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This seems like a really complicated way to explain "make your salad in a jar and put the wet/heavy stuff at the bottom; top with washed and well dried lettuces."

5 Tips for Making a Week's Worth of Salads on Sunday Tips from The Kitchn
7/22/14 12:52 PM

The ginger snaps are actually amazing, second only to the Nyackers you can get from World Market in the cute tin.

The cookie butter, however, is one of the grossest things I've eaten, ever. It just tasted like ground up cookies mixed with nuts and Crisco.

How Many of These Popular Trader Joe's Products Have You Tried? Grocery Shopping
5/14/14 04:35 PM

My favorite way to get perfect hard boiled eggs every time is to use an electric kettle that turns off automatically when it comes to a boil. Just put in the eggs, cover with 1" of water, and after the kettle turns off set a time for 20 minutes and drain when when the timer goes off.

If you like them a little softer, just reduce the resting time.

How To Boil Eggs Perfectly Every Time Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/15/14 11:54 AM

Well now, that is really wonderful. Inviting, colorful, welcoming.

More importantly, do you sell those amazing enamel pieces anywhere local? I would love a chance to see them close up and if possible hang a couple in my own home.

Nancy & Andy's Colorful, Handcrafted Home House Tour
4/8/14 12:28 PM

The sink is a huge improvement, but the wallpaper is...not my first choice?

Before & After: A Floral & Fashionable Bathroom Refresh
3/4/14 04:41 PM

Oh, I miss my Mom's cheese ball. Cream cheese, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, mixed and rolled in either dried parsley or chopped nuts. That is just pure 70's to me.

I used to love what you're calling Watergate Salad, but we just called it Pistachio Pudding. I know there's a Watergate Cake made with the pistachio pudding mix. I am very tempted to try the version of the cake in Valerie Gordon's Sweet; it's been haunting me since I found it last year.

10 Recipes That Defined the 1970s Recipes of the Decade
2/25/14 01:17 PM

Turkish bay leaves. Ground, roasted bay leaf in savory dishes if I can't simmer the dish with a whole bay leaf and fish it out before serving. It makes all the difference.

On Why I Think You Should Tell Us Your Kitchen Secrets Weekend Meditation
2/17/14 06:52 PM

Simple vinaigrette made with olive oil, sherry vinegar (REAL sherry vinegar), a drop or two of good mustard and a spice blend. My favorite is Penzey's Fox Point.

Ideas for Salad Dressings Without Added Sugar? Good Questions
1/13/14 07:22 PM

Grilled cheese with cranberry sauce or chutney is amazing. Seriously addictive!

What Are Some Awesome Ways to Use Up My Homemade Cranberry Sauce? Good Questions
12/26/13 11:03 AM

Artichokes in olive oil, with feta and black olives. I got the recipe from the newest America's Test Kitchen slow cooker book. The adults loved it, the kids hated it. So it worked out!

Also, marinated mushrooms are always a hit.

Ideas for Slow Cooker Appetizers Beyond Meatballs and Dips? Good Questions
12/23/13 02:38 PM

Am I the only person who pre-ordered this one? There was something about the cover and the three page Amazon preview that grabbed me, and I'm really glad it did. I love this book, too. If you haven't yet, try the pumpkin pie recipe. It uses creme fraiche, and makes the pie incredibly rich and takes it from "oh, a pumpkin pie" to "oh hell, how can I fit in another slice of pumpkin pie?".

Sweet by Valerie Gordon New Cookbook
12/3/13 10:41 AM

This is great advice, and I wish I'd had it when I did my first Thanksgiving a few years ago.

The one thing I will add is to make far fewer dishes than you think you "have" to have, and to skip the rolls unless your family REALLY does eat them. Even with a great plan, a clear list, and no technical glitches, you will probably be a little more stressed out than you expect (unless you host dinner parties all the time) and will appreciate giving yourself a little slack if something does go wrong.

If you can't do that, then take people up on their offers to make and bring the "X" that everyone loves. Save going it alone for the next holiday feast you host.

I'm Hosting My First Thanksgiving Ever! Tell Me What I Should Know Reader Intelligence Request
11/14/13 04:42 PM

I have two dogs, some decent antiques, and a Roomba I got this summer. It has made me glowingly happy, even if it is not perfect.

I still have to mop, and I have a dining room table I hate that is easiest to clean under if I throw the chairs on top of the table like you see in closed restaurants. Other than that, I think it does a darned good job of keeping the dog fur at bay; I no longer cringe at the idea of people popping over without warning (well, if they don't mind the dishes in the sink).

I've never had any problems with it hurting my furniture--the bumpers are pretty nice, and I'm probably rougher when I pull out my regular vacuum to deal with the major canine incidents and furniture wanding.

Do Roomba Vacuums Actually Work in the Kitchen?
11/14/13 04:34 PM

Yes, Nordic Ware from HomeGoods/TJ Maxx are the best.

Help Me Find a Heavy-Duty Half Sheet Pan for Alton Brown's Turkey Recipe Good Questions
11/13/13 05:29 PM

I am totally imagining this with the tiniest pinch of the truffle salt I got from Spice House recently and OMG would that be amazing.

A Delicious Way to Serve Butter Tips from The Kitchn
11/8/13 05:34 PM

I have two quince trees that are loaded with fruit I haven't had time to pick. Anyone in the Chicago area who wants some can let me know (I'm in the NW burbs).

I Just Bought 20 Pounds of Quince Fruit. Here's What I'm Going to Do With It.
10/22/13 05:59 PM

Maybe pickled garlic would be a better/safer bet? Even a refrigerator pickle would keep for ages.

Tip: Save Time by Chopping Garlic and Saving it in Oil
9/4/13 12:27 PM

That is the most stunning rug I've seen in ages. It almost looks like it was inspired by Klimt.

Losanges Rug by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
8/8/13 10:48 AM

Oooh, pick up a copy of No Bake Makery, which has dozens of recipes for no bake, no (short term) refrigeration that would be perfect for this. I got a copy for my birthday last month, and found several things to love, including nice variations on cake/cookie balls, cereal squares, and the like. There are quite a few posted on her blog: http://nobakemakery.blogspot.com/

What Are Some No-Bake Desserts That Don't Need to be Refrigerated? Good Questions
7/9/13 08:55 PM

I've been using this method for a while now, and the result is delicious AND lets me be super lazy. I confess to using a good quality decaf to keep my heart from jumping out of my chest (I overdo the iced coffee some days), but otherwise keep it simple.

It's Iced Coffee Season! 13 Tips, Recipes and Tutorials for a Better Brew
7/4/13 08:13 PM