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Yes, what kathyc said above. Plus, sometimes I don't have extra cash for an unplanned purchase and sometimes when I do I don't want to carry around an extra bag of stuff when I have a full shopping list at the market and a long hike back to the car. Resenting potential customers asking where to buy your products other than "right here, right now!!" seems antithetical to sales.

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Farmers Market Farmers Market Etiquette
7/9/14 09:07 AM

I know this deals with kids a bit older, but Colorado (via LiveWell Colorado) has had success with Cafeteria Boot Camps. Here's an ABC story on the innovations that have been remarkably well received in both urban and rural school cafeterias: (I hope we hear about your successes soon!)

What Should I Cook for Preschoolers? Good Questions
7/2/14 08:49 AM

This would make a pretty good stuffing for shells or manicotti too, if it truly mirrors the recipe I used to use. And, if memory serves, it does.

I'm Allergic to Basil. What Are Some Alternatives for Pesto? Good Questions
5/14/14 03:20 PM

I also enjoy broccoli pesto. This recipe looks similar to one I used to make pretty frequently.

I'm Allergic to Basil. What Are Some Alternatives for Pesto? Good Questions
5/14/14 03:18 PM

Love this!

A Scottish Kitchen Made Out of Reclaimed Ship Parts Kitchen Spotlight
5/6/14 02:49 PM

I found this resource very useful when seasoning a cast iron pan:

Do I Need to Season My Cast Iron Tortilla Press? Good Questions
4/23/14 09:04 AM

After discovering this at a recent conference, this is my current favorite:,default,pd.html?start=5&q=sweet%20orange&navid=search

5 Teas to Keep in Your Desk Drawer
3/12/13 04:13 PM

Also, soy pasta! It makes any pasta meal into a protein powerhouse!

The Pasta Underdog: Giving Whole Wheat Pasta Another Chance Ingredient Spotlight
1/30/13 01:22 PM

@ HeyYoRachele - so simple and elegant, I totally missed it!

I very rarely use raw garlic, and opt for the roasted, chopped, jarred option at the market.

Can I Tame the Flavor of Raw Garlic in a Finished Dish? Good Questions
1/18/13 03:30 PM

Quinoa is also grown in Colorado's own San Luis Valley!

Is It Still OK to Eat Quinoa?
1/18/13 11:25 AM

@ jess13, I understand there are also studies linking diet pop with depression.

Is Soda Bringing You Down? Study Finds Link Between Depression & Soft Drinks
1/16/13 03:34 PM

*How* did you make the dividers? I like!

How I Organize My Measuring Spoons
1/15/13 03:20 PM

@ Ron Lauzon, you beat me to the punch. Rolled oats in the slow cooker on Sunday night, and you have breakfasts for the week covered by Monday morning! There are some great recipes on this site for just that!

Do We Really Need Quick Oatmeal?
1/11/13 01:20 PM

Melibean, I second Elizeh's thoughts about the slow cooker - my personal favorite kitchen device! Barring crazy-long work days, if you throw the chicken (along with some water/broth and spices) into the slow cooker as you leave for work, you'll have chicken just aching to be shredded when you come home! Throw in just a few pieces for this recipe, or maximize the impact by cooking up several pieces/a whole bird for various recipes. (Freezes beautifully!)

Recipe: Cashew Chicken Salad Wraps Recipes from The Kitchn
1/7/13 12:33 PM

Love, Love, LOVE that you're doing this! Very cool!!

A couple additional things I'd urge you to consider - health and cultural issues. It sounds like you have healthful food already in mind - things that are healthful, but not so healthful as to be unappealing for your audience, who may not be ready for the uber-healthy.

Also consider race and ethnicity. Is this a group that has a common cultural tradition you can tap into, in a healthful way - perhaps giving a somewhat more healthful and less expensive twist to a traditional dish? Alternatively, is this a group who may not be familiar with ingredients commonly found in US American grocery stores. ((A group I'm associated with shared a story of donating fresh produce to a group of immigrants, who did what they considered the polite thing - graciously accepting. However, the recipients weren't familiar enough with the specific foodstuffs involved to know how to prepare it, so they ended up tossing it.)) Finally, if there is a significant cultural divide between you and the group, consider team teaching with someone positioned to help bridge that divide.

Again, very cool! Best of luck, and I hope you'll let us know how it goes!!

Recipe Ideas For a Cooking Class For Low-Income Adults? Good Questions
12/21/12 11:53 AM

Christmas dinner is such a tradition-laden meal. There's no way you can replicate that unique meal for another family. (Reference that great Friends episode with the myriad kinds of potatoes as proof.)

I'd say that gives you complete freedom not to try adhere to any particular paradigm. Yours is a wonderfully touching gesture, and anything you might do that's sumptuous and festive will fit the bill! Turkey, beef, cornish game hen, fish, risotto....

I will say that sauteed green beans and red pepper strips with pine nuts is one of my favorites - wonderfully seasonal red and green makes a nice addition to the table.

Good luck, and Happy Hanukkah!!

Ideas for a Make-Ahead Christmas Dinner for New Parents? Good Questions
12/6/12 03:26 PM

Would it also be interesting to put some minced pecans in to the crust for even more
pecan-y goodness?

Can I Make a Pecan Pie in a Graham Cracker Crust? Good Questions
12/5/12 04:13 PM

Warning - very basic noobie question forthcoming! So, I've seen a couple warnings regarding soft, but not too soft butter.... I guess I'm not sure what the big deal would be. Could someone make this clearer for me? Thanks!!

4 Tips for Softening Butter, Fast!
12/5/12 02:03 PM

That Tennessee Corn Pone (#26) is wonderful - hearty, filling, delicious comfort food!

Our Readers' Favorite Vegetarian Dinner Party Dishes Reader Intelligence Report
12/5/12 11:43 AM

But, why wouldn't I put my tin in the microwa.... Bzzzpt!!!

Tip: When Making Quick Bread, Melt the Butter in the Bread Pan
12/4/12 03:03 PM