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I have never heard of using soya sauce on grease! I will be trying that for sure.

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3/24/14 08:01 PM

I didn't realize white chocolate can become that color. Looks good!

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1/8/14 02:46 PM

They have some great artwork. What an adorable house!

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1/8/14 02:44 PM

Great to hear about a new store promoting smaller artisan designers. I will pass on to my online clients.

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11/25/13 11:51 AM

One thing we do, is if you don't want to cook a large turkey to feed a big group, cook two smaller ones, it is a lot less tricky. Because I don't have a double oven, I cook one in the oven and my husband cooks the other on his Big Green Egg. So you get cooked turkey and smoked turkey. A nice mix!

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11/25/13 10:06 AM

I wish I had you guys when I was living in a dorm :)

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11/13/13 05:00 PM

If I only had stuffing, I would be in heaven!

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11/13/13 04:59 PM

She has some incredible pieces. I love the prints over the couch as well!

Lesley's Cozy Cool UK Coastal Home House Tour
11/11/13 11:05 PM

Can't believe this post is two years old and I am just seeing it now. Could have been saving time all these years :) Thanks for moving it back up.

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11/11/13 11:04 PM

I wish I could be more bold with color. The majority of my house is taupe and grey, with only my kids rooms in bright colors. With try adding 20% more as per your suggestion.

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11/11/13 11:02 PM

Beautiful! The room looks so much wider. Love the grey wall.

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11/9/13 05:54 PM

Thank you. I'm finally going to get it right!

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11/9/13 05:53 PM

I love using kraft paper because it is so versatile and has such as natural look.

Thanks for all these ideas!

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11/9/13 05:52 PM

I agree. The artwork I bought in the beginning was so horrible, just whatever was popular in a store. When I saw the same painting I had in my living room, in a a McDonald's, I knew I had to get more discriminating.

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10/23/13 10:06 PM

This is such a great feature. Wish I was in Boston!

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10/22/13 11:13 AM

I like the idea of not icing the sides, looks more inviting.

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9/24/13 03:56 PM

When it comes to book shelves, I like to stack books the other way, horizontally, and then place a decorative object on top of the stack. Book shelves are a great place to display memorabilia that means a lot to you.

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9/24/13 03:55 PM

Love a black wall when it is just peeking through, not entirely shown.

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7/19/13 09:19 AM

Love the pop of dark walls!

Eric's Stylish, Sunshine-Filled House House Tour
7/3/13 02:35 PM

Sounds and looks wonderful!

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7/3/13 02:33 PM