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My partner lives in a rental and has an Ikea kitchen. His oven is the main issue. It takes ages to heat up, and sometimes doesn't even reach the required temperature. For the times that it does eventually reach the temperature required, it takes much more time to cook the food than other ovens that I've used. I've come up with a strategy of both adding on extra time and increasing the temperature whenever I cook there, but that has drawbacks (time and food quality). Also, although his fridge hasn't had any problems, it often makes funny noises. I will never buy any of their major appliances because of these experiences!

But thank you for the tip on buying the floor models! That's a great idea!

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7/6/12 02:13 PM

This is off topic, but I was just wondering where I could get those spoons in the picture? They are lovely! Thank you :)

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6/5/12 02:56 PM