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The simplest and best way to cook turkey:

1. Don't bother brining. You can get moist and tasty breast meat without this.

2. Don't stuff the cavity: salt, pepper, onion, lemon and/or herbs are fine, or just salt, really.

3. Make stuffing, but slip it under the breast skin to a thickness of about 1 inch. The butter and herbs approach others have describe above works well for chicken, but your turkey will cook a long time and it can take an inch of stuffing over the breast. The breast shielding also lets the legs cook fully for a period of time that would dry out an unshielded breast. The breast meat will be moist, full of flavour, and when you peel off the skin, you get a chunk of stuffing stuck to it. Win-win!

4. Don't baste. Basting can help the skin get to a pretty colour, but it doesn't add moisture to breast meat. Shield the turkey breast with any kind of stuffing you like and you will get GREAT holiday turkey.

How to Cook a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest Method
12/24/12 03:05 AM