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I had a friend bring me a Woodblock chocolate and as a chocolate snob I wasn't expecting a whole lot. Knocked my socks off! Highly recommend it.

A Visit with Woodblock Chocolate in Portland, Oregon
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10/11/12 12:53 PM

The Aeropress is truly a great coffee brewer and not just limited to iced coffee. We (Venia Coffee Roasters) are solid believers in the inverted brew method (where the plunger is in place and the filter end is up). It leaks less and you are able to more precisely control brew time which is important if you want to get the most out of nice small lot single origin coffees.

Regardless if you are making iced or hot coffee, stick to the 1:14 coffee/water brew ratio and you will make an excellent coffee every time. It is more than okay to brew stronger and dilute with hot water to get to this ratio.I like a 60 second brew time and a 30-40 second plunge time, but play around. And as always, fresh ground coffee is always better than pre-ground.

Make Iced Coffee Faster with an Aeropress Serious Eats
10/11/12 01:09 AM