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I made the ones from Alaska from Scratch because Maya rocks ! They were great, I put sprinkles (and Smarties for the kids) on them for Carnival day, it was so festive-looking.

10 Recipes to Help You Recreate Those Awesome Cakey Lofthouse Sugar Cookies
12/17/13 02:00 AM

I had a fondness for spelt flour. And spelt in general! Would love to try barley flour though!

Beyond Whole Wheat: 5 Delightful Whole-Grain Pie Crusts
7/10/13 03:43 PM

What about those "french parents"? I'm french, I live in France and as a little girl, if I didn't finish my plate, it was reheated and served back to me in the evening. Never thrown away. Today I don't have kids but I very rarely see my friends throwing food away...unless it's an awful mess of mashed stuff and saliva... we know better! And I grew up being passionate about food and cooking. :-)

Why Having a Toddler Made Me Eat More (and Not Better)
6/26/13 03:01 PM

That's what we did when we went to Lisbon for one week (me + 2 friends). It was a blast! I was the only girl so I got the biggest room, and one of the guy went down to the pastry shop every morning to get our breakfast. We did the same in Essaouira (Marocco) and rented this big beautiful house, this time where someone came every morning to cook breakfast for us and do some cleaning... Pure heaven! Huge bonus is that you can listen to music whenever you want when you rent an apartment.

Why I Rent Apartments When I Travel
6/17/13 04:07 PM

You always have the most amazing salad recipes on this site, never cease to impress (me)!!!!!

Recipe: Spring Fruit and Nut Tabouli Recipes from The Kitchn
5/22/13 03:36 PM

my grandma cooks them with peas and sliced bacon, and a good dash of butter. Or you omit the bacon and it makes a great side for pork roast (pass the gravy please!).

Don't You Dare Call Them Boring:
Hearts of Romaine Ingredient Spotlight

5/20/13 03:28 PM

some wonderful requests here, good luck for choosing ! Dairy-free would be great, my beautiful baby godson is allergic, so I'm starting to try out dairy free stuff for when he's old enough, I want to spoil him ! Like making a pie crust without butter. Then I'm probably the only one who is interested, but I'd like you to "unveil" the mystery of some classic american food like grits or fried beans or hash brown something... Stuff you read about in books and wonder what it really is ! Merci!!!!

Got a Question for Reader Request Week? Tell Us What You Want on The Kitchn!
4/29/13 03:00 PM

Such a great post, too bad we couldn't be here, that's a party I would have loved !

3 Memorable Entertaining Ideas I Picked Up at a Summer Dinner Party in Tel Aviv The Kitchn Abroad
4/10/13 02:00 AM

Yes it's for the Epiphany, we traditionally eat a "galette des Rois", and kids love to go under the table and call everyone's name. I love it too !

3 Memorable Entertaining Ideas I Picked Up at a Summer Dinner Party in Tel Aviv The Kitchn Abroad
4/10/13 01:57 AM

I think it actually looks beautiful !

Royal Envy: Purple in the Kitchen Kitchen Inspiration
11/5/12 01:39 PM

That university is actually in the town where I live, where people are quite nice, but not over nice and super chatty, so it must be true. I hope I wasn't one of the people tested outside the clothes shops;-)!!

New Study Says the the Smell of Fresh Bread Makes People Nicer Food News
11/5/12 01:37 PM

Hello people ! This weekend : American sponge cake, the Roasted Squash and Arugula Salad with Pecans, Bacon, and Goat Cheese (hey, a recipe from The Kitchn) and the brown butter candied apple clafoutis from Cannelle et Vanille, because I just receveid her book "Small Plates & Sweets Treats" yesterday and I'm thrilled!!!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of October 27-28, 2012
10/27/12 03:31 AM

That's always what I've been told in Italy many many years ago....

Why Alton Brown Doesn't Add Oil to His Pasta Water
10/25/12 02:57 PM

A creamy yet light cold pear soup with vanilla & cinnamon served with dices of gingerbread (croutons-style) would be my choice.

What Are Some Good Desserts to Serve After Pizza? Good Questions
10/25/12 07:32 AM

Pasta alla zucca! It's pasta served with sautéed pumpkins, garlic, parsley and olive oil. Sprinkle with parmesan and you are in autumn heaven !

What's Your Favorite Fall Pasta Dish?
10/22/12 01:59 PM

Creamy Broccoli cheese soup & apple gingerbread upside down cake, both from Alaska from Scratch,and both so yummy ! Also a lemon tart is in the making...

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of October 20-21, 2012
10/20/12 04:00 AM

What a funny idea, very cool ! This grasshopper pie got stuck in my mind : http://www.thegalleygourmet.net/2012/09/grasshopper-pie.html
There is a pecan custard pie on the Joyofbaking.com site, I don't know if it goes by your laws... Pastéis de nata are also very good. I have a prune tart recipe that calls for prunes, mixed peel, and custard, with a bit of apricot jam on the bottom crust : very nice.

Help Me Brainstorm Creative, Seasonal Ideas for Cream Pies! Good Questions
10/19/12 02:01 PM

I so agree with you alicelost : I hate scented dish soap, it's awful... It's an anecdote, but I remember seeing on a tv show a pair of rubber gloves with the fingertips painted and "rings" on the fingers. I would love to have a pair like that !

The Kitchn's Guide to Essential Cleaning Tools and Products Setting Up a Kitchen
10/10/12 04:01 PM

sugar & lemon, dulce de leche, lemon curd, chestnut cream (maybe not for kids though?). Also, I haven't tried it, but The Galley Gourmet site has a recipe for gingerbread pancakes that sounds wonderful !

Any Ideas for Toppings and Sides at a Pancake Party? Good Questions
10/9/12 01:39 PM

Endive is one of my favorite winter vegetables : so easy to prepare !!! A good salad with endives, apples, walnut, cheese (and eventually ham) is good & easy. You can use the leafs to make those little "boats" to hold other cooked food. And if you forget them a bit in your fridge, just chop and sauté in a bit of olive oil... And add orange zest & juice for a bit of sunny taste !

What Are Some Ways to Eat Raw Vegetables in Autumn and Winter? Good Questions
10/2/12 01:06 PM