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Last year the gravy was gross -- this year the gravy turned out great but the stuffing was burnt. This was the first year I cooked with this particular (rental) oven and it is much, much too hot. I turned everything down 25 degrees and still some things got too brown. I also made a salad that got wasted, but overall everything was delicious!

The Thanksgiving Report 2011: How Did It Go?
11/28/11 01:57 PM

I put the top of the roasting pan on and cover it with a towel, and the turkey is usually still pretty hot to the touch when I carve it 30-45 minutes later. I worry much more about the mashed potatoes getting cold!

What's the Best Way to Keep a Turkey Warm?
Thanksgiving Basics

11/22/11 12:00 PM

I also use a bag and it's always delicious. However for those of you who use bags -- how do you make gravy? All instructions say to drain off the drippings and make gravy in the roasting pan, but obviously there's no "delicious brown bits" to make gravy out of in the bottom of my pan -- it's all in the bag. Suggestions?

How to Cook a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest Method
11/17/11 11:34 AM

These sound great, but do they really not have an egg in them?

Recipe: Drunken Molasses Cookies With Ginger
11/12/11 11:42 AM