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shut upppppppppppppp. i love this! i seriously wish this was my bedroom. it looks so warm and hazy and relaxing, like you'd just fall into bed in the middle of a summer afternoon with the ac buzzing low and fall into the best sleep ever.

Beth's Books & Art Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/23/13 01:02 AM

oh i LOVE this.
i love the white stripe.
i love the color.
i love the flowers.
love, love, love.

Leila's Switcheroo Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/16/13 11:40 PM

also! i'd love to know where your bed lamps are from. do they get hot?

Craig's One-of-a-Kind Headboard Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/16/13 11:33 PM

1) i love chicago. my best bud lives there, and when i go to visit him, i just love it. cheesie's for me every day foreverrrrr. haha.
2) i am crazy interested in doing this in my next place, minus the insulation because i won't need that. i guess i could do it by making just the frame and attaching the front boards. what did you use to attach it to the wall?

Craig's One-of-a-Kind Headboard Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/16/13 11:31 PM

chicago has an eatery entirely devoted to grilled cheese. so i don't think it's that miserable...

Top 20 Most Miserable Cities in America Forbes
3/16/13 11:09 PM

reading some of these comments make me want to throw up. cockroaches behind the mirror. oh, my, god.

the only things i have bought or will buy off of craigslist are things like coffee tables, vanities, and dressers. for the most part, they are easy to clean and easy to spot any animals in or on it.


The Ten Commandments of Used Furniture
3/2/13 06:47 PM

uhm, so i am super in love with your whole house.

AND I AM CRAZY JEALOUS OF YOUR BED. do you mind saying roughly how much you paid for it? i've been on the hunt for a similar one - but in a smaller size (full). haven't had much luck on ebay.

Katharine & James' Glamorous Family Home in LondonHouse Tour
2/23/13 11:51 PM

i really like it. i love the paint color and the fabric. i am not a huge fan of the nailhead thing, but it's not my chair. if you dig it, keep it! i just do not like that in general - i'm sure it looks better in person than the picture so i am not doubting your work was thorough.

i really appreciate this piece!

Before & After: Brass Embellished Chair
2/20/13 05:54 PM

even though i do not think there is anything new about this project (which is what i felt when i first clicked in) - you did a fantastic job. this looks very tailored and gives me hope of doing my own tufted headboard instead of dropping the money for one.

Before & After: Coffee Table Turned Tufted Ottoman Inside-Out Design
2/20/13 05:32 PM

the problem is, i don't even have enough artistic ability to hand draw some sloppy lines that well!

Project Inspiration: DIY Graphic Dishware Mormorsglamour
2/15/13 04:53 PM

if anyone took 2 seconds to actually read her blog post about the process, you will see that she took several steps to make sure this was safe for her children. she didn't just cut some holes out and tie a rope to it and stick it on the tree willy-nilly. why does everyone on the internet think they are the parent police?

Before & After: Old Wooden Crate Gets a Fun New LifeDuck Egg Blue
2/8/13 06:53 PM

ps. anyone know where that desk chair is from?

Ross's Cozy Modern Home in Midtown House Tour
2/8/13 04:05 PM

great place! love the curtains and desk chair. love the layout and use of color.

Ross's Cozy Modern Home in Midtown House Tour
2/8/13 04:05 PM

and i really love the mantra on the stairs. and the bathroom. and the lighting. and ESPECIALLY the plants on your dining table - what is that?

Kathleen's Carriage House Channels Bali House Tour
2/8/13 03:39 PM

uhm. i'm ready to move in. this place is GORGEOUS.

Kathleen's Carriage House Channels Bali House Tour
2/8/13 03:34 PM

love the copper mugs. great pad, i love it. it seems effortless.

Nick & Jason's Preppy Meets Kitschy Home House Tour
2/8/13 03:32 PM

i really, really love this place. i like how your style is undetermined but flows so great. i am crazy envious of the powder room!

Heather & Dave's Eclectic Enclave House Tour
2/8/13 03:26 PM

thanks for sharing, what an adorable chinchilla.

Carolyn's January Cure: My First Week January Cure Diaries
1/8/13 12:35 PM

for your problems, they sell little things that you put on the inside at the corners of your duvet to hold your blanket in place :) and there is a little trick on pinterest about folding fitted sheets :)

my issue is how much i love my bed, i never want to leave it :) that, and now that i'm getting around to updating the look of everything i have, trying to find new bedding i equally like, and picking paint colors to coordinate the new stuff i will be painting :)

Your Biggest Bedroom Problems??
2013 Reader Forum

12/30/12 05:19 PM

i have a love affair with chesterfield sofas. i've never been fond of animal print, though. i much much prefer the look of a wood grain to animal print.

Interiors 101: Design Classics at Home Best of 2012
12/28/12 10:34 PM