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Why would you want to eat non-white pasta? That's the kind that tastes the best!

You're Doing It Right: Feeding Your Kids You're Doing It Right
4/25/14 11:43 AM

I'm on my third Cuisinart grind and brew. The first two crapped out in less than a year, but they honored the warrantee, so I had to pay only ten bucks for a replacement. The third time seems to be a charm, and it works fine. The only drawback is having to wash all the parts every time. But it does a good job.

Help Me Find a Reliable Programmable Drip Coffee Maker! Good Questions
3/14/14 05:27 PM

I like American cheese, mozzarella, and pepperoni slices on rye bread. Mmm-mmm good!

How To Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/14/14 05:20 PM

I've made the Momofuku Bo Ssam recipe several times. It's simple to make, delicious, and a great dish to serve to a big group of friends!

Ten Ways to Make a Pork Butt Last All Week (Or Just All Day)
2/20/14 11:03 AM

Love it. I want one!

Kitchen Details: The Perfect Wall-Mounted Hand Soap Dispenser For Over the Sink
1/22/14 09:39 AM

I love this idea, and I wouldn't get too worried about doing the design on the bowl of the spoon. The design doesn't go that deep. But for those who are concerned, just stick to the handle.

And don't forget to rub in a good coat of mineral oil when you're done!

Easy Gift Idea: Etched Wooden Spoons
11/23/13 12:55 PM

Good advice. I learned some basic cooking skills from my mom when I was young, but never really applied them until I was unemployed and buying rotisserie chickens from the supermarket for my family's dinner. One day I thought "I should be able to make this, and it will probably be cheaper and better-tasting." So I got out The Joy of Cooking and looked up a basic recipe for roast chicken, figuring that if it really came out bad we'd throw it away and order Chinese. It came out better than expected.

Since then I've greatly expanded my cooking repertoire and skill set. But I always take the same approach:

If it's really awful, you can throw it away and order Chinese. But I bet it will be delicious.

Mollie Katzen's 5 Essentials for Becoming a Great Home Cook Expert Essentials
9/11/13 03:16 PM

The Ball canning book has a great recipe for blueberry/lime jam. That was my first canning experiment. It came out perfectly, and tasted delicious. (Now I'm inspired to make some more...)

Why Strawberry Jam and Cucumber Pickles Are the Worst Ways to Start Canning
8/7/13 11:32 AM

I love my vacuum sealer! Certain things need to be individually frozen first, though. Examples include sausages, bacon, and biscuits. Things stay fresher much longer when they're vacuum sealed!

What Are the Best Foods to Save with My Vacuum Sealer? Good Questions
8/5/13 05:48 PM

I agree that practice makes perfect. I love pie, and love to cook just about everything, but I always have difficulty getting that top crust off the counter and onto the top of the pie. It stretches, breaks, and basically frustrates the heck out of me. But I know if I did it more than once or twice a year, I'd get better at it.

This article has inspired me--must make another pie this weekend!

How to Make a Pie from Start to Finish Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/12/13 10:50 AM

@MaryAlice: Read the article. The recipe calls for blueberries, but the author says the bakery substitues whatever's fresh at the moment (in this case, blackberries).

I love berries of all kinds, especially blackberries. This looks like a very simple recipe that I must make soon.

I wonder if you could just leave all the ingredients in the freezer overnight, or would that result in the butter being too hard? Anyone have any thoughts?

Morning Recipe: Blackberry Scones from The Big Sur Bakery Cookbook Recipes from The Kitchn
7/10/13 01:50 PM

I LOVE those stone countertops!!! What kind of stone is it?

Eva Green's Greek Hideaway Kitchen Tour
6/20/13 01:56 PM

Many years ago, a buddy of mine introduced me to bitters and soda as a hangover remedy. This is the first I've heard of using it for gastro-intestinal distress.

Thing is, I can't imagine being able to get the bottle on the plane. Angostura bitters comes in a 4-ounce bottle, and TSA regulations prohibit anything over 3.4 ounces.

Have (Ahem) Digestion Problems When You Fly? Try Taking Bitters
6/11/13 01:42 PM

I bought a Griswold cast-iron skillet on eBay a few years back. It's a 12-inch standard skillet, made about 120 years ago. Smooth as glass, and cooks everything perfectly. Worth the 50 bucks I spent for it.

I know everybody raves about the new Lodge pans, but I don't like that the surface isn't milled. How on earth can that thing ever be nonstick?

35 Ways to Love Your Cast Iron Skillet
5/30/13 02:15 PM

I agree with an earlier commenter about The Joy of Cooking. It's straightforward, and provides recipes for just about anything you can think of. (Earlier editions even included instructions for skinning and butchering squirrels and rabbits, and plucking chickens!)

I learned some VERY basic cooking skills from my mom, but didn't take it up in earnest until I got laid off a few years back. My first experiment was a roast chicken. I figured it wasn't expensive, and if I messed it up, we could just toss it in the trash and order Chinese food. It came out great (using Joy of Cooking's instructions), and inspired me to try other things. Years later, I'm a pretty accomplished cook and baker.

Just try something simple (like roast chicken) and go where your heart takes you! And don't forget the internet--there are tons of good cooking videos out there!

I Want to Start Cooking. Where Do I Start? Good Questions
5/16/13 05:07 PM

If I weren't at work, I'd be making this right now. Glad tomorrow's Saturday.

How To Make Crackers at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/15/13 01:09 PM

I think anything over two bucks is too much. I brew my own coffee at home, and don't mind spending a dollar for a cup out. I cannot fathom why anyone would spend $3-$4 for a regular cup of coffee.

But hey, it's a free country. If that's what you want, go for it.

The Coffee Threshold: How Much Is Too Much to Pay For a Cup of Joe?
3/5/13 01:01 PM

I agree with those who find Starbucks coffee too dark. I've never enjoyed it, and can't stand the pretentious names they give everything.

My brand of choice is Eight O'Clock whole beans (the original formulation; it used to come in a red bag). I own a Cuisinart coffeemaker that has a thermal carafe and a built-in grinder. EOC makes a delicious, fresh cup of coffee that has just enough strength. And the beans are among the least expensive on the market.

Just be sure to look for "Quakers" when you grind your beans. They're whitish-colored beans that sometimes get past Quality Control. Just one in the batch will turn the whole pot rancid.

Are You Buying Bad Coffee?
2/7/13 04:10 PM

I'm with the others--I'd constantly be banging my knees on the things.

Look! A Low-Hanging Pot Rack Kitchen Inspiration
1/30/13 01:19 PM

Looks great--the only thing I think I'd do is brush the top with melted butter before it goes in the oven. That would help the crust brown a little better.

Comfort Food Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuit Topping Recipes from The Kitchn
1/11/13 03:45 PM