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I love this drink!

Recipe: The Jungle Bird Cocktail The 10-Minute Happy Hour
4/26/14 03:26 PM

Here's your new best friend:

What's The Best Substitute for the Wheat Flour in My Recipe? Good Questions
12/14/13 04:18 PM

I knew something was wrong with my body for years. I had allergy tests done when I was 17 ish but nothing came of it (I don't know what I was tested for or any other details about it). I had it done again when I was 21. Gluten, dairy, egg yolk and white, and a mold called asperigillus niger (used to make citric acid). I'm now having issues with white potatoes. I struggle with avoiding citric acid the most.

8 Things I've Learned About Cooking Without Gluten, Dairy, Nuts and Sugar
12/11/13 12:14 AM

I live on a hazelnut farm so there are always a lot around! I keep multiple gallon bags in the freezer year round. Pesto, nut butters, candied nuts, salted nuts, pie crusts, nut flours, nut milks, etc. There are so many possibilities!

What Can I Do With Lots of Nuts? Good Questions
12/10/13 10:51 PM

I'm Hawaiian and I live on a hazelnut farm in Oregon. That means I always have hazelnuts, sweet potatoes and white rice.

What Do You Serve When You Want People to Know Where You're From?
11/26/13 12:50 AM

I love cider! I've had all of these and the traditional is my favorite. If anyone lives in or near Portland, Oregon, make sure to check out Bushwackers Cider Bar. They carry a crazy amount of ciders in bottles and cans and have ciders on tap. They make their own cider too.

Get Your Fall Fix With These Hard Ciders from Angry Orchard Beer Sessions
10/17/13 12:30 PM

Just a head's up, Muir Glen is owned by General Mills. General Mills donated $1.2 million to defeat Prop 37 in California.

Another Ten Minute, Ten Dollar Dinner: Girl Scout Stew
10/17/13 12:25 PM

Poke! Poke! Poke! Poke! Poke!

What Can I Make With Chopped Raw Tuna Besides Sushi Rolls? Good Questions
7/19/13 02:21 PM

I do a combination of both. I take my clothes to Buffalo Exchange and if they don't buy them, I donate them. There are clothes that I don't even try to sell to them that I just donate. I haven't tried to sell to Crossroads.

Selling vs. Donating:
What Do You Do with Your Old Stuff?

3/20/13 03:01 PM

I've been to an olive oil tasting there. It was strange to taste oil especially since I couldn't eat it with the bread they had. Cool place though.

A Visit to Oregon Olive Mill: Heritage Olive Oil From Dayton, Oregon
Grower Tour

9/20/12 01:43 PM

I'm allergic to eggs. I usually use flaxseed meal mixed with water or Ener-g egg replacer. I made a quiche with the Ener-g replacer before. I didn't like it. I really want to try the applesauce replacement.

What Is the Best Egg Substitute for Baking?
9/7/12 01:58 PM

I love soy curls! I haven't cooked them yet but I have a bag in my freezer. I recently had tacos with soy curls and pineapple. So delicious!

Delicious & Nutritious Meat Alternative: Soy Curls Ingredient Spotlight
8/8/12 07:09 PM