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I have to second the first commentors confession of loving the magic bullet. I'll admit I rolled my eyes when my husband brought home another kitchen gadget, but we have used the heck out of it! Just yesterday my husband used it to grind coffee beans for his cold brew in the morning then I used it again in the evening for a batch of cilantro pesto - not an unusual amount of usage. My full size blender meanwhile sits gathering dust. If only all the gadgets that made their way into our house were as sucessful.

What's the Weirdest Kitchen Tool You've Ever Fallen in Love With? Reader Intelligence Request
7/10/14 12:24 PM

Wow can I relate to this post. Fruit and vegetables can linger in my fridge, but the moment I cut them up to snack size they're gone within 12 hours. The joke is I can get my husband to eat near anything - as long as it's cut up.

When I Eat Healthy, It's Because I Prepped These 5 Foods in Advance
7/10/14 12:07 PM

Nice list - just please don't pick the flowers/plants on your jaunt. Not sure about the whole foraging class - do they certify or approve people for those things? I'd hate to imagine there are individals leading groups into our public spaces to remove edible native species without regard...

6 Fun Ways to Be Outdoorsy (No Matter Where You Live) Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
6/27/14 01:01 PM

Sign me up! My in-laws have "wet" bathrooms with a central floor drain in asia and they are so easy to clean. Just scrub then rinse down into the floor drain - no mop and bucket required!

Bathroom Trend: A Tub Inside The Shower
2/12/14 01:31 PM

god I hate grout - love the look of tile but just have to go with the vinyl surround.

How To Clean Grout Like You Mean It
1/24/14 07:28 AM

Note pad on the fridge. Also, the grocery delivery service I use has a feature where it lists my most frequently purchased items (onions, carrots, milk, eggs, etc.) which speeds up the whole shopping process significantly.

Why I Made a Shopping List Template (Organized by My Trader Joe's Layout) Grocery Shopping Tips from The Kitchn
1/23/14 07:56 AM

Still looking for those people who reciprocate...

5 Ways to Be a Great Dinner Guest
8/20/13 11:02 AM

Personally, I cut my homemade granola bars in long thing bars; say 3/4" x 4.5". Why? 1) For portion control
2) I make them in 13"x9" bake pan so cutting is easy
3) Because those Quaker chewy granola bars my mom rarely bought us to pack in our lunches were long and thin....and that's how they should be right?

Granola Squares, Bars or Wedges:
Does Shape Matter?

8/15/13 03:23 PM

As a seasoned home brewer (5+ yrs) I second that bottling is the most arduous task. Bottles are nice for an extra special brew that benefits from the unique CO2 texture achieved from bottle conditioning - but kegs are where it's at!!

How to Bottle Beer at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
6/25/13 07:26 PM

How much would you request each guest bring; weight wise?

Bring Your Own Cheese: Why BYOC Is My Favorite New Way To Party The Cheesemonger
6/13/13 12:56 PM

My husband is SE Asian and he puts Sriracha sauce on everything!

Mr Tan's unwavering dedication to quite simply make the best chili condiments he can reflects a very common food mentality in SE Asia. Hawker centers in particular are full of purveyors who specialize in a hand full of dishes which they approach with such a dedication that the results are quite often mind-blowing.

The Story of Sriracha Food News
4/30/13 11:42 AM

Have been making my own pizza at least every other week for years. Get the thickest baking stone you can afford and leave it in the oven!

My top reasons for making my own pizza; ingredient freshness and avoiding all the salt!

The 5 Best Reasons to Make Pizza at Home
4/24/13 02:46 PM

Some of my favorite uses for leftover Ricotta cheese:

1. Cavatelli - delicious homemade ricotta pasta - favorite recipe:

2. Cannoli Ice cream - I usually use Bruce Weinsein's recipe from The Ultimate Ice Cream Book but there are plenty free online

Leftover Ricotta? 5 Ideas for Using Up the Rest of the Container Ingredient Spotlight
4/24/13 09:45 AM

I would not recommend staghorn as a house plant for an novice grower. In fact, I only think that I've been able to make mine thrive in NY because I put it out on my balcony in the summer.

Also, I agree that $100 is way to expensive, I bought my large fern at the Union Square Market in NYC with a nice basket for $30.

Spring Treat: 5 Unique Houseplants
4/23/13 12:00 PM

It will take a long time before printed cookbooks become redundant; particularly for ethnic foods. My husband is from SE Asia and we are always searching for cookbooks to bring back to United States because the regions traditional cuisine is not well represented over here. One of our favorite ethnic cookbooks, which we use every week and can be easily purchased in the United States, is Land of Plenty by Fuchsia Dunlop.

Four Reasons Why I Will Never Give Up Print Cookbooks
4/2/13 12:53 PM

How about a strategic chart for seating your spouse and toddler in a group of childless couples?

Infographic for Introverts: Choosing the Right Seat at a Dinner Party
4/1/13 12:42 PM

We love throwing parties, but the problem is we are always the ones doing the inviting - never the invited. I blame a combination of (1) lack of cooking skills among our friends and (2) the generally cramped conditions all our friends live in. You can only throw so many parties before you just wish someone would invite you over for once.

Also, I don't buy the entertaining is work bit. What about a potluck? What about everyone pitching in and having a chat over dishes? All one-on-one human interactions involve "work" but don't you think it's worth it?

What Keeps You From Entertaining More Often? Reader Survey
4/1/13 12:41 PM

Coming from a family with two working parents and currently living in a household as one of two working parents the solution to a stress-free balance morning has always been - get up early. Whether that be 5, 6 or 7 depending on your schedule. Then you can have plenty of time to get ready, get the kids ready, have breakfast (important!) and heck maybe juggle a couple emails before heading into the office. Shortcuts are good in a pinch but growing up with a calm sit-down family breakfast I feel it is almost as important as family diner.

Eat Breakfast Like a Mom:
6 Smart Breakfast Tips for Everyone Guest Post from Debbie Koenig of Parents Need to Eat Too

3/7/13 12:28 PM

Never was really into yogurt...until I got a Toddler. So now I find it economical to make my own every other week; half to thicken for straight eating and the other half unstrained for recipes.

How Yogurt Became the Answer to Everything Food News
3/7/13 12:14 PM

With my in-laws in Indonesia we only get together maybe once a year or once every two years, so once-a-week Skype calls are essential! Also, I keep a family journal of sorts on blogger for family and friends which has proven equally as important. The grandparents really got a hit out of the "First-year" blog for each of the kids; with minimal time and effort invested on our part.

Staying In Touch When Family Lives Far Away
3/7/13 10:45 AM