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Some of my favorite fish recipes are salmon topped with pesto and broiled - SO good. Also quickly pan fried fish like haddock or halibut and then used for fish tacos. Cant go wrong there either. And lastly, I make an herb crusted fish just mixed a little mayo, lemon and your favorite herbs in a food processor until smooth, top fish and bake. Yum!

Help Me Love Fish! What Are Your Favorite Fish Dishes? Good Questions
7/2/13 06:12 PM

Im glad I found this post! I make my own almond milk all the time and refuse to throw away the leftover almond i have like 6 lbs of it in my freezer awaiting inspiration. I will be drying it up and baking up some cookies AND fruit crumbles!

5 Amazing Ways to Use Almond Meal Ingredient Spotlight
6/2/13 09:04 PM

I have to say, that I've had a kitchenaid blender AND i have a vitamix. I gave the kitchen aid to my brother b/c the Vitamix just did the job better. They are very expensive, but very much worth the price (Blendtec is another good brand). What I did was a save a crap ton of those bed bath and beyond 20% off coupons from the mail and used those. Made a little bit of a dent - plus the cheapest model was on sale so. Worked out OK. Also, maybe ebay or amazon has used ones?

Cheaper (But Still Reliable) Alternative to a Vitamix Blender? Good Questions
5/30/13 02:42 PM

I've never tried grilled beets. But it sounds awesome. I bet the combo of the smoky grill and the sweetness of the beet go really well together! Can't wait to try it!

Forget Roasting: Try Grilling Your Beets!
5/28/13 09:34 PM

I've been making almond milk for awhile now. So easy and delicious. But recently I wanted to try something a little more special...chocolate almond milk! I added in unsweetened unprocessed cocoa powder and equal amount of agave syrup. SO yummy and decadent. I loved it!

How to Make Almond Milk at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/28/13 09:24 PM

I love sumac for it's slightly sweet and tart flavor. I add to all types of salads and salad dressings. I've also made Za'Tar spice with it, which is pretty easy and totally delicious.

I've added sumac and za'tar to eggplant and zucchini sticks and baked them like fries which is super yummy too. Also adds great flavor to meats and veggies on the grill!

What Are Some Good Ways to Use Sumac? Good Questions
5/23/13 08:57 AM

These are some great ideas. I love light and easy salads in the summer. Little cooking or oven use. Totally perfect. Thanks for sharing!

10 Picnic-Ready Salads to Eat Outside Recipes from The Kitchn
5/21/13 08:46 AM

I love grilled romaine. It gives them a nice char and a smoky flavor, but doesn't make them super wilty. If you toss that with your dressing and some goat cheese, man that's a party in your mouth!! This is my fav recipe for that salad:

Don't You Dare Call Them Boring:
Hearts of Romaine Ingredient Spotlight

5/21/13 08:45 AM

I can't wait to see the decorating tips! I'm having a total of 5 people (including me and my husband) for dinner at our small apartment on Sat. We're both vegetarians so your menu sounds fabulous! But I'm never been super great at decorating, and I love what you did. Hope it's easy to recreate!

A Spring Vegetarian Dinner for Six:
The Party Plan Gatherings from The Kitchn

5/14/13 09:02 AM

OMG - I love that salad from whole foods. It's always so good. The bad thing it always weighs so much and thus costs a ridiculous amount. I bet your version is MUCH cheaper. Can't wait to try it with the smoke gouda - yum!

Recipe: Pasta Salad with Smoked Gouda, Roasted Red Peppers & Artichoke Hearts Recipes from The Kitchn
5/14/13 08:59 AM

I love salads for a main course - especially with warmer weather. I always add a grain - like quinoa or farro - and it makes it taste much more filling and satisfying. I love these ideas!

10 Green Salads You Can Have For Dinner Kitchn Recipe Roundup
5/14/13 08:52 AM

I love Green Kitchen Stories. Everytime I read that blog I just wanna eat with them. The pictures are beautiful as well as the stories. I love it!

Eating Vegetarian? 7 Cooking Blogs to Check Out Right Now
5/9/13 08:28 AM

I love the idea of those rolls - almost like savory cinnamon bun. Awesome idea!

Crispy Fish Tacos & Jabba the Hutt Cookies Delicious Links
5/8/13 03:52 PM

I like adding lemon verbena, mint and hot water to make an infused water. It's so refreshing!!

5 Wonderful Ways To Use Lemon Verbena
5/8/13 03:48 PM

My husband has been asking me to experiment with "cooking" an avocado. Just for fun. I think this will be the way I do it! Thanks!

Why You Should Fry an Avocado Tonight
(And 5 Ways To Use It!)

5/6/13 05:12 PM

This is such a delicious list. I can't wait to check out all these recipes! Thanks!

15 Best Make-Ahead Brunch Recipes Recipes from The Kitchn
5/6/13 05:10 PM

My parents were ALL about manners. Not just at the table, but in general life as well. But for dinner time - napkin in your lap, no elbows on the table, no slouching and NO talking with your mouthful. Haha at 27, I think I got it down now!

Teaching Manners at the Table: Following in My Mother's Footsteps
5/6/13 05:04 PM

If you've been using non-stick spray on your pan, it will slowly erode the nonstick surface and then everything will start sticking. So I'd stop using that if you are. Also when I first get a new non stick, I use oil in the pan and after a while everything stops sticking!

Why Are My Scrambled Eggs Sticking to My Nonstick Pan? Good Questions
5/6/13 04:50 PM

This is great. My husband sometimes asks me...are you really mad or just hungry? Ha... guess I should give him some of those cards! http://beanafoodie.comb

If You Get Hangry (aka Hungry + Angry), Best To Invest In These Cards Now
4/29/13 08:40 PM

The whole grain stamp symbol is a pretty good thing to look for. However, its generally not up front and center and can be difficult to find on the package. Also, this is an optional thing for food companies, so even some products that are 100% whole wheat or whole grain do not have that stamp on it.

The first thing you need to do is skip all the "marketing" words on the front of the package. That's usually a bunch of fluff. Go right to the ingredient label and the FIRST ingredient should be 100% whole wheat or whole grain flour. No exceptions whatsoever. That is a whole grain product.

Reading Food Labels: How Can You Tell if a Product is Truly Whole Grain?
4/29/13 08:07 PM