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Maybe something like this big artichoke heart, caramelized onion and brie tart. It's a bit like pizza, so kids like it too, but it's fancier...

Or a big eggplant and olive tart with a cornmeal crust, also like a fancy pizza

And a honey roasted potato salad

Spring Potlucks: 7 Easy Dishes for a Crowd
4/12/13 04:07 PM

I make a pretty tart with ramps, chervil and meyer lemons

It's Ramp Season! 10 Recipes To Make Now Recipe Roundup
4/12/13 01:50 PM

I like a meal with lots of different elements that can be enjoyed together. Nothing complicated, but fun to eat. So you'll have a flatbread, a greens and bean combo, some roasted potatoes, a sauce, a nice salad. (I'm vegetarian!)

So maybe these roasted red pepper semolina crepes with broccoli rabe and chickpeas

Or roasted sliced potatoes with broccoli rabe puree and tender whole wheat flat bread...

along with sage roasted butterbeans and greens with raisins and pinenuts

FOr an appetizer (or part of the meal) little roasted carrot, apple and goat cheese dumplings

For dessert, since it's spring...fresh strawberry tart with white chocolate pastry cream and a hazelnut cocoa crust

Come On Over! Menu for a Spring Housewarming Party Party Menus from The Kitchn
4/11/13 04:32 PM

I love black sesame seeds! I use them all sorts of ways. I like to combine them with black mustard seeds, as in these seeded biscuits...

Also good mixed in with pastry dough to make a crust for these chickpea and broccoli dumplings

Or in these tibetan inspired barley flour flatbreads...

Nice in this simple sesame-tamarind broccoli dish

or in the sauce for this coconut curry with broccoli and chickpeas

Amp Up Your Spring Salads! Try Black Sesame Seeds Ingredient Spotlight
4/11/13 10:28 AM

Oh, and I just remembered pizza with faina, a bit of Uruguayan's like a crispy bit of socca ON TOP of a piece of pizza.

Beyond Socca: 5 More Ways to Use Chickpea Flour Ingredient Spotlight
4/10/13 03:52 PM

Oh, and croquettes! Like these with broccoli...

Beyond Socca: 5 More Ways to Use Chickpea Flour Ingredient Spotlight
4/10/13 02:35 PM

Wow, this is so strange, I just posted a chickpea flour recipe!! It's a sort of cake, with tarragon, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and mozzarella baked on top. Delicious! and so pretty...

I also like to make pakoras, like ginger-parsnip pakoras

and fried green tomato pakoras (with cilantro tamarind almond sauce)

And I've made a yummy sort of frittata cake, with swiss chard...

Beyond Socca: 5 More Ways to Use Chickpea Flour Ingredient Spotlight
4/10/13 02:30 PM

I have something I make called "tender buttery rolled-up rolls," they're soft and light, but they're long and rolled up, which makes them fun to pull apart and eat.

How to Make Soft & Tender Dinner Rolls Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/9/13 02:04 PM

I'm constantly trying to use up overripe bananas. My boys gobble them down one week, and decide they don't like them the next.

I make lots of banana bread, of course. I've made banana bread with chocolate covered cranberries; banana, peanut butter, chocolate chip cake; banana, lime and coconut bread; semolina cake with bananas and coconut milk; banana pear chocolate chip cake; banana chocolate chip cranberry sauce cake...
And then I got tired of making cakes so I made cookies, instead. Bar cookies, with coconut shortbread, blueberry jam, and a banana-almond frangipane.

Have Extra Bananas? 7 Ways to Turn Them Into a Blissful Brunch
4/8/13 02:46 PM

I make something similar with almonds and olive oil instead of mayonnaise. I've used it as a salad dressing as well as a dip. My boys both love it!

It's seasoned with a bit of dijon, smoked paprika, lemon, garlic, shallots and honey, but you could adjust the seasonings to your taste!

Spring Recipe: Creamy Parmesan Dip Recipes from The Kitchn
4/8/13 12:05 PM

Funny you should have a picture of bagels, because that's what we'll be eating this weekend! I made a batch of cinnamon egg bagels. My boys don't like raisins, and it's really hard to find cinnamon bagels without raisins, so I made my own!! They're delicious. Other than that, I'll be working and we'll be busy, so it will be quick meals and leftovers.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of April 6-7, 2013
4/5/13 04:55 PM

Does this count? It uses the bulb and the seeds. It doesn't use the fronds, but it would be very nice with a crispy green salad with fennel fronds in it! (Yours looks beautiful!)

It's one of my favorite dishes - potatoes, fennel and sofrito (the Spanish kind, although the Cuban would work well here, too.)

Cooking with Fennel: Tips for Using the Whole Head (Don't Toss Those Fronds!)
4/5/13 12:28 PM

I like a bean dip, with home made crackers or vegetables. A can of chickpeas can be dressed up a million quick way. some suggestions here...

And I'm kind of enamored of these tarts at the moment. Simple crust, rosemary ricotta filling, and then different toppings to suit your various guests. My favorite was smoked gouda and pear, but we also did brie and castelvetrano olive, and you could do any combination that you like! It's a slightly fancier version of individualized pizzas.

And a big salad, like this one with arugula, apricots, pecans and french fets (yum)

Maybe this super-easy and elegant side of roasted potatoes and artichoke hearts

and a big tray of also-very-easy blackberry blondies with bittersweet chocolate chips for dessert

Colorful & Casual: Menu for a Laid-Back Vegetarian Dinner Party Party Menus from The Kitchn
4/4/13 04:40 PM

It's funny how these playlists have changed my picture of the ladies of the Kitchn. Music is so telling!

Emma's Playlist: My Strange Bedfellows Indie-Folk-Pop Party Tunes Party Playlists from The Kitchn
4/3/13 05:28 PM

Thrift at Home - chickpea flour has a lot of fun applications! You can use it to make pakoras and croquettes...

Here are some broccoli and chickpea flour croquettes

parsnip and ginger pakoras

fried green tomato pakoras...

and you can also use it to thicken curries.

Recipe: Socca Flatbread with Spring Pesto and Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
4/3/13 05:07 PM

Your soup looks beautiful! I make something similar with cashews and raisins blended right in, and I add some carrots for sweetness and color. My boys like it a lot!

When I have leftover coconut milk, I bake with it! A half cup added to breads or cookies makes them nice and soft and flavorful.

LIke semolina cake with bananas and coconut milk...

Or cardamom white chocolate blondies

Recipe: Creamy Curried Cauliflower Soup Recipes From the Kitchn
4/3/13 12:23 PM

That looks beautiful and delicious!! I love socca, too. It's funny you should make it as a sort of crust for a pizza, because I was fascinated to learn about faina, which is socca as a TOPPING for pizza. I encountered this in a beautiful Uruguayan movie called Gigante, and then I (of course) tried to recreate it at home. It was surprisingly delicious! Like pepperoni for vegetarians. Crispy and peppery.

ANd I've also made a sort of version of socca with toppings baked right in - I used chard, mozzarella, garlic, rosemary. And I served it with a tomato-olive sofrito. (I added some eggs, milk, and regular flour, though, so it was no longer vegan or gluten free. Delicious, though!)

Recipe: Socca Flatbread with Spring Pesto and Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
4/3/13 12:00 PM

I make something similar with fennel and walnuts and ricotta, baked into a sort of vegetarian pate. It's got a very nice flavor!

Baked Ricotta: The Best Appetizer You Haven't Met Yet
4/3/13 10:28 AM

I like tarts and pies! Either small individual versions, or something larger that you can slice into elegant pieces. They're all easily adaptable, and most hold up well at room temperature.

I recently made a ricotta-rosemary tart, and I made several versions with different toppings. One had pears, pecans and smoked gouda (really delicious!). And one had castelvetrano olives, brie and pine nuts. But you could put anything you liked on.

I also like little non-sausage rolls. You fill pastry (I make my own, you could use pre-made puff) roll and slice into pieces. I've filled it with roasted mushrooms and white beans; chard and olives; butternut squash and goat cheese...all easily adaptable to the season.

These little dumplings have roasted apples and carrots and goat cheese in a rosemary crust - sweet and autumnal...

and here are some small individual butternut squash pies with a flaky crust made with beer...

Roasted butternut with caramelized fennel

Tart with pumpkinseed sage custard and roasted butternut coins...

Elegant, Make-Ahead Ideas for an Afternoon Wedding Reception? Good Questions
4/2/13 10:26 AM

This arugula, goat cheese and pine nut pate is quick as a flash to put together - nice with crackers or bread. I made it last time I needed something quick to go with a glass of wine.

Happy Hour Snacking at Home:
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4/1/13 04:20 PM