike Bags for Groceries? Reader Intelligence Request
10/22/13 06:46 PM

It's a cute art project, but in my household of six bikes, old handlebars get re-used on different bikes. They are never considered "defunct" until they are broken or bent.

Mount Your Beast: Bicycle Taxidermy by Regan Appleton
12/19/12 08:39 AM

My dad's side of the family is from North Carolina. They always made cornbread stuffing with two additions to the recipe you have. One is chopped hard boiled egg. The other is shucked raw oysters and a little brine, nestled gently into the top of the stuffing. It sounds crazy, but it's kind of like having oysters Rockefeller upside-down.

Recipe: Southern-Style Cornbread Dressing Recipes from The Kitchn
11/19/12 02:44 PM

In the past when I cooked a brined turkey, I always rinsed the salt off afterwards, and then followed that with an immersion in apple cider. With commercially brined birds, I like to soak in cold water for a few hours to try to remove more brine. Thanksgiving is salty enough.

How to Cook a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest Method
11/17/11 11:59 AM

The two Chinese super buffet restaurants we have visited both had the same thing - imitation cut in small pieces, wrapped in bacon, skewered on a toothpick, and broiled. It's sort of retro and weird, but delicious.

What Can I Do with Imitation Crab Meat?
Good Questions

10/4/11 02:18 PM

Graffiti is usually spray paint that building owners choose to have removed. Graffiti removal usually involves some pretty harsh chemical pressure washing techniques that could lead to paint, chemicals, and contaminated spray water leaching into ground water. Spray paint and its removal is anything but green! All that paper poster art wheat pasted up on walls in seemingly infinite repeats of some weekly concert isn't very green either, if you think about the volume of paper being used. There is nothing "Green" about this style.

Green Style: Street Art
9/30/11 03:19 PM

Beautiful home. The finish trimwork, coffered ceilings, herringbone floors, everything is absolutely perfectly done. The color choices and lighting is so peaceful and relaxing.

Terry & Lyndon's Pristine Palatial Parlor
House Tour

9/29/11 12:42 PM

I don't get it. This house looks empty and un-designed.

Swedish Style: Elisabeth Dunker's Country Home

9/24/11 07:18 AM

@Ulrika, I noticed those bottles lined up in that bright window. Even if they aren't dyes or inks, most paints warn against storing them below certain temperatures. In that bright window, those little bottles would be too hot or too cold over the seasons. Not ideal! Better in storage under the desk.

Before & After: A Cluttered to Clean Art Studio Overhaul
Amy Sacksteder

9/20/11 07:59 AM

I couldn't help but be distracted by the bright light shining directly on the paintings. Please, please put a filter on that lamp or angle it away from those paintings. The heat and light will damage the painting. It seems like you like your antiques and curios, so it'd be good to protect them from light damage.
The adapted switchboard box should blend in nicely with all those things on the shelf. Good find!

An Old Fashioned Solution For a Modern Day Problem
9/17/11 09:35 AM

I like okra and tomatoes. Great southern food.

Fried, Pickled & Stewed: 5 Recipes To Make You Love Okra
7/29/11 09:32 AM

I wanted to know how they made those wontons into perfect little circle bowls for crab salad croustades, but the recipe doesn't use wonton. It uses pre-packaged Rahm's croustades.

5 Uses For Wonton Wrappers
7/21/11 05:42 PM

Our house's kitchen is very similar in age and style. We painted the walls a light green. We installed new light fixtures over the sink and overhead. The cabinets were left white, and we even decided to scrape some of the many layers paint off of the inside of the drawers and doors so they close more easily.
Embrace the charm of the kitchen that you have instead of doing a complete overhaul. That kitchen is wonderful. I'd even consider replacing the appliances with some retro reproductions appropriate to the period. Some are available in awesome bright colors like red or mint green.

How To Update 1920's Kitchen?
Good Questions

7/19/11 03:43 PM

You are definitely facing a challenge with extracting color from seeds and then making paint from it. The pods of the plant contain a few seeds. The seeds only contain a small amount of color, probably about 5%. Extraction of color usually requires solvent. Water or oil would be your non-toxic choices for solvents. You could try grinding the seeds in water or oil to get color. Then strain the mixture to remove any plant matter. The bigger problem will be how it mixes with paint medium and also permanence. Because it is a natural dye, rather than a mineral pigment, you won't have good color permanence. With a color that may be very faint to begin with when mixed with paint, you may see very little color at all after the dye fades. Most natural dye colors are now mordanted on aluminum or iron to make the color more stable.

How To Mix Annatto Seeds (For Their Color) Into Paint?
Good Question

7/7/11 12:03 PM

In Peru my host made wonton wrappers stuffed with queso fresco slices, deep fried, then served with aji amarillo and mayonaisse as a dip.
We also had aji amarillo mixed with a paste of water and breadcrumbs to make it milder, served over potatoes, chicken, with hard boiled egg and black olives.

Top Chef Suggestion: Yellow Pepper Paste
5/5/11 05:05 PM

Wai is right, I am being snarky about it. Sometimes these posts have so short a blurb about a project that it's unclear what is "green" about the materials specifically mentioned. It's only made more confusing by a poor translation to English.

Green Style: Free Standing Tree House
4/22/11 08:16 AM

"Colorless, natural-finish nano varnish." Nano varnish! What is that? "Weatherproof" cardboard? I am guessing that Kristina L's chicken coop probably has a better roof on it than cardboard. This is ridiculous.

Green Style: Free Standing Tree House
4/21/11 11:40 AM

What a great place. I love the living room.

Erin's South-Facing in Seattle
4/12/11 10:30 AM

Considering that the bike weighs 40 lbs when assembled, I would say that it's probably no better than a vintage 3-speed cruiser. Just buy an old cruiser at a yard sale or on CL and fix it up. It saves all that old steel from ending up in a landfill, and prevents more cheaply made bikes from being shipped from Asia to the US.

CB2 Now Selling City Bikes from Republic
3/30/11 09:45 AM