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I had no monitors at all and that was perfect. Twice. If they want something, they tell you in no uncertain terms.

Baby Monitoring: How Much Is Too Much?
7/24/14 09:39 AM

Command Strips are not inexpensive either. We pay over $3 for two. A nail is much cheaper.

10 Temporary & Removable Adhesive Products All Renters Should Know About
7/21/14 01:34 PM

frame just the moon part with your colours for the mat. It will look lovely and will not clash with your current decor.

Way To Display Antique Pram Cover in Modern Nursery? Good Questions
7/15/14 08:30 AM

Just found this too:

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/10/14 03:20 PM

If you are willing to have a skirt for the wall hanging sink, could you not put a skirt on a pedestal sink? (with sticky velcro)

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/10/14 03:18 PM

Exactly.. see this study

burglaries are decreasing steadily. You are in more danger of being in a car accident and you still drive :)

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
7/10/14 10:44 AM

Anyone else wonder at how this looks so good, but when someone finds a similar piece and then paints it everyone says that looks so good.

Before & After: An Army Green Vintage Broyhill Goes AWOL
7/10/14 10:33 AM

I would not believe a single thing "Dr." Oz says.

5 Steps to a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom
7/8/14 11:33 AM

a very simple google image search finds other places with this swing.

Why This Outdoor Space Is Just As Cool As You Think It Is
7/3/14 04:45 PM

Yes, I would and I do.

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
6/27/14 02:07 PM

OK, here is an article on a very very expensive piece of 'art'. Hanging in the National Gallery of Canada. If this can be art, then the article above is about art. I like the one above much better than this one.

Small Project Saturday: Easy Abstract Art Glidden® paint
6/26/14 11:11 AM

How about the centre room being the "formal" dining room and the room by the kitchen being the breakfast/family dining area. A door or curtain or something could be hung to separate when you have guests over for dinner.

The house looks lovely!!

Help Layout Row of Compartmentalized Rooms? Good Questions
6/24/14 02:45 PM

If you hate the pine, who cares if it is real wood. Paint it.

Can This \"Man Cave\" Become Cottage Chic? Good Questions
6/23/14 01:56 PM

Mine works. Over a year and it still has good suction. That said, I am not trying to get it to pick up big stuff, only crumb, hair, lint, dust, sand, etc.

Are Swiffers Really As Good As They Claim? Good Questions
6/5/14 04:39 PM

you did not mention the boler.

Best Tiny Travel Trailers: From Airstream to Teardrop
6/5/14 04:24 PM

better picture here:

Can You Identify This Armchair from Suits? Good Questions
5/23/14 08:39 AM

In my city, barbecues on balconies is against a number of municipal bylaws.

Check before doing something like this.

DIY Patio Grill Table Made from Skateboard Decks Handmade America
5/20/14 09:01 AM

We put a shelf around the bedroom at ceiling height. see it on Pinterest

5 Ways to Fit a Home Library into a Small Space
4/16/14 08:18 AM

From Grammar Girl -

“Use” Versus “Utilize”

Now on to the difference between “use” and “utilize,” thanks to a question from Thomas.
Bonnie says that as a copy editor she often reads fluffed up marketing material full of big words that try to make the writer sound important or knowledgeable. She usually just changes them to normal, unimpressive words that get the point across without much fuss. One of these words she changes often is “utilize,” as in the pretentious-sounding sentence “If you utilize this brand of printer, you will go far.” A sentence like that sounds fluffy and overly important, and it gives readers the impression that you’re trying too hard. Most of the time you can avoid the verb “utilize”; “use” works just fine (7).

So if you’re in marketing or PR, you can just use “use”; it’s probably not a good idea to utilize “utilize.” In a similar vein, please avoid the word “utilization.” It does your sentence no good.

Surprisingly, “utilize,” a 19th-century loanword from French (8), does have very specific and valid uses, mostly in the scientific world. The word “utilize” often appears “in contexts in which a strategy is put to practical advantage or a chemical or nutrient is being taken up and used effectively” (9). For example, according to the American Heritage Guide to Contemporary Usage and Style, you might hear “utilize” properly used in a sentence such as “If a diet contains too much phosphorus, calcium is not utilized efficiently” (9).

So if you're a science writer, you might find yourself using the word “utilize.” If you’re just a regular person writing a regular sentence, you should probably just stick with the word “use.”
- See more at:

The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/15/14 02:37 PM

you don't show us where all the doors are (kitchen, bathroom) so there is no explanation why the table cannot move.

Could the sofa in your preferred arrangement be flipped 180 with the tv on the wall behind where the table is. Move the table in the corner with the windows.

This opens up the entire area that appears to be an entrance

Better Living Layout Ideas? Good Questions
4/14/14 08:54 AM