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LOVE LOVE LOVE that chair! I foresee a trip to Ikea in my near future.

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7/19/13 10:01 AM

We had the same problem, and a sound bar did the trick! Ours isn't fancy, and was under $100, and made a huge difference in sound quality.

here's the one we got-

How To Improve My Television's Sound for Dialogue? Good Questions
7/16/13 11:32 PM

I love this too, sometimes I sprinkle a little cayenne pepper on top...so delicious!

My Favorite Early Morning Travel Snack: Avocado Toast
6/4/13 03:30 PM

YUM! Thanks, Just made this for dinner. ( without the olives, I don't like them either :) )

Dinner Recipe: Classic Salad Ni├žoise Recipes from The Kitchn
5/30/13 07:02 PM

Love This. thank you!

5 Tips for Throwing a Dinner Party in a Small Apartment Gatherings from The Kitchn
5/18/13 09:24 AM

I am so excited to have this book on pre-order!, Elizabeth Graeber's work is AMAZING. If you like the book illustrations, check out her website it;s full of wonderfulness. http://www.elizabethgraeber.com/shop

An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails by Orr Shtuhl and Illustrated by Elizabeth Graeber New Cookbook
4/19/13 01:49 PM

I am an elementary school teacher, and I love gift cards to starbucks,, I also once received some Penzey's spices which was a real treat!

What Are Some Good Gifts for Teachers? Good Questions
12/13/12 03:28 PM

This was a huge hit at out Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you!

Recipe: Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider Recipes from The Kitchn
11/25/12 10:33 AM

Love this!! Thank you for the inspiration!

Useful Mementos: How To Turn Handwritten Recipes Into Tea Towels
7/31/12 10:41 AM

I use my computer to search for new recipes, but I always write them down on a recipe card, it makes it easier to keep notes about changes that I may make to a recipe. Plus, there's nothing like receiving a hand written recipe from a loved one.

Could Online Recipes Really Replace Mom's Recipe Box?
3/8/12 05:18 PM

Keep it! A fresh coat of paint and some new knobs might be just what it needs.

Should I Keep or Sell My Drexel Buffet ?
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2/17/12 06:36 PM

How to properly sharpen a knife with a sharpening steel.
How to make the perfect cut out sugar cookies, not too hard, not too flowery.

What New Cooking Skills Do You Want to Learn This Year?
1/30/12 01:43 PM

I love the Salted Caramel and Peppermint Torani Syrups, they offer a nice change in my daily coffee addiction.

What Are the Best Syrup Flavors for Mixing with Coffee?
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1/11/12 10:07 AM