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I have a blender that my mother bought 26 years ago when I was 13. I still use it to this day. I was able to get a new jar and blade for it, but nothing compares to my Osterizer Motor on this blender. I love having the different blending options, which you can't find nowadays. I use it everyday for my smoothies that are fruit and veggie based. It liquifies like a boss. Nothing today is made like that, I would put it up against any blender that sells for over $400.

Just Can't Let It Go: What's the Furthest You've Pushed an Appliance?
8/15/13 05:11 PM

I purchased one for my Mother to be dropped off at home after spending her days at daycare. It is convenient. Now that she is going to a nursing home, I can change her code. I am planning to use this for my oldest who will start middle school next Fall. She'll have her own code to enter the house. I won't fear lost keys because we will have a way to enter the house.

The Future is Now: Keyless Door Locks
12/18/12 12:44 PM

Paint free! A revelation! Great job!

Restoring a Solid Wood Desk home.made
2/29/12 11:05 AM

I would use polyurethane that I use on my wood furniture. It can be used on many surfaces, however, do a test first on some leftover wall paper to ensure it doesn't ruin your paper. There are different sheens to it, so if you don't want it glossy, then go with a matte. If it works, then I would put no less than 3 coats of poly. I do like the plexiglass idea. Good luck.

Is It Possible to Waterproof Wallpaper?
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1/17/12 02:36 PM

DVDs. I have all of Jillian Michael's DVDs, hand weights and a mat. But I have to be honest, my husband created a workout room for me in our new house. It is in the utility room in the basement. It isn't pretty, but it is my space with a treadmill, a spin bike and a new elliptical that he bought me. I am spoiled. But with 3 kids, a mom with Alzheimers and a full time job, I really need this space at 5 a.m. every morning because we live in Madison, WI.

Good luck.

How Do You Work Out at Home?
11/11/11 03:57 PM

cleaning and protecting stainless steel fridges from water marks and finger/handprints.

5 Unique Ways to Use WD-40 in Your Home
10/25/11 04:08 PM

This summer, we bought a house from a couple who raised their children here. They planned to relocate to the west coast when one spouse tragically passed away in the west coast. It went off the market and then back on. It was put back on the market and we were able to buy it. I loved the house when we toured. While the spouse didn't die in the house, it was still a very sad story and makes you think twice about living fully everyday.

Would You Buy a House with a Dark History?
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9/9/11 02:08 PM

I have 3 children (2, 7, and 9) and have purchased 2 Ikea cribs for my older two. The youngest is using the crib used by the middle boy. I love Ikea cribs. They are well made and have survived 4 moves around the east coast to the midwest. I purchased Ikea cribs because they are safe, sturdy, and didn't want a drop down. I was never disappointed. If I were to have another baby (and that isn't happening), I would definitely invest in another Ikea crib. Hope they come back soon.

Ikea Temporarily Suspends Sales of All Cribs in U.S.
7/28/11 11:00 AM

just be mindful that as the article said, Corelle shatters into hundreds of pieces if it falls on tile--as we've suffered many times in our current house. I bought them when we lived in a house with linoleum kitchen floor and hard wood dining room floor. Good luck.

Best Unbreakable Dishes for Outdoor Eating?
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5/11/11 06:32 PM

Last night, I made chicken thighs cut into bites and made a curry sauce from left over piece of red bell pepper, garlic, some spinach, peanut oil, and leftover coconut milk (and some of his white zinfindel). I used the spices I had that I am trying to desperately use up because they are old. I made a bit of brown rice that was left over in a baggie. There was enough for both hubby and I. As I was putting the kids to bed, he came up the stairs with his plate and said this is one of my best meals. I truly put it all together in an instant because I knew McDonald's was not going to fly.

On Cooking Through Your Pantry: Using Up Odds and Ends
2/9/11 11:03 AM

I use a clipboard. I fold it like the engineer method and it gives me a great, compact folded t-shirt.

The Japanese T-Shirt Folding Technique
1/6/11 11:18 AM

As the mother of 3, I bow to you. You did a spectacular job. It looks so modern and ties so wonderfully with the appliances (big and small). The details are great. I love how the light switch cover matches the stainless. Keep up the great work around your home. LOVELY!

Before & After: Melissa's Under $500 Kitchen Makeover
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11/10/10 03:31 PM

I bought 3 sets of Corelle bright white china. I got the plate, the cereal bowl with plastic lids, the saucer and mug. With 3 small children, I wanted something that could fall on the floor and not break. I loved it. Well, I bought it when I lived in a house with hardwoods; we now have tile. Those things shatter like nobodies business. We are still finding shards in odd nooks and crannies of the kitchen area.

Best Everyday China 2010
11/10/10 02:34 PM

The pictured cans are not the exact product. One is salmon and one is tuna. Why they affix the label in such a manner is unknown to me, but the idea that it is for dirt, etc. is a good reason enough. I got one of those chain emails about someone dying from dried mouse urine on the lid of a soda can. Thankfully, I don't drink soda to worry about that. However, I do wash my cans before opening.

Kitchen Mystery: Why Are Some Tuna Cans Upside-Down?
11/4/10 05:01 PM

Our CSA came with sauces and recipes for use with the veggies. It was a lifesaver.

What if Your CSA Veg Box Came with Instructions?
11/3/10 12:18 PM

Yes. I've used it on Stainless steel saute pan with cooper. I actually leave it for a while in which time I clean up other things. It makes the scrubbing less labor intensive. It doesn't damage it at all if left for about 20-30 minutes. Great recovery job!

So Shiny! Removing Stains with Bar Keepers Friend
10/22/10 02:01 PM

I'm originally from NYC, but moved to Madison 2 years ago with my family of 5. I love the shopping here. Madison is very dedicated to local growers and vendors. CSAs are one of the best too.

Visiting the Dane County Farmers' Market
Madison, Wisconsin

10/5/10 11:26 AM

the white chair is my office chair at work. I love it. Great that it made it in the video. I *heart* IKEA

Monday Treat: IKEA Furniture, Cute Dogs & OK Go
9/20/10 04:19 PM

Now that we have children, their rooms get unpacked first. I always have the linens and clothes with hangers at the ready by marking the boxes as such. I get their rooms ready first. Then our room. We always pack our toiletries as if we are traveling, so those are always handy. The second place is Kitchen. I like to cook; especially after a cross country move, you get tired of eating out until your things arrive. Once they do arrive, you want a home cooked meal. The other rooms fall into line as needed.

Great list.

The Unpacking Order: What Rooms to Unpack First
8/2/10 05:05 PM

I would use this in the back yard of a house with a pool as a changing room; putting curtains for modesty. Great color!

Converted Parking Attendant Booth Flickr Find | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/8/10 02:39 PM