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What about the wine rack? I hacked an old Ikea wine rack to fit on my lower shelf. I can store 6 bottles of wine or sparkling water in a minimal amount of space.

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7/22/14 04:36 PM

The xl curtains remind me of these Ikea curtains: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20206043/

I believe they used to come in more colors than are now available.

Mandi's Stylish SoCal Studio House Call
7/18/14 05:07 PM

I live in the birth place of Trader Joes and it is where I buy all of our regular groceries, so there are way to many favorites to list and most of them have already been mentioned. However I will add that the TJ tequila is made by Patron and is an EXCELLENT deal. I use it with their margarita mix, with a squeeze of fresh lime.

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7/9/14 04:21 PM

I might be a little evil - I take the opportunity to purge my husband's and kids' clothes that are too damaged, too small, or seansonally inappropriate (for my little one). They hardly ever notice they're gone, but if they are around when I do it, they fight me over every piece! And I binge watch Netflix on my laptop while I do it.

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6/23/14 05:39 PM

I use a SureFit Acadia slip cover for my Corona sofa. It is not a perfect fit, but it is much better than any other slip cover I've used before.

Slipcovering a Corona Sofa? Good Questions
6/3/14 02:51 PM

I think it would be fun to go a graphic black and white with the walls and rug and then let the rest of your accessories be bright saturated colors.

I'm Stuck: How To Decorate Gender-Neutral Nursery? Good Questions
5/20/14 12:31 PM

I pulled gross beige carpet out of a condo (my first home purchase back in 2000) and stained the concrete subfloor. Imperfections in the slab added to the patina. I loved it. If the subfloor had been OSB, I probably would have painted it because I didn't have the money for any kind of flooring back then.

It's Amazing What A Difference (A Lack Of) Shag Carpeting Can Make
4/9/14 05:51 PM

I've had great luck with Dawn dishwashing liquid geting out oil stains. It has even worked on old stains that have gone through the drier. For wine and other fruit stains I've had good results alternating pouring VERY hot water and vinegar over the stain until it is gone.

Emergency Cleanups: How To Remove Ink, Wine & Oil Stains
3/26/14 12:56 PM

Have a place for everything, so maybe, sometimes, everything can be in its place! It is easier for kids to help clean up their rooms and for them to find their toys if every thing has its place and like items are kept together. So when I designed my kids' rooms, I had plenty of storage systems, many of them empty at first, for my kids to grow into.

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3/18/14 02:37 PM

The movers were scheduled to come the next day and I really wanted to get my new bedroom painted before they arrived. I wanted a nice restful khaki over the pale neon green from the previous owner. It was raining buckets outside and the humidty must have been >90%, but I painted anyway. The paint wouldn't stick to the walls and i got a horrible marbled brown green effect that after 16 hours of painting and three coats (i had a fan going to help dry), ended up looking like some horrid 80's faux finish, but time was up. That was 10 years ago and it finally got repainted last week after we moved out.

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3/13/14 01:48 PM

My husband and I both work full time. Shortly after we started living together many years ago, we hired a house cleaner that comes every other week. It was the best investment in our relationship we could have made. Neither one of us wants to fight over whose turn it is to clean the toilet or mop the floors. We have kept her through financial ups and downs, and she would be one of our last "extra" expenses we would cut.

The Battle of the Sexes Continues: Does It All Come Down to The Dishes?
12/18/13 06:51 PM

I would raise the bar another 6 inches or so, and then hang a second bar below for half or 3/4 of the width of the opening to almost double your hanging space. Next add a long shelf the length of the closet above the upper bar for seasonal storage. You would need to use smaller stackable boxes to be able to fit through the space between the shelf and the wall.

I would then add shelves that span the depth of the hidden areas on both sides of the opening for foldable clothes. I did that in our last house and it was amazing how much extra storage it gave us. You will still need to not over stuff the bar to be able to get to the sides, but the lower bar should help. We used pre-finished solid shelving, which we cut to fit.

Good luck!

How Do I Make the Most of this Big Closet? Good Questions
11/12/13 11:47 AM

I'm pretty sure this is the Phillip Marlowe's apartment complex as seen in "The Long Goodbye." Possibly even the same apartment. I remember loving the kitchen when I saw the movie. Actually many of the locations in that movie are complete eye candy.

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11/5/13 04:12 PM

Consider what you want to do in your yard. Entertain? Play area for kids or dogs or both? Grow vegetables? Then look at your layout and decide which areas would work best for how you would like to use it. How much sun each area gets is a big factor, as are existing plants and structures, and access to the house. Then you can start considering any hardscaping you want to do now (or later) to help define the areas. At the end I would start thinking of plants to fill in the area. Landscaping can be expensive, so come up with a long term plan based on your inspiration boards and work in stages. Good luck!

Landscaping Newbie: Where Do I Start?
4/15/13 02:10 PM

I'm married with two kids (2 and 4). I do all of the laundry on the weekend, which is at least 5 loads, up to 8 if I am doing bedding. I fold and put away the clothes immediately after they are done in the dryer, otherwise they would pile up too quickly. I don't iron anything - and I would give away anything that did require ironing. We both work in business casual offices, so I that helps open up our wardrobe options. My husband takes his work shirts to get laundered rather than iron them himself (his choice). Everyone has enough clothes to last the week for both cool and warm weather. My kids have a lot more, but that is because they get a ton of hand-me-downs from their cousins and the little one often needs a change of shirt mid-day.

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4/8/13 01:16 PM

My last resort, but better than a donut from the coffee cart, breakfast is a protein bar and a cup of tea, eaten at my desk after I get to work. I keep some at my desk for those days when nothing seems to go right in the morning and just getting the kids to school and myself to work on time is a major accomplishment.

Eat Breakfast Like a Mom:
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3/11/13 02:40 PM

I like to bring over lunch, and then hold the baby so Mom gets to eat a meal while it is still warm. And after the first 15 to 20 minutes of updates on how mom and baby are doing, I make an effort to switch to adult topics, even if it is just me doing the talking. I remember how desperate I was for adult conversation when my kiddos were tiny.

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3/1/13 02:38 PM

You don't mention if you have a sprinkler system, so I am assuming you don't.

I would plant low water plants around the house and patio and in your containers. Looks like that is a shady spot, so get some that will do well for that (aloes, other succulents). I would first hit up Home Depot/Lowes for the cheapest selection. Even better if you have friends with some in their garden who will let you take the offshoots for free. Add thick mulch between plantings. You need to keep the grass in the front part for the dogs, right? I would look at products that help eliminate the urine burn. Then I would get some paint to spruce up the furniture, maybe add fun string lights/thrifted accessories to add character.

For the back part, I would recommend you get a weekly service to come in to mow/keep the pine needles under control. I would also remove any plants that are dying or just not doing well. Then I would suggest using whatever money you have left for a play structure for the kids. You might get lucky with Craigslist or garage sales.

Good luck!

Ideas for Rental's Large Back Yard? Good Questions
2/25/13 07:00 PM

How cold does it get at night? If it gets below freezing outside, the plants could be getting too cold at night sitting in an exposed window. Also, I agree with Pi, they probably could use more light, preferably a southern facing window that gets sun all day long.

Tips for Healthy Indoor Herb Garden? Good Questions
2/13/13 11:48 AM

Repurpose my daughter's spare (yes, she has two!) closet from random storage to an area where she can have her new cd player and karaoke machine and cds easily accessible (lower half) and also a place to store the games/craft supplies that still need supervision (upper half).

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1/8/13 12:43 PM