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I too have been microwave-free for (almost) 8 years, the only time I miss it was baking potatoes!

Everything else happens in the toaster over or a skillet.

How I Replaced My Microwave Without Buying a New One
7/11/14 03:31 PM

Easily one of my most favorite house tours yet … more like this please.

Bridget & Jake's \"Make It Your Own\" Denver Homestead
7/9/14 02:19 PM

I'm confused about why you want to finish up your condiments … aren't they there for specific purposes, after you finish your "half-used" jar, won't you just need to replace it?

I always want a jar of mustard, vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, worcestershire etc sitting around ...

10 Ways To Use Up Condiments Tips from The Kitchn
6/26/14 01:40 PM

I live in a small apartment and I"m pretty sure we have the average amount of things, but my home is almost always tidy!

My secret ... it's like breathing, I can't stop myself. It's an instinct. It's actually relaxing for me to "tidy-up". That's a key factor that's missing from the list.

We are expecting our first baby, and I'm very curious to see how my tidy-life will change.

Instinct tells me, not very much.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/4/14 02:14 PM

Interesting, my dustpan is dirty and gross, I would never want it on display or anywhere near my countertops, otherwise, this is a clever list!

Pimp My Small Kitchen: 10 Cheap, Renter-Friendly Improvements
5/30/14 02:17 PM

I stir with a chopstick and that seems to work perfectly, but I can't wait to try out @friendlykathleen suggestion!

Store Natural Nut Butter Upside Down to Keep it from Separating Tiny Tips from the Kitchn
5/28/14 04:37 PM

These are amazing for secondary storage but not as your only option.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Under-Counter Fridges & Freezers? Good Questions
5/28/14 11:31 AM

Fooled by the title, when I see 50+ Ideas to …. I don't then expect to have to weed through 10+ links to the get the "relaxing" infomation.

This article is the opposite of relaxing.

50+ Ways to Reduce Stress, Relax, and Be Happier at Home
4/11/14 04:34 PM

Doesn't make sense to ask us to vote on two bedrooms when one of them looks like a living room! The images should show similar aspects of the room.

Design Duel: Light vs. Dark Bedrooms
3/19/14 01:59 PM

Lasagne in throw-away tins, small'ish, one for the freezer and one for dinner!

What Do You Bring for Friends Who Could Use a Home-Cooked Meal? Good Questions
2/10/14 11:37 AM

mind = blown!!! that said, the If You Care box is just aweful, not surprised they don't have end tabs, the box often falls apart before I open it.

I just sent them an email saying as much, and suggestion end tabs.

@joelfinkle unicorns aren't real?

Handy But Hidden: Have You Found the End Locks on Your Wrap Dispensers?
1/10/14 10:37 AM

I love the idea of sending them a "token" of thanks afterward, from all the kids and grandkids. A favorite restaurant? Movie theater? Gourmet Grocery?

Something that would be a slurge, but not directly related, because (based on my own family dynamics), they will not feel good about accepting any money or gift card directly related to the expense. It's a pride thing, and rightly so! They WANT to provide this for the family ... and in a sense, it's a gift you should give them ... letting them do this for the family. And then "thanking" them in some special way.

You can even present the gift with something along the lines of ... we're all successful now and we love Thanksgiving and just want to thank you and show our appreciation for all you do.

What a wonderful post.

Money or a Dish: Monetary Compensation for Holiday Dinners?
11/14/13 12:33 PM

Thanks Leela,

I did indeed see that photo, but it's so close-up that it lacks perspective. Since this element is so prominent in your reason for loving your kitchen, would be nice to get the full picture.

Maybe next time!!!

Thanks for sharing what you did, very nice space.

Krista's Sweet Florentine Kitchen Kitchen Tour
11/12/13 02:18 PM

Beautiful kitchen, but I wonder why you included a photos of the contents of your fridge, which to be honest, isn't a highlight of your kitchen, but not a clear photo of "open-bottomed shelving over the sink so that when you put your cups and dishware away after washing up, the clean water can simply drip right over the sink below", which you seem to be very proud!?

Krista's Sweet Florentine Kitchen Kitchen Tour
11/12/13 11:38 AM

In extreme heat or cold, it's dangerous to completely turn your thermostat off, but it is definitely good advice to set it up to "economic" limits, ie. in the winter 55 degrees and the summer 90.

Before You Leave Home: A Pre-Trip Checklist
11/11/13 02:46 PM

I wipe down as I go, the stove is so much easier to clean when the mess is hot. Sometimes I'll casually wipe down 3-4 times while cooking ... hmmmmm, maybe I have the problem?

About twice a year I throw all the pieces that sit on top of my stove in the dishwasher ...

Why Can't I Keep the Stovetop Clean?
10/28/13 09:33 AM

Big Rabbit's Bad Mood should definitely be on this list.

20 of the Most Beautiful Children's Books in the World
10/25/13 04:55 PM

I prefer the seperation of bathroom / shower / bathtub etc from the living quarters. Showers and tubs steam which can also be annoying when your done and the whole room is steamed up.

Beyond that, I just prefer the seperation.

Makes no sense to me, and I would avoid a hotel with this set-up.

The Fall of the Bathroom Wall The Eye
10/8/13 11:37 AM

My biggest issue with Shower Curtains is keeping the Shower Lining from getting moldy ... I tried getting one too small, thinking it would be easier to dry, didn't work. I've laundered them, and they come out weird. The only thing that works is to scrub them, which I hate ... any easy fixes out there?

The Best Basics: Good, Cheap Shower Curtains
8/22/13 11:22 AM

Okra-dislike for me is a texture thing. No matter what you do with it, the spikey slimy veggie gives me the willies!!!

What Is Your Least Favorite Summer Vegetable? Reader Survey
7/31/13 12:00 PM