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I agree with MaxB. I sometimes watch the show just to get glimpses of Neal's apartment! The wall of windows, the furniture, the palette. All of it is spot on!

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12/27/12 12:18 PM

We've had the white Karlstad sectional for 5 years. We still love it. It's a super comfy, loungey couch. It's held up beautifully. We have a 13 month old and it still looks new. We get stains on it all the time, but we just wash the slipcovers and the stain is gone. One of my favorite features is that with the back cushions removed it is 3 feet deep. That means its a very comfortable bed for guests.
Get it, it's money we'll spent!

Reviews of IKEA Kivik, Carlstad & Poang? Good Questions
10/29/12 09:46 AM

Oh my. Spent a month in Salvador, Brazil a few years ago. I've been craving Pao de Quiejo ever since! Brazil is an enchanting country with a super, SUPER strong sense of self. The culture is awesome, but the food is a close second! I'm with meechiko, can you do a post on feijoada?

How to Make Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
8/29/12 09:48 AM

Love this post. Schlepping is such a part of our daily life. We live in downtown Baltimore and own a car, but we rarely use it. Now that we have a baby the stroller makes schlepping stuff home so much easier. When I take the bus though it's easier to wear the baby, than try to unload/ reload & fold/unfold while balancing a baby. On bus days I wear a backpack on my back and the baby in front. It's can be over 50lbs sometimes! Still I love it:) I love that my 11 month old is rarely stuck in a car seat and instead gets to experience the world at the street level.

Schlepping: The Ultimate Urban Workout
8/7/12 01:44 PM

My husband and I, and our 11 month old son live in Downtown Baltimore on the Westside. We LOVE it. It's such a great walkable city with so much to see and do. Living downtown gives us access to so many great neighborhoods - Fell's Point, Harbor East, Federal Hill, Mt Vernon on foot, and by taking the light rail I can be in Bolton Hill, Hampden and Mt Washington easily. I love that we have the Charm City Circulator to take us anywhere for free. There are great restaurants (Byblos, Thai Arroy) and the best salvage stores I've ever been in (Second Chance and the Loading Dock are favorites). Oh and we just got a gorgeous Anthropologie that opened on Friday.
It's fun to live in Baltimore right now. It feels like it's on the cusp of greatness. The architecture in this city is breathtaking. I have a feeling that if in 5 years we wouldn't have be able to afford our amazing 1100 sq foot converted warehouse apartment with my husband just starting his career. It's nice to be here and see all the wonderful growth firsthand.

8/1/12 10:31 AM

Great article and great idea. I can't wait to keep following this! Will the next article be posted closer to the actual month we're in? It would be cool to go to the farmers market and know what's going on behind the scenes each month.

Spring Seeding: March at Quail Hill Farm A Year in the Life of a Farm
5/2/12 03:12 PM

I'm going with B. When do we find out the answer?

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7/1/11 02:07 PM

I wish they would have kept the charming elements of the old kitchen. Those cabinets needed help, but too bad the style couldn't have been carried over to the new cabinets. Same with that stunning tile. To go from that to generic white walls behind the counter seems a waste. I think though that the biggest issue is the appliances. It doesn't seem like any thought went into integrating them into the space.

Guess everyone has their own style and I'm sure tge homeowners had their reasons.

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5/19/11 12:12 AM

Go for it!!! We've had a white Karlstad sectional for 2 years. Taking the slipcovers on and off is no big deal. You just unzip them and pop them in the washer. I agree with the reviewer who said that white is the only color you can truly keep clean because you can bleach it. For the past 2 years my sofa has survived messy visits from nieces and nephews and doggies too. They've dropped grape juice, strawberries, chocolate, dirt and every other messy substance you can imagine on the cushions. When one gets dirty I just flip it over. When both sides are dirty I wash the cover.
You could always start with white and if it doesn't work switch to another cover.

Thoughts On The White IKEA KIVIK Sofa?
Good Questions

3/7/11 09:35 PM

This is SO sad! I hate seeing all these great magazines go under. Dwell isn't in trouble, is it? I have every issue of Domino ever published. Their online galleries were a great resource, I've got to go save the good pictures to my computer! I agree though that AT has become more and more of a go-to spot for ideas as opposed to thumbing thru all my old Dominos. The thing is, there's just something about the feel of an actual papar magazine that websites can't replace. Hopefully Lucky will join up with Domino again.
Am I the only one who loved that Domino gave us stickers to put on the pages and items we liked?! I have to say that even though they didn't always succeed at it, I appreciate that Domino tried to create a magazine for all of us style-obsessed non-millionaires!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Breaking News: Domino Magazine is Closing Condé Nast Folds Domino
2/17/09 09:33 AM