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Being a complete slacker with no proper cooking tools or cooking ability (and having not read this article yet) I just stuck my steak under the broiler on a pizza pan with pats of butter. The splatter was fantastic and set off my fire alarm until I ripped out the battery in utter frustration. (Yes, battery has been safely returned) Is there any way of keeping it from smoking up my house, or is that the purpose of searing it first?

How To Cook a Steak in the Oven
2/16/12 05:13 PM

Cooking and eating have always been a huge social thing for me, so being alone takes most the pleasure out of it. I find myself most nights eating in front of the television, more for "company," eating a quick-fix or frozen meal. It's really hard to cook for one, even with freezing left overs. Too bad you don't wrie a column on Feeding the Single Soul.

Intimate Portraits of People Eating at Home: The Dinner in NY Project by Miho Aikawa
2/4/12 01:41 PM