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I just made this the other day!!! One of my fave summer salads!!

Recipe: Quinoa Tabbouleh Side Dish Recipes from The Kitchn
7/28/14 04:20 PM

These are my family's favourite summer meals:

17 No-Sweat Summer Suppers Recipes from The Kitchn
7/28/14 04:20 PM

I'll admit, you had me at 2-ingredient...but I was very skeptical! This is in fact, brilliant!

The Simplest 2-Ingredient Birthday Cake for Summer Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
7/28/14 04:18 PM

What about an agua fresca?! I just posted a recipe for watemelon aqua fresca!

What Else Can I Make With a Sodastream Soda Maker? Good Questions
7/28/14 04:17 PM

This looks so good! I love sauteeing regular sausage with veggies, usually zucchini and eggplant. Next time I'll try using chorizo ;-)

Recipe: Sautéed Zucchini with Chorizo & Lime Recipes from The Kitchn
7/27/14 02:22 AM

I figured this would happen...just as I did the increase in price for quinoa! Unfortunately for me, I love both quinoa AND kale! Not because they're "in" but because I have developed a profound foodie-love for them! lol! Speaking of quinoa, I just bought some (in Italy) and paid over $10 CDN for 400 grams! Ouch!

Hide Your Juice! Hide Your Salads! A Kale Shortage Is on the Horizon. Food News
7/27/14 01:40 AM

I just finished an online course which has kept me SO busy for the last month AND out of the kitchen...this was the first weekend in a while that I cooked up a storm!!!!! After seeing a post on thekitchn I was inspired to remake a similar recipe I had sitting in my repertoire for over a year now! I also made a cheesy polenta bake with homemade tomato sauce, pesto, watermelon aqua fresca, baked bruschetta eggplant, and polenta biscotti!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of July 26-27, 2014
7/27/14 01:32 AM

I've kind of given up on omelettes...mainly because if I see any runny bit of the egg instead I'll gag! This post has convinced me to give them another shot! I do have to say as well that I much prefer frittatas...and so do my kids ;-)

How To Make a Two-Egg Omelette Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/21/14 04:57 PM

I love a good (Italian) espresso...especially homemade! I also love turkish coffee! I spent my honeymoon and fell in love the coffee as well as the coffee culture!

Coffee Around the World: How Turkish People Drink Coffee Smart Coffee for Regular Joes
7/21/14 04:53 PM

This is brilliant! I never would have thought...this cake looks so elegant...and they're ice cream sandwiches?!!!!

You Can Make This 10-Layer Ice Cream Cake in 5 Minutes
7/21/14 04:52 PM

I hate when people chew gum and let the entire world see and hear what they are chewing!!!! I have to admit though, I'm a gum chewer! I just can't do mints...I feel like my breath loses it's freshness the minute I finish chewing on them!

Americans Are Chewing a Lot Less Gum — Know Why? Good Food Reads
7/21/14 04:51 PM

I've made this for every kind of veggie, I think, lol! Eggplant, sweet potato, zucchini, the list goes on! I have a recipe for one in my repertoire..this post has reminded me to dig it up! thanks!

Recipe: Oven-Baked Zucchini Parmesan Crisps Recipes from The Kitchn
7/20/14 04:28 PM

I had the privilege to relax and meditate in the sunny Mediterranean on a friends' boat all afternoon...pure bliss!

Enough Weekend Meditation
7/20/14 04:27 PM

I'm enjoying cooking up a storm while on vacation in Sardinia, Italy. This weekend I made raw coconut and ricotta snowballs, shrimp and pea risotto, a frittata with potatoes and zucchini flowers (from our garden!) and watermelon agua fresca ;-)

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of July 19-20, 2014
7/20/14 04:25 PM

I have a ton of (baby-friendly) recipes that you might like! Instead of listing them all you can go to this link:

Ideas for Soft Foods to Eat After Jaw Surgery? Good Questions
7/16/14 04:12 PM

I'm a big fan of fresh tomato "sauce" and panzanella! I think fresh cherry tomatoes are at their best when they are in fact, as fresh as possible!

6 Tasty Dinners Featuring a Pint of Cherry Tomatoes Recipes from The Kitchn
7/16/14 04:10 PM

I've never heard of this before...but it looks divine!!!

Recipe: Bibimbap Tacos Recipes from The Kitchn
7/16/14 04:09 PM

What stunning pics...those little mason jars are too cute! I would love to whip up my own (dairy-free) version of this!

Recipe: No-Bake Berry Cheesecake Verrines Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn
7/16/14 04:07 PM

This post reminds of the time I spent in Nice!! I've been back a few times since I studied there and I always bring back honey, cassis, and lavender or rose water!!

10 Treats I Brought Home from Burgundy, France Travel Treasures
7/16/14 04:06 PM

I always rely on the "tap, tap, tap" method! Good thing we have a to of watermelons in our garden because I hate wasting money on unripe watermelons!

5 Tips for Picking a Perfect Melon Tips from The Kitchn
7/16/14 04:04 PM