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It's the Hawaiian version of Charles (related: Kalle, which is the Finnish and Swedish version), and, apparently, the Northern English version of Cole. No, it's not all about 'omg trendy food name!'.

262 Babies Were Named \"Kale\" in 2013. Be Afraid. Food News
5/30/14 07:06 AM

Great transformation! I personally would have kept the ceiling light fixture, but the rest is a gorgeous fix!

Before & After: A Brown & Tiny Kitchen Gets Brightened and Space Maximized!
5/14/14 06:59 AM

Hurrah! Our apartment is just a liiiittle too big, which isn't a BAD thing, but it means I'll just be watching this time. Good luck to everyone!

Psst...Small Cool is Coming This Week!
5/14/14 06:56 AM

My birthday is National French Toast Day. Awesome, I know what I'm making for my birthday breakfast!

And tomorrow, apparently is National Eat What You Want Day! Excellent, I am down with that.

What to Read This Weekend: Stop Calling Your Diet \"Clean Eating\" 10 Weekend Reads from The Kitchn
5/10/14 06:52 AM

Oooh - the vegan version sounds delicious! Although I may just use Nuttelex, which is a really good vegan margarine here. Saving this for spring! (I'm in Australia, we're approaching winter. You CAN get asparagus, but it's all from Mexico or Peru, and I'd rather eat locally.)

Recipe: Asparagus Orzotto Verde Recipes from The Kitchn
5/6/14 05:58 AM

Hey, rexrayfan, how does this look? I also tried a pale orange here, picking out the colour of the cushion.

For Tess, how about a compromise? Let the eight-year-old have stripes in his room, and for you and your partner, maybe a room of your choice in white, a room of his choice in bright colours, and for the rest, white/pale with a feature wall, or white/pale with colourful accents and accessories, or a muted shade, or something?

Colorphobic: Confessing Paint Prejudices
5/6/14 05:40 AM

What would it be like without the egg yolks, since I saw that you added that just to your version? Is there a good vegan substitute that would work with it, or could I just leave it out?

Dairy-Free Recipe: Raspberry Rose Pudding Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn
5/2/14 07:21 AM

Pardon my language, but a lot of the people here are old, outdated, completely unrealistic, and seem to be yearning for the ~good old days~ where kids and teens had no privacy, no digital freedom, no outlets, no way to research information that their conservative, backwards parents might find 'offensive', and no faith in them as human beings.

I'm a 'recent' teen (well - I'm twenty-seven, nine years is recent, isn't it?), and I've had a computer with internet access in my room since I was twelve. And that machine was a lifesaver for me.

It allowed me private access to explore the LGBTQ teen community (I came out when I was thirteen, but only after extensive reading). It allowed me to read about depression and anxiety and how to cope with it. It allowed me to read about changes that take place during puberty and adolescence. It allowed me to start learning about politics and the world around me. It allowed me to research drugs, alcohol, and smoking in a more unbiased way (and for the record: it also lead me to never wanting to smoke, never wanting to drink to excess - and either way, I found out a few years later that I hate the taste of it! And while I don't have any problem with soft drugs, I still have no desire to take them myself). It allowed me to learn that bullying is completely unacceptable, and how my peers treated me was NOT how they should have been doing so. And when I started doing distance education a year later (due to the aforementioned bullying), it allowed me to have some social interaction.

It also allowed me to make friends by finding chat rooms and mailing groups and websites for my interests (at 12-13, things like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Legend of Zelda, and Gundam Wing). It allowed me to develop my own interests, and it gave me a group of friends that stretched from my own city in Australia to basically everywhere in the world. It introduced me to art and writing communities and helped me become a more creative person. It's helped me, over the years, become a far more informed person, both about my interests and about how the world works.

If you don't want your kids getting into dangerous stuff? Then TELL THEM the kind of things to avoid! Teach them common sense like not sharing personal details, try to avoid posting too many photos of yourself, and don't access illegal material, and they'll be fine. If you must, give them a certain amount of hours they can stay online, then give them the time to do so - when my mother tried to restrict internet, my response was to go to the library EVERY DAY so I could stay in contact with people and so my access to the world wasn't cut off. Isn't it amazing that I've spent fifteen years using the internet on my own since age twelve and yet I haven't been murdered by an internet predator yet? Yeah. Unbelievable.

(It should go without saying that free access being so important goes double for kids growing up in an abusive home environment, and I am desperately hoping that those of you going, "My child isn't allowed to do anything without my direct supervision!" aren't saying that because you're trying to prevent them from talking about being abused.)

Maybe your kids are all hypersocial beings who have a huge amount of friends at school and enjoy every second of the day there, but for people like me - kids who were bullied and isolated and unsure about the world but naturally incredibly curious about it and who needed that link to the rest of the world in a safe way - free access to the internet is VITAL, and by trying to prevent that and stifle your kids' development and understanding of the world, you're buying into this horribly outdated, incredibly controlling, completely irrelevant, and really quite damaging idea that your kids are to be reflections of your own thoughts and views and not living, breathing, thinking beings of their own who can make up their own minds.

Is Your Teen's Room A Screen-Free Space?
4/29/14 01:42 AM

Sydney is kind of like California, but we do tend to have out more throw rugs and blankets during cold weather.

Do You Rotate Your Decor With the Seasons?
4/29/14 01:18 AM

Okay, this looks absolutely divine. I will bookmark until spring!

Recipe: Miso-Roasted Asparagus Soba Noodle Salad Healthy Lunch Recipes from The Kitchn
4/26/14 07:42 AM

João Víctor, it hasn't occurred to you that people might actually have ethical concerns with raising animals in vile, sadistic, cruel conditions only to brutally kill them and eat their corpses? It's not just environmental and health reasons, most vegans I know are vegan for ethical reasons - because if you can survive without killing living beings, and choose to continue killing living beings for the sake of your tastebuds and no other reason... that's a little... peculiar, don't you think?

And AT, bit on the hostile side today, aren't we? With the whole... 'where meatballs with real meat reign supreme' thing? I would make these (probably with a different name) because I have fond memories of being a small child and eating pasta and meatballs at my grandmother's place, and because sometimes I would want to recreate those meals without contributing towards mass animal death.

What's Up with Meatless Meatballs?
4/26/14 07:37 AM

@oliveoil242, in Sydney, Australia. There's a lot of developments going on in my suburb - this block alone will have, by the time everything is done, eight large apartment complexes.

@catsandilly, apparently the paint used was the same colour as on the walls, which was a Dulux one (Australian brand). Beyond that, I'm not totally sure, I'm afraid - it was a standard finish.

@AlmostAD, I'm afraid I'm not sure! We didn't do the work ourselves, we bought the apartment off the plan (and early enough so we could pick the colours and some of the finishes, like the bathroom tiles), and then the building company did all the work.

Sorry I can't be more help! I can only give a perspective as someone who uses that kitchen daily, not as someone who put it together.

Move Over, Tile: 5 Backsplashes Made of Sheet Materials Kitchen Inspiration
4/26/14 07:05 AM

2 and 3 are absolute breathtaking. I want them!

Small Spaces with Wonderful Wallpaper
4/26/14 06:58 AM

Yeah, in between. I'd like minimalism a lot more if it wasn't all grey, and I love the detail and texture of some of the cozy stuff - I vastly prefer my sturdy carved wooden bed over, say, an Ikea Malm bed, but surrounding it I DO have some Ikea stuff (a Lack table and 2x2 Expedit), because the clean lines work with what I'm displaying on it.

Also, COLOUR. I need colour. I cannot cope with grey. My room is bright orange.

Minimal vs. Cozy: Which is More \"You\"?
4/26/14 06:45 AM

We have back-painted glass - it was the main option in our apartment, and is probably becoming standard for all new buildings. We opted to use the same colour we use on our feature wall, so it blends in nicely (along with the smaller, ...kind of odd-looking one attached to the other bench). I don't have a more recent picture, but this and this are from when it was under construction (the other walls in the area are white), and this shows a little snippet! (...Yes, I put a Santa hat on our Vitamix for Christmas ;) What of it?)

Works very nicely, and it really is easy to clean - damp cloth or paper towel, and you're done.

Move Over, Tile: 5 Backsplashes Made of Sheet Materials Kitchen Inspiration
4/23/14 01:54 AM

I love gallery walls! This is one I had about two years back - it was the wall opposite my bed, not directly above it. ...You, ah, can also tell that I painted the yellow wall myself, if you look at the purple ones and the cornicing. Oops.

I'm working on setting a wall back up in my current room (slightly more sophisticated, although some items will be staying!), so you'll see that next time there's the Room For Color contest, hopefully! (Or that bedroom one. AT, what happened to that one?)

Try This: A Gallery Wall in the Bedroom
4/22/14 04:50 AM

This post just feels so relaxed :)

Stop Worrying: 7 Things About Your Home That Aren't a Big Deal
4/21/14 06:48 AM

Hey there! :) I've been on Tumblr for two and a half years and I'm involved in social justice, so let's have a look.

SJW stands for 'social justice warrior'. There's a lot of social justice content on Tumblr, but some people go way too far to the point that they're acting as hateful and as bigoted as the people they claim to be combating, usually while being astonishingly ignorant of the actual issues and talking over the people affected (like straight SJWs attacking queer people who use the word queer as a descriptor because it's a slur, which totally ignores WHY we choose to use it - it's reclaiming it).

Unfortunately, anti-SJWs are also pretty horrible, as well as extraordinarily quick to label ANY social justice content or ANYONE who talks about social justice issues as a Social Justice Warrior, regardless of how they behave. By way of example:

Actual person with legitimate issue: "I am becoming concerned about how few openly queer characters there are in mainstream media, and am concerned for young queer kids not having any representation in the media they consume."



They're both extremes, but unfortunately, the anti-SJW people tend to assume that anyone talking about social justice is an SJW, and the SJWs assume that anyone who thinks that what THEY talk about is too extreme is actually an anti-SJW. The vast majority of people on Tumblr are absolutely fine and normal and a lot are talking about issues that really don't get discussed in mainstream media, but both SJWs and anti-SJWs sort of ruin that for everyone.

Whew - long reply, sorry!

We're On Tumblr! Join Us for Daily Goodness
4/17/14 01:27 AM

The only way I could deal with it was by completely smothering it in peanut butter or charoset. That crap is NASTY. I'm so glad I'm not observant any more!

7 Ways to Eat Matzo When You're Sick of It Snack Ideas from The Kitchn
4/15/14 06:50 AM

The dark cabinets really do make things... well, dark, so I'd try to brighten them up as much as possible. Liking the idea of a soft, pale grey, but maybe have a little hint of yellow to it? Just enough to make it seem like they actually are brightening the area and not making it dismal and monochromatic.

What Color Would You Paint This Kitchen? Good Questions
4/15/14 06:26 AM