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It's a total myth that using a wooden cutting board with raw meat ruins the board (microbiologist here). Scrub it with lemon halves and salt as others suggested, let it sit for a few minutes, rinse with very hot water (just below boiling) and season with a food safe wood oil. If the smell is still a problem sunshine is always your friend to remove odors.

How Should I Clean My Smelly Wooden Cutting Board? Good Questions
6/4/14 10:27 AM

An easy way to get rid of the fishy smell/taste is to soak your thawed fish in milk for 20-30 minutes. Just pat it dry before seasoning and cooking, no need to rinse. My granny would often freeze fresh caught fish in a watery milk solution and her fish never smelled or tasted off.

Why Does My Salmon Taste So Fishy? Good Questions
5/16/14 09:18 AM

My first trimester just ended and most of my annoying food aversions/heart burn with it so hang in there. I ate a lot of yogurt and very simple frittatas with just eggs, cheese, and maybe a mild veggie like red bell peppers or mushrooms. I also found it helped a lot if I ate small meals more often, especially in the evening. I would eat half of my dinner around 6 and have a little more around 8.

Quick, Healthy Meals That Won't Trigger Pregnancy Heartburn? Good Questions
4/11/14 03:18 PM

Thanks for sharing all of these great sounding recipes. We are expecting our first in October so I am looking forward to following this project and hopefully implementing it in my own (sadly tiny) freezer.

Stock Up on Freezer Meals Week 2: My Search for Lighter, Healthier Freezer-Friendly Recipes Spring Projects from The Kitchn
4/10/14 01:39 PM

megj - we used grilled and sliced flank steak on crostini with horseradish for my sister's bridal shower and it was a big hit. If you assemble the sandwiches ahead of time, a small amount of beef can go a long way. We used 4# for 40 people and had leftovers.

Easy, Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Bridal Shower Brunch? Good Questions
1/13/14 05:05 PM

Generally city chicken is cubed pieces of pork and/or veal battered and pan fried and served on skewers. A late 60's or 70's version of Better Homes and Gardens cook book or Joy of Cooking should have a pretty reliable recipe if they like the traditional stuff.

Maybe you could have a throw back dinner with other 60's and 70's themed foods that are actually tasty.

Recipes or Tips for Making City Chicken? Good Questions
10/16/13 09:34 AM

Where do you find those plastic tubs for your stock? They seem like a much better idea than my current plastic bag system. I find myself not using my stock because I only need a small amount, not a whole gallon.

Restocking and Destocking: My Kitchn Cure Liveblogging The Kitchn Cure Fall 2013
10/4/13 02:18 PM

Amen sister! I thought I hated pumpkin for years until I tasted an actual pumpkin that wasn't pumpkin flavored.

Pumpkin Spice Is Not Actually What Pumpkin Tastes Like
10/1/13 08:41 AM

Be careful storing bread in the fridge, it can actually dry out soft breads and rolls. Also, if you don't have properly controlled humidity, moisture can build up along the inside of the bag and cause mold even faster than at room temperature.

What's the Best Way to Store Bread So It Doesn't Get Moldy? Good Questions
9/30/13 10:59 AM

Sounds yummy! Do you need to worry about the chicken becoming tough and dry when you brown it with the skin off or does the sauce make up for it?

The Best Thing I Cooked Last Week: Indian-Spiced Chicken with Chickpeas
5/2/13 01:32 PM

You could make a flavorful broth with veggies and herbs then poach one fillet at a time when you were ready to eat it. This way you get "leftovers" without overcooking the fish.

What Can I Do With a Pound of Frozen Trout? Good Questions
5/2/13 09:26 AM

Ice cream is by far my favorite dessert! Do you need to worry about the dishes getting too cold?

Party Tip: Scoop Ice Cream Ahead of Time
4/22/13 01:15 PM

Great advice! No kids in our life yet but many friends have expanding families and it is tricky to navigate. I appreciate your acknowledgement that you can both love kids and want adult time.

Bringing Children to the Party: The New Etiquette Dilemma
4/10/13 11:37 AM

Yum! Are the flavored yogurts too sweet to cook with? I am imagining some seriously tasty grilled chicken if marinated in these flavors.

Turmeric and Mace Yogurt from Snowville Creamery
4/10/13 11:19 AM

we love making "pizza" bites with whatever leftover bread, bits of meat or veggies, cheese and sauce are leftover from the week. Cut into bite size pieces and heated until bubbly under the broiler, it's amazing how well most combinations of things can mesh together.

An Impromptu Party Idea For All Ages: Kids Think It's Fun, Adults Know Better!
4/5/13 11:34 AM

You could also do Manhattans for the brown liquor crowd!

Can You Suggest Some Party Shots for Grown Up Tastes? Good Questions
4/4/13 10:13 AM

What if you called them mini-martinis? A yummy gin or vodka martini is essentially just good, chilled liquor and whatever vermouth/olive juice etc you enjoy. This way rather than drinking an entire martini glass full containing much more than 1.5 ounces everyone can enjoy a yummy drink and stand up straight :)

Can You Suggest Some Party Shots for Grown Up Tastes? Good Questions
4/4/13 10:12 AM

Is there anything about the origin or harvesting method of scallops that needs to be considered?

Recipe: Scallops with White Wine Beurre Blanc & Lemon Orzo Recipes from The Kitchn
3/18/13 11:32 AM

Find friends that actually enjoy food, they are generally happier people anyway!

How Do You Plan a Dinner Party with Guests Who Follow Different Diets? Good Questions
3/15/13 03:26 PM

Mad Gab is a fun one too. You play on two teams regardless of how many people and it's a group effort so if you don't want to play you just hang out and do something else. Depending on the potency of your cocktails it can be hilarious :)

Games: Good Fun or a Party Foul?
2/8/13 03:50 PM