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My grandmother's potato chremslach -- mashed potato cakes, stuffed with gribenes and fried in schmaltz (I can hear my arteries harden as I type this):

A Food Lover's Guide to Passover
4/7/14 03:45 PM

for a twist on guacamole, try it will scallions, dill and lemon; great with smoked salmon -- see this link:

8 Recipes To Use Up a Bunch of Dill
2/19/14 10:07 PM

the salad bar at my old company used to serve a cabbage tuna salad that sounds similar to this and was wonderful; another strategy, esp for the mayo-averse, is to use tahini -- check this out:

Recipe: Crisp Tuna-Cabbage Salad Healthy Lunch Recipes from The Kitchn
2/3/14 05:51 PM

We are big fish eaters, and though my wife often gets tired of salmon, many of our friends who otherwise never eat fish love our salmon topped with a miso mayonnaise and either black sesame seeds or ground wasabi peas. Here are the recipes:

Help Me Love Fish! What Are Your Favorite Fish Dishes? Good Questions
7/3/13 11:58 AM

Have to try it your way , but I have been making a Campari, ginger beer and gin cocktail that is a great summer drink with a spicy and aromatic edge from the ginger beer and the gin. Check it out:

Summer Cocktail Recipe: Campari Mojito Recipes from The Kitchn
6/12/13 09:10 PM

When the temperature soars, I findt hat I crave the sour and the spicy, so I developed this Tunisian-style recipe with preserved lemons and a vinaigrette made of the pulp of the lemons and harissa. Sheds new light on the nicoise! Also makes a great pan bagnat:

Dinner Recipe: Classic Salad Niçoise Recipes from The Kitchn
5/30/13 11:35 AM

I must try the no clay pot chicken and rice! Also, rice is absolutely central to paella and jambalaya. I have heard it said that if the paella is really good, the rice is the focus and the toppings peripheral. On the other hand, I find that many jambalayas have mushy boring rice. The attached recipe is my attempt to use paella technique with jambalaya flavors. It is kosher to boot, but you can "treyf it up" with Louisiana pork products if you want. Try it, you'll like it:

10 Meals Where Rice Takes Center Stage Recipes from The Kitchn
5/13/13 12:03 PM

Check out this one, based on a cocktail we had at Masa in Boston. It is based on pear and tequila and brightened up with lime, ginger and cardamom. We served it last week and it was very popular both with and without the booze:

15 Fabulous Pitcher Drinks for a Party Recipes from The Kitchn
4/29/13 09:19 AM

I love za'atar and can't wait to try it in the recipe with chicken and pomegranate. One of my favorite uses is in this wick an easy Brussels sprouts hash:

Spice Up Your Cooking With Za'atar: 9 Recipes to Make Now
4/26/13 09:57 AM

How about El Papa, in recognition of Pope Francis, combining grappa, maraschino liqueur and creme de cassis. Since Argentines are said to be Italians who speak Spanish and think they are French, this seemed to cover all bases. See my post at :

12 Food Writers Share Their Favorite
3-Ingredient Cocktails

4/16/13 01:18 PM

Wonderful post! Engineergirl -- think blackboard and having people helping set the table. Pulling out a bridge table is an activity familiar to anyone who has lived in a small apartment. Sharing traditions is maybe more difficult. I have always been perplexed at how things like Bar and Bat Mitzvahs seem to have spread out of the Jewish community but something as simple and meaningful as Shabbat dinner has not. There are many ways of welcoming guests in a special way, and creating new traditions. Thing of tradition as something living handed over, not dead handed down. Create your own. Light candles when everyone is seated and say a few special words welcoming your guests. Serve bread and have everyone pull it apart together at the beginning of the meal. (This is often done after the motzi blessing over bread.) You don't have to be jewish.

3 Memorable Entertaining Ideas I Picked Up at a Summer Dinner Party in Tel Aviv The Kitchn Abroad
4/9/13 03:59 PM

I liven up salade nicoise with preserved lemons, roasted garlic and harissa. Even the most tuna-averse, like my wife, love it. Please not that although I was once ambivalent about preserving my own lemons, I have decided that it is worth it. See my Tunisian salade nicoise recipe at

5 Ways to Use a Jar of Preserved Lemons Ingredient Spotlight
4/8/13 02:44 PM

a potato grater like my grandmother had -- makes the best latkes, with texture far better than either box graters or processers; for a runner up though, check out my method of combining shredded and pureed potatoes:

What Is This Mystery Kitchen Tool? Good Questions
2/5/13 02:18 PM

Osem fake chicken soup powder. It is vegetarian/pareve, and sprinkled very judiciously in soups or many oher things it adds a great amound of flavor. Other indulgences are the speculous butter from TJs and on the non junk end, Talenti Salted caramel ice cream.

What's Your Secret Grocery Store Indulgence?
1/25/13 12:13 PM

The Kalam Polo sounds great and the peanut slaw is a favorite. Here is my recipe for a South-Indian style cabbaage, really more of a method than a recipe, to enable you to generate you own cabbage dishes :

10 Recipes That Remind Us Why Cabbage Is Awesome Kitchn Recipe Roundup
1/25/13 11:59 AM

I have been meaning to try the Northstar veggie burgers for a while. Thanks for reposting. Meanwhile, my contribution, a fake meat chili made with Textured Vegetable or Soy Protein (TSP or TVP). Many people said they couldn't tell the difference from ground meat, which basically just says a lot about the ground meat we get. But this chili is great:

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes That Satisfy Even Die-Hard Meat Eaters? Good Questions
1/17/13 11:18 AM

Try whole grain toast topped with fresh ricotta, sliced hachiya persimmon, black pepper, coarse salt and olive oil.

Morning, Noon or Night: 10 Tasty Ways to Top Toast
1/17/13 09:58 AM

This is a wonderful recipe. I agree with the commenter above that bone adds a lot, but this has ease of cooking and eating going for it. i used this as a basis to develop a recipe for pulled chicken bbq, which is a cinch (in contrast to how I used to make it was was a bit of a pain in the neck), and is kosher to boot. Check it out at : .

How To Cook Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs in the Oven Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
12/30/12 10:02 PM

I like gin cocktails, but find that pineapple juice is to sweet for me, so I made an adaptation over the summer, with orange/peach/mango juice (plain orange is fine), maraschino liquer, and cardamom syrup. I called it the Short Beach Sling, from the road on Cape Cod where we rent in the summer. We have also served it in the winter during stay-in storm parties, no need to keep it to the summer:

A Drink Recipe from Paradise for Your Next Staycation: The Singapore Sling The 10-Minute Happy Hour
12/26/12 01:08 PM

This is a great recipe, but not for 30 people. Check out mine, which uses Yukon gold potatoes (unpeeled is fine) and grates them in a processor. I then purée a portion of the gratings. I find that this comes very close to the texture of my grandmother's latkes, which were always made on a wire, not a box grater:

The Unexpected Trick That Makes the Crispiest, Tastiest Latkes Ever
12/11/12 10:42 PM