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In this vein, I need a vanity update. I currently keep all my makeup and bathroom cabinet type things in one of those horrid plastic stacking drawers on my dresser. I do this because a) I have roommates and can't hog the bathroom, and b) I move a lot and its nice to keep all that stuff together. Any ideas what I can replace it with? I looked for nicer small chests of drawers but they don't seem to exist.

5 Steps to a Simple Chic Vanity
2/26/14 05:00 PM

Gah! I guess I don't own any "really nice" jeans, so I suppose this isn't supposed to apply to people like me. Putting my jeans in the freezer won't remove the food or dirt. Why do I need to sterilize my clothes anyway when there's harmless bacteria everywhere.

How to Freeze Your Jeans & \"Clean\" Them Apartment Therapy Videos
12/14/13 12:56 PM

Grade B all the way! Its hard to find in stores so I go straight to the farmer, usually end of March-April in Michigan anyway. I used to buy a gallon and trek it with me when I lived out west.

Say Goodbye to Grade B Maple Syrup: Vermont Changes Its Maple Syrup Labeling
10/29/13 03:33 PM

I just wish I could find quince in Central Pennsylvania! I've asked all the farmers at the markets and they hardly know what I'm talking about.

How To Cook Quince Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
10/29/13 03:30 PM

At first I thought "Those sliding cabinet doors would be awful" Then I realized I leave my kitchen cabinets open all the time. If I had these at least half of my cabinets would be closed and no one would bang their heads on the open doors.

Get the Look: Contemporary Rustic Kitchen Style & Renovation Resources
10/23/13 05:48 PM

Yep we are running out of helium. I work in a chemistry lab and the price of helium went up by a third this year. But instead of charging us 1/3 more, they just charge the same but fill the tanks only 2/3 full. That way we keep paying for delivery. There are many more festive things I can think of other than balloons.

Party DIY: Confetti Dipped Balloons Studio DIY
10/21/13 06:29 PM

It looks a bit like a weird French orange peeler we had when I was a kid. You split the orange around the equator and then would use the curved bit to loosen half the rind. I'm not certain because ours had a little sharp part for splitting the peel, but its the closest thing I've seen to it.

I Have 8 of These Mystery Kitchen Tools. What Are They? Good Questions
10/14/13 09:16 AM

I still remember the day that I could no longer fit inside ours and I instead had to hold on to the roof while my little sister drove it around.

10 Fun Facts About the History of the Cozy Coupe
10/7/13 08:17 PM

I had this happen just last week with kale from Trader Joe's. I'm usually not one to worry about expiration dates but this one had expired the day before, so I threw it out figuring it was bad.

Why Does My Kale Smell Rotten? Good Questions
9/18/13 06:14 PM

I do a similar thing with avocado halves. I take the half with the pit still in it and smear olive oil over the cut edge. It stays green for a day or two in the fridge.

The Best Way to Keep Guacamole Green Tips from The Kitchn
8/14/13 09:50 PM

We had weekly potlucks in college, with anywhere between fifteen and thirty people. We just let people bring whatever. In general the food was great, if a bit experimental. There was only once when we ended up with a dinner of variations on bread, pasta, pesto and hummus. The only key is to make sure everyone knows that a bag of chips or a bottle of soda isn't a real contribution, but then again this was college.

What Is the Best Way to Plan a Potluck Dinner? Good Questions
8/1/13 10:03 AM

I agree with klt108 and I love all of this.

An Artist's Eclectic Kitchen & Dining Room Kitchen Spotlight
7/9/13 09:46 AM

Vote #4 for the table!

Easy Chic: Wicker Pendant Lights Kitchen Inspiration
6/28/13 02:10 PM

You can paint a ceiling line on coved ceilings, but it is not easy. We made a jig out of a piece of plywood that lined up against the wall and the flat part of the ceiling. From that you can mark exactly where your line will go. You can choose to put the line on the wall or bring your wall color up to the ceiling depending on the effect you want.

Advice for Tying Together Decor? Good Questions
5/16/13 02:03 PM

Where was this last night when I tried to make this without a recipe! No one was hurt, but this would have been much better.

How to Make Crunchy Caramel Popcorn Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/16/13 08:32 PM

I somehow wish they could have kept the fireplace in the kitchen. I had a house in college with a fireplace near the kitchen. We used to cook in it all the time.

Before & After: A 100-Year-Old Farmhouse Freshens Up The Sweeten
2/27/13 09:05 PM

I grew up spending time in red rock deserts and I love that color. I know a lot of people who have tried to replicate it in paint but it always turns out flat and pink. This might be a way of layering colors without the tack factor of full sponge paint on your living room.

Specialty Painting Technique: The Strié Apartment Therapy Videos
2/23/13 01:19 PM

These look like great towels, but the description confounds me. The post says "This dish towel is 100% linen and hand sewn." There is no way these are actually sewn "by hand." It looks like machine work to me. If by hand they mean someone personally sews it using a machine then all my clothes are "hand sewn" by someone in a factory.

Small Batch Production: Simple, Hardworking Linens for the Kitchen Designer Spotlight
2/11/13 02:35 PM