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this looks like Eclair Dessert, one of my all-time faves. I've tried to recreate it with whole foods recipes, but I think yours looks better.

Dessert Recipe: No-Bake Boston Cream Pie Strata
Cookbook Recipe

7/28/14 03:10 PM

I definitely want to try pizza on the grill again. I badly burned the last one I did, using Smitten Kitchen's dough (and not that she recommended it for the grill, either). So I'm glad for this post and I'm going to try again.

Recipe: The Best Pizza Dough for Grilling Recipes from The Kitchn
7/24/14 09:30 PM

this is what leftovers are for! and leftovers stashed in the freezer so that there's space between the first and second eating.
failing that, cheese broiled on a piece of bread always makes me happy.

Not in the Mood Weekend Meditation
6/30/14 07:52 AM

ugh. I'm glad I work from home, now. I did not enjoy eating granola/yogurt/fruit at my desk.

10 Easy & Satisfying Desk Breakfasts to Start Your Day Breakfast Recipes from The Kitchn
6/24/14 10:01 PM

looks good. I always think dairy when I'm blending up something like this - must remember this water option.

Recipe: Vanilla Nectarine Agua Fresca Recipes from The Kitchn
6/17/14 02:20 PM

I have a glass salad bowl that makes me nervous right now (we have kids who help in the kitchen). It's also just a little too big for my cupboard. Maybe I should try a wooden one. Can it have dressed salads in it, and do you just wipe it out between uses? I'm not sure what the care is for a wooden bowl.

5 Large Wooden Salad Bowls Product Roundup
6/17/14 02:18 PM

Almost all my baking recipes have whole wheat flour in them. It's a matter of understand the chemistry of soft wheat and hard wheat. Most recently, blueberry ginger tart with a whole wheat tart crust.

4 Ways to Bake with Whole Wheat Flour (Including Funfetti Pancakes!) Delicious Links
6/10/14 01:33 PM

Make raita to go with curry - yogurt with some chopped bananas or almonds with a little cumin and salt. Lots of raita variations.

Also, salt a bunch of sliced cucumbers and onions. Drain after an hour. Add some yogurt and a chopped herb like dill or parsley. Maybe a pinch of sugar. Deliciously cool salad.

The New Way I'm Using Greek Yogurt in the Kitchen Kitchen Diaries: Kate in New York City
6/10/14 01:30 PM

looks fabulous! So creative.

our new strawberry thing is slicing them on top of brie on top of toast or croissants for breakfast.

A Roasted Strawberry Buttercream Icing for Summer Delicious Links
6/9/14 10:40 AM

fascinating to think about if I ever got tired of using Nutella on toast at breakfast. . .

How To Make 2-Ingredient Nutella Brownies Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
6/9/14 10:37 AM

I'm not keen on the Kitchn expanding into "health" and "diet." Please especially do not include nutrition information with recipes. People who really need to know those numbers (diabetics) have trusted calculators for that - the rest of us tend to obsess on numbers that, in the end, probably don't have much relationship to our health and well-being. There is so much about nutrition that we don't understand, but if we could simply cook well and often, I think we would regain a much-needed balance in food enjoyment and health. Please continue the kitchen-based skills and interesting recipes.

How Much Do You Want to Talk About Diet and Health at The Kitchn?
6/6/14 08:59 PM

I buy in bulk at the country stores (mostly Amish) around here. But it's wise to check prices pound by pound. It can vary surprisingly. For example, if you buy nuts in pieces, they are often cheaper than halves. However, whole almonds are usually cheaper than sliced, and I don't mind slicing them myself. I also use a lot of sunflower seeds, which are cheap, and then add fewer tasty, pricey nuts. I also prefer to buy raw nuts for granola since they're going to be toasted anyway, and raw nuts are usually cheaper.

Where Should I Buy Dried Fruits and Nuts? Good Questions
6/6/14 08:50 PM

just had my weekend plans change - my oven went on the blink!! It's either crockpots and stovetop for me, or schlepping food over to a neighbor's oven.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of June 7-8, 2014
6/6/14 08:45 PM

I make my own Bulgarian yogurt with 2% or whole milk. If I want Greek yogurt, I strain it and save the whey. The whey is very nutritious and great in baking. I've read that regular yogurt is much healthier than Greek because it includes the whey.

What's The Difference Between Regular and Greek Yogurt? Ingredient Intelligence
6/4/14 01:54 PM

nettles are delicious food, but feel terrible on the skin! I know both those things from experience.

Will Stinging Nettles Really Sting You? Ingredient Intelligence
5/30/14 01:05 PM

oh thank you for such a reasonable post!!! I think it's most important for me to know my own situation and what works for me. I get ideas from other people and I'm sure they get ideas from me/my blog, but in the end, we are all doing the best we can.

You're Doing It Right: Grocery Shopping You're Doing It Right
5/30/14 01:03 PM

looks great. have to find my bisquick sub, though.

What We Cook: Hannah's 5 Tips For The Perfect Summer Tart Kitchen Tour
5/29/14 01:56 PM

never heard of it. like the smoothie option.

My Single Favorite Use for Powdered Peanut Butter
5/29/14 01:52 PM

I took rosemary raisin scones, cheese, and an apple last time I traveled. My coworkers were so jealous (next time I'll bring enough to share!).

Why Is Airport Food So Terrible? Kitchen Diary: Kate in New York City
5/29/14 01:51 PM

LOVE boxed wine! We always have a box of red on the go and we drink it even longer than 6 weeks if it happens that way. I guess we don't have sensitive palates when it comes to wine. We usually buy what's on sale for variety and frugality. I love having an inch or two with dinner.

Why I Always Have a Box of Wine in My Refrigerator
5/23/14 11:06 AM