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Reminds me of the Plasti Dip I've seen people use on cars. It looks fabulous here on your stove.

Before & After: Plain Black Stove Knobs Get a Hot New Look Reader Project
1/27/14 09:41 AM

I buy a lot of natural wool fiber clothing. A lot of them have Dry Clean Only stamped on the tag, which I flat out ignore. People have been handwashing the stuff for centuries. If you're gentle to it, it won't shrink. The beauty of wool is that it won't smell after several wearings either, so they don't have to be washed that often...not like cotton or polyester.

I try to avoid buying rayons and other materials that don't respond well to handwashing. Makes my life easier.

Are You a Laundry Rule Breaker?
1/27/14 09:35 AM

BBQ sauce! To use up an old bottle of bourbon, I made a fantastic maple bourbon bbq sauce for pulled pork. I can't recall the recipe I used, but there are many of them on the Internet.

What Can I Make With Whiskey Besides Cocktails? Good Questions
1/10/14 09:46 AM

Being from Texas, I'd have to say I'd make fajitas. Or if I knew my guests were easy-going, King Ranch Casserole comes to mind.

What Do You Serve When You Want People to Know Where You're From?
11/21/13 05:53 PM

I definitely like the Austrian version of schnitzel. That was one of my favorite meals during a trip around Europe. Potato salad is the way to go along with some cucumber salad and pickled cabbage ("mixed salad").

Fall Recipe: Wiener Schnitzel Recipes from The Kitchn
10/28/13 06:08 PM

I like to eat them. Pickling takes away a bit of the bite.

What Can I Do With the Garlic in My Refrigerator Pickles? Good Questions
8/30/13 10:42 AM

Cup o' noodles in my opinion is the worst road food ever. Soooooo much salt to make you feel bloated and miserable as you're driving for hours on end. I'd rather just stop somewhere for dinner.

Road Trip Food Mishaps: What Car Trip Snack Idea Was a Total Bust?
6/6/13 06:54 PM

I admit I've had waffles with chicken tenders twice in the past two weeks.

Forget Taco Bell: 7 Savory Ways to Eat Waffles at Home
5/22/13 11:46 AM

IKEA has really been stepping up its game lately. They have a new line of retro metal furniture that I'm absolutely in love with. I'm hoping they expand it with some matching brightly painted metal shelving units.

New from IKEA! The Stockholm Table and Chairs, Coming in August International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2013
5/22/13 11:24 AM

Bottled beer. If it must be a cocktail, vodka cranberry is hard to mess up (even with bad ratios of vodka to cranberry) and it's so common that a bartender will know how to mix one.

Too many of the 'safety drinks' are too fussy for a real dive. Like ordering an Old Fashioned? Seriously? Also, I tried ordering a gimlet once in a bar where I would expect 95% of the clientele orders cocktails and the bartender had to look up the recipe. I guess it's still not very common.

What Drink Do You Order at a Bad Bar?
25 Food Writers Share Their Safety Drinks

5/20/13 02:08 PM

I like to eat wedges of it plain.

It's really good on corn with a little chile powder and butter. Do it street corn style (elotes) or just sprinkle on some cut kernels.

It's also good sprinkled on black beans with a generous dollop of cholula hot sauce.

What Should I Make With My Leftover Cotija Cheese? Good Questions
5/13/13 05:02 PM

Depending on the mill, grits and polenta can be the exact same thing, or there can be slight differences in grind or corn used.

I suppose if there is a real difference it's that you can add cream and a sweetener to polenta without automatically offending Southerners everywhere.

Sick of Morning Oats? Try Breakfast Polenta Instead!
5/10/13 01:14 PM

Making cookies with my mom. The house we lived in at the time had this neat fold out table mounted on the wall and she only brought it down to cook with me and my siblings.

Also, we all gravitate to the kitchen in my parents' current house. It has a big island, and we all like to lean on it, drink coffee, and just chat. There's a perfectly good dining table in the same space, but we rarely use it to talk.

What's Your Best Kitchen Memory?
5/9/13 02:00 PM

I buy the marrow bones marked for dogs at the butchers and take them home to roast to eat. They're cleaned, packaged, and refrigerated as carefully as their other meat. There's really nothing wrong or abnormal about eating marrow bones, but I feel a little perverse in eating something that the meat market intends for pets.

Why I Secretly Suck on Mango Pits in the Kitchen (And So Should You)
5/9/13 10:05 AM

Fried avocado tacos are the most glorious thing ever.

I admit that I wait until the small-medium black avocados are at least 2 / $1.

Why You Should Fry an Avocado Tonight
(And 5 Ways To Use It!)

5/6/13 02:45 PM

I'll often put together a meal like this. I'm no chef, but that rudimentary understanding of the basics does help me along.

An Uncomplicated and Bold Way to Cook Weekend Meditation
4/29/13 09:39 AM

I've always wanted a growler. Maybe I'll splurge on this one for my b-day next week.

For Beer (And A Lot More): Hydro Flask Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Growler Product Review
4/18/13 07:23 PM

1. Gin (Hendrick's)
2. Irish Whiskey (Powers Gold because I like to mix it)
3. Vodka (Dripping Springs or Tito's...local for me too)
4. Tequila (no brand preference)
5. Cointreau (Patron)
6. Kahlua or Irish Cream

Stocking a Home Bar From Scratch:
Which 6 Bottles Would You Choose? Reader Intelligence Request

4/17/13 05:34 PM

Buck/Mule = Liquor + Ginger Beer + Lime Juice (or Lemon in a pinch)

I also like to make Gin & Tonics with added limoncello. Not sure if that has a name.

In the winter, I'm all about Irish Coffees. Coffee + Whiskey + Brown Sugar. I usually skip the whipped cream.

What's Your Best 3-Ingredient Cocktail?
4/15/13 06:00 PM

No celery and no onion in my egg salad. It's always been eggs, mayo, mustard, and pickle relish (preferably dill). I made some post-Easter and added some leftover grilled chicken. Delish!

How To Make Classic Egg Salad Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/5/13 11:51 AM