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It's a cute novelty item, but as so many others have pointed out - WAY to short of a handle to be useful in any real stirring in addition to looking like it would be seriously uncomfortable to write with due to its girth. Toss in the whole nightmare of dribbling food across your iPad, I can't see this actually being more than a quick throwaway stocking stuffer for someone, most likely given by someone they know who neither cooks OR is into tech. I do use my tablet in the kitchen - sealed in a ziploc bag. And when I want to jot a note down I either use the Siri 'talk-to-text' feature OR I use the wireless keyboard I picked up for it. Once the remodel is done, the plan is to build an eyelevel wall mount for the iPad (next to the docking bay and speakers) and have a waterproof & wipe-able keyboard installed vertically underneath the tablet. That way I can type in a recipe change or make notes without having to touch my expensive tech. It will be the better part of an afternoon's worth of wiring and building, but considering how much it would cost to replace, it seems like a workable solution. This? Just a "AH! Must buy a gift and I only know surface stuff about the giftee!" waste.

Umbra's New Spoon Has a Special Function: Can You Guess What It Is?
6/7/13 08:25 PM

I've had this come up a few times and have used pretty much the exact strategy each and every time. Curtain where needed (which, as I tend to end up in cold climates, having heavy & lined curtains over large windows just makes sense anyway), where I wanted light I would pick up either the car dealership window 'soap' stuff and white out/frost out the windows or use peelable glass paint and have a few of my more artistically talented friends over for a night of wine and painting. Which, in an of itself can be awesome. Your own stained glass affair, glass walls made of pieces of your friends imagination, rather nice really. I also made a few accordion style walls to screen off some areas (one was a wall of plants, another was a giant quilted memory wall) to use if I had company that didn't want to worry about someone watching them sleep on the couch.

I kept a kimono robe (winter) and a caftan (summer) near the bed & bathroom for wandering past the bigger windows in the morning before I got enough caffeine in my system to be able to clearly decide "Do I care if someone sees my Wonder Woman boxers and sleep tank?" But the other side of that is, in answer to the above question, it's normally a No, not really. I don't run around my place starkers, so... meh. The critical bits are covered and if someone has an issue seeing a 6'2 woman in a tank top and boxers sing into her hairbrush while dusting - they should close their eyes. As long as the world isn't able to be my gynecologist, and I have at least one private retreat to go when I just can't deal with seeing other people, it was pretty much an easy gig to just tune it out.

But to be fair, I have worked backstage at a lot of different types of events (front stage too) and have spent a lot of my life having to either get myself completely changed and back out to work in 2 minutes OR (and worse/harder) help a dozen OTHER people get out of one bit of kit and into another in 2 minutes so I've gotten rather... numb to people seeing me in various states of undress as well as seeing other bits of people bobbing about it - so I know I likely have a weird view on it.

Also? The places I've lived that were more open to outside eyes.... I have to confess those tended to be the places that I was the most meticulous about keeping tidy. So it wasn't all negative knowing people could look in and see the state of the livingroom floor!

A Sudden Lack Of Privacy: How Do You Handle It?
5/28/13 04:24 PM

Nope - but for full disclosure, until about 2 years ago when a friend taught me a trick to toast the rice first (and that's almost ALL rice - doesn't matter if I'm making risotto or fluffy jasmine, it all starts with the same treatment. The only other method I use is the baking/steam trick I learned from Good Eats for brown rice.) I couldn't make any edible rice beyond instant. Insanity making, really. I view myself as a good cook (will even be teaching this fall/winter GF cooking & baking!) and am comfortable & confident in the kitchen. I'll make elaborate and intricate recipes as a way to relax... and I couldn't make rice. Tried everything - it even failed miserably with rice cookers. (in one extreme case... the rice cooker caught on fire!) I have heard of this trick, and my husband even uses it successfully - but I seem to have been cursed when it comes to rice cooking.

Cooking Rice: Do You Use the First Knuckle Method?
9/13/12 12:49 PM

Just clarifying the comment I made about this working for a lunch like grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup - while the Pao de Queijo ~doesn't~ make good sandwich bread (as is, slices with various stuff in the middle) it DOES make a perfect substitute FOR grilled cheese sandwiches. As it - get the rolls out of the oven all hot and toasty full of cheesy goodness, you have a perfect mini-dunker for a bowl of soup. No need to actually make a sandwich, the rolls in and of themselves are perfect as is. Crusty, golden, chewy, and gooey-cheesy. Perfect! As I can attest.... since I'm typing this one handed as I munch my way through a roll between slurps of soup.

With celiac, I'm always on the lookout for similar but GF options for easy meals and these rolls give all the flavors & textures I want for that quintessential childhood favorite. GF bread is almost uniformly terrible for sandwiches (and eating if I'm honest) so I'm thrilled to have this as a new replacement. I think I'll be switching between these rolls and the other sub I found (and loved) of simply griddling slices of halloumi cheese to pair with the soup.

How to Make Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
8/30/12 11:23 AM

These look great - I have been using a purchased mix for something similar to this for awhile now (one of the few breads I eat anymore since being diagnosed with celiac) but this looks simple enough to give making it from scratch a whirl finally. Thanks! I think I'm going to have to make these this weekend along with a big batch roasted tomato soup. (a grilled cheese sandwich without having to dig out the griddle! Perfect for dunking into soup)

How to Make Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
8/28/12 07:04 PM