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I do this same type of thing but I throw the oven to 550 or as hot as it goes (not neccesarily on broil) and I put in 2 cast iron pans (a flat fajita styleone and a dutch oven HEAVY one) and let them get ripping hot for about an hour. I was fortunate enough to inherit my grandmothers set that's over a hundred years old after I bought a set of Lodge Cast Iron. I put the steak on the flat skillet then put then put the dutch oven on top right side up on the steak. weight it down with a brick OR put some oil, onions and mushrooms in the dutch oven. At this point you can turn the oven off and put the stuff back in there. Less than 6 minutes you have a perfect Med Rare steak AND onions and mushrooms to put on top. NOM NOM

How To Cook Perfect Steak in the Oven Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
6/13/12 10:27 AM