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11 years ago, we were given an copy of the Betty Crocker Wedding Edition for our wedding. It remains my favorite cookbook. It is full of classic recipes and the pages are all stained from all of its use. I pull it out for pancakes, pizza crust, cookies...anytime I want a recipe that I know will turn out, every time.

Betty Crocker Cookbook: Newlywed Edition New Cookbook
5/26/13 09:34 PM

I love this article and feel as though I could have written this myself. I can find identity in each of these traits, as well. Any given day I could claim a different one. My behavior in the kitchen definitely varies with days of the week (and time of the month). I am always eager to try something new or learn a new skill. The food blogs that I follow are always full of great ideas and recipes.

What Kind of Cook Are You? Weekend Meditation
3/3/13 08:34 AM